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Hox to configure BEx Web Integration?

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In the section describing the BEx Web Integration in the admin guide of BO XI 4, we have to do the following:


1- Starting a Server for BEx Web Applications, for this step i craeted a stanalone server by cloning the Adaptative processing server and choose the BEX web application.


2- Checking Connection to BW System, i  created a co=nnection to the BW system in the OLAP connection .


3- Configuring a connection between BEx web application designer and BI platform in tghis step i have to use the RFC which should be created in te following 2 steps.


4- Configuring Server Settings fro configuring the web appklication service


      In this step we have to fill information about JCO Server (JCo Server RFC Destination, JCo Server Gateway Host, JCo   Server Gateway Service):

     -  is there a special bame to put for JCo Server RFC Destination or it should be just the ID Program that i fill in the RFC created on the BW system?

     - for JCo Server Gateway Service , is it just the sapgw00 which is the gateway on the BW side or it shoudl have other value?


5- Creating an RFC destination in the ABAP System for the craetion of the RFC on the BW side ,


     -  it is written to choose "Send SAP Logon Ticket" when i do so i got the following in the bottom of the page:"Delete the flag for the "Send SAP Logon Ticket" checkbox" is there some steps to be done before to let it work?

       - In the gateway option which gateway i have to put there?