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Stock Overview : basic list

Rajesh B
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I would like to create a stock overview report in crystal report which create a similar info see in mmbe for stock overview : basic list


So far i know i can get unrestricted stock (MARD - LABST ), stock in transfer (MARD - UMLME) ,(MARD - INSME) quality inspection etc from MARD. You need to enter plant and storage location.

To get stock for batch managed materials , you have to use table MCHB. Here you need to enter material, plant, storage loaction and batch number and you will get different stocks according to batches.

MCHA - CLABS ( Valuated Unrestricted-Use Stock ),

MCHA - CUMLM ( Stock in transfer (from one storage location to another)

MCHA - CINSM ( Stock in Quality Inspection )

MCHA - CSPEM ( Blocked Stock ) .


but i not sure of the table linking and how i can get the on-order stock as well (as in mmbe - stock overview show). This field is quite important for me


Thank you

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    Vishal Gadhave
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    Hi Rajesh B

    You can create report using Table join method with MARC, MARD (joining key MATNR and WERKS) MCHB and EKPO with (Joining key MATNR, WERKS and LGORT).

    Also for getting on order stock you can use EKPO-MENGE field.


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      Rajesh B
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      Hi Vishal ,


      Thanks for the reply. Eventually i been told that EKPO-MENGE need to deduct EKET-WEMNG to get the on-order stock. If i just put in the EKPO-MENGE i will only get the stock i order which is not accuarate that if some stock already been delivered. Once i include the table EKET in the join, i have a duplicate records. I search through the web, mostly been advice to write abap for this but i try to avoid doing that. Any more idea please.


      By the way, I am new to this and i not sure how to write abap.