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Local configuration, appliance landscape and delivery policy

Ryan Kim
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Dear SAP,


AccAD is very simple conceptual product but the configuration is such a pain.


1. Local configuration and appliance landscape.

- Why do we have to enter the same data twice?

We enter local configuration first on all SFEs and CFEs and then I have enter the same data again in appliance landscape.

Which one is real?



2. Delivery Policy

- I have a lot to say about this but,

Does this really have to be this way?

It looks logical but too complicated. Please make it SIMPLE and better way to manage.

Are there any good examples?



Thank you.

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    Zeev Ravid
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    Hello cyk,


    The configuration part is definitely one of the weaknesses in AccAD. It is also one of the strengths in AccAD because it is a very powerful tool for the expert users. We are trying to make it simple AND powerful, but this is a difficult task.


    As for an example - I recommend to do a full read of this weblog about AccAD 2.2 and the groups & location concept:

    Ramp-Up for AccAD 2.2 Starts Soon - Register Now


    About Appliances Landscape - you don't need to enter it twice. If you have an already configured appliance, use the 'Commit to Data Center' button found in it's Admin UI Local Configuration tab. This will upload the local configuration to the repository, and it will create a new Appliance node in the 'Appliances Landscape' tab (or update an existing one).

    It also works the other way around. You can define a new appliance in your repository Appliances Landscape, export the ADF, and then go to your new Appliance Admin UI, and use the 'Import' button to configure it.


    Appliances Landscape is mandatory if you want to have a link encryption. Otherwise, it is purely optional, but highly recommended. It is useful for creating new CFEs in few mouse clicks and auto-fill the entries in Delivery policy, Groups, Locations, Engines, Device ID, Link IP, etc. This saves lots of configuration mistakes.


    I invite you to join AccAD 2.3 ramp-up and participate in our Live Expert Sessions and SAP Coaching. You will see it's possible to define a new appliance in 5 minutes using Appliances Landscape and Global Settings.


    Hope this helps