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LO Cockpit  (SD) Step by step

A singh
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Hi All,


I'm going practice LO Cockpit ( SD) so have these steps to follow.  Please let me know if these steps are fine or if im missing something?


LO Cockpit  (SD)



1.     LBWG to delete setup tables

2.     Select Application (11 for SD Header)


3.     Select Maintenance

4.     LO Data Extraction – Customizing Cockpit

5.     Pick your selection



6.     Replicate Datasource

7.     Assign Infosource

8.     CompleteTransfer Rules

9.     Create Cube from 2lis_11_vahdr

10.     Define, Assign Dimensions

11.     Create Update Rules (RSA1)



12.     Refill Setup Table by oli7bw (for SD), oli1BW (for MM)

13.     Go to SBIW to IMG and set termination after 8 hrs

14.     Check RSA3 Extractor checker to find number of records



15.     Go to Infosource & Create Infopackage

16.     Check Initialize Delta

17.     Schedule Start



18.     Job Control through LBWE

19.     Choose V3 Update (we have already initialized delta)

(Ensures as per document collected and not data created)

20.     Once Initialized Before activating Structure Choose Direct Delta

21.     Choose LBWE to set up job run parameters

22.     Select hourly run of direct Delta



23. Create Infopackage to load delta

24.If initialization successful, delta option would be available

25. Schedule Delta load for daily and Monitor