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F110 Email Vendor payment advices.

Pernille Grundtvig Holst
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Hi SAP Gurus,


Today we are printing email advices to our vendors, we would like to change this so that we can email payment advices to our vendors.


I have looked at different messages here at SDN, but I cannot get it to work.


I have in FIBF - settings, process modules and customer - created Z_SAMPLE_Process_00002040.


We are using form F110_IN_AVIS.


We are using payment medium program RFFOEDI1.


I have defined a email adress on the vendor and set the standard communication mth. to INT E.Mail.


But it is not working, what am I missing ?.


Thanks and best regards



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    Ravi Sankar Venna
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    Have you completed SCOT settings? Ask your basis consultant.


    Have you checked SOST?



    Also refer


    Note 836169 - Consulting: Payment advice notes by email or fax

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    Dear Pernille,


    please kindly check the following hints to help you:


    1) Please check whether you selected the check box in the variant

    configuration "print payment advice".  The variant is of the variant

    that you maintain in the printout/data medium tab of transaction F110.


    2) Unfortunately it's technically not possible to send remittance

    advices per e-mail and to spool at the same time. You can only either

    send advices per e-mail or send them to spool. This is the standard

    system design.


    3) Please check FBZP to the desired company code and payment method to

    see if the customer has selected the flag "NoPaymentAdv.". It must be

    set as "Always payment Advice" and afterwards the advices via e-mail is



    4) Please refer the documentation on the sample function module:

    'SAMPLE_PROCESS_00002040' in FIBF by following the Menu Path:

    FIBF > Environment > Infosystem (Processes) > Click 'Execute' >

    Select: 00002040 Autom. pmnt transactns: Output of pmnt advice note


    5) To send a business partner a payment advice note by fax or email,You

    must use the process interface 00002040 (Business Transaction Events)

    define the selection of the message type (printout, fax or email).

    Before you can do this, however, you must have carried out the

    necessary technical (Basis) settings for faxing or sending emails.


    6) Also consider the SAP note 836169.




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      Pernille Grundtvig Holst
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      Dear Mauri,


      Thanks for your hints.


      As for 1,2,3 and 4 everything is OK in my system.


      As for 5 - where I have to define the selection of the message type, I guess that you refer to the correction to be made in SE37.

      I have looked at note 836169, but I am not sure where to adjust the source code.  Do I have to correct anything in Attributes, import, Export, Changing, Tables or exceptions ?



      Please be so kind and give me further information regarding the basis settings for faxing or sending emails, maybe I am missing something here.


      I can see in my source code it says


      c_finaa-nacha = 'I'.

                c_finaa-intad = l_adr6-smtp_addr.


      But I can also see that the  DATA fields are for KNA1  - customers. and I want to send payment advices to my vendors.


      DATA: t_katr1 like kna1-katr1.

        DATA: t_adrnr like kna1-adrnr.


        DATA: l_adr6 type adr6.



      Please send me your source code for emailing to vendores and please also  let me know what I am missing here.


      Thanks and best regards