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New Badi Technique How to disable SAP Standard Implementation

Damian Dinali
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I need to use the badi: BUPA_NUMBER_GROUP to preset the grouping dropdown box when creating a new business partner

for example with transaction bp. This badi is allowing only one active implementation and there is already an active SAP Standard implementation in the system.

How can I deactivate this SAP implementation so that I can activate my own implementation? Or is my way of facing this problem wrong and do I have to do it in another way.

The only working solution I found so far is to use the sap standard implementation and use a implied enhancement spot within the method of the standrad implementation.


Would be nice to get some hints if my working solution can be used that way and how normally a standrad sap badi implementaion can be deactivated when it is defined with the new badi technology ( how to deactivate implementations when the classic badi technique is used i already know but that doesnt work on this one)




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    Ioan Radulescu
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    HI Damian,


    You probably don't need this anymore, but I went to the implementation, pressed change, entered the object key from sap's support portal for modification of the r3tr enho object and then reset the field implementation is active to empty. After activation of the changes the sap implementation of the single-use enhancement spot (new BADI technology) was inactive. After that I simply created a new implementation.


    Kind regards, Ioan.