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Planned delivery Time Vs means of Transport Time in Transportation lane

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Hi all


This qst might have been answered in other posts aswell, however I didnt find the basic information I am looking for:


I am bit confused, about when is the Planned Delivery time is used vs Duration in Means of Transport in Transporation lane.


I have 48 hrs in TL from Loc A to Loc B TL. and in it also shows 7 days in PDT in the TL. I thought only means of Transport time is used by Heuristic to plan for Distribution Req.

But here SNP Heuristic is suggesting 7 days of transport time.?


Also when I changed the PDT in material master data (MAT1 -> Procurement Tab) its not changed in TL.


Can you please tell, when is PDT used vs When is Means of Transport Time is used. Also where is this PDT of 7 days coming from ??


Thanks a lot in advance