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deepthi singh
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Hello every one,


I have built a new file to file interface and want to test it, I am new to PI and this is my first Interface.


I know that i have to use SXDA_tools and AL11  t codes to test but i dont know the procedure, i have searched in SDN forums but did not find the right procedure.


Any help will be appreciatable. 




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    ganesh nijampudi
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    1.By using the transaction SXDA TOOLS on the system one can transfer files from his client machine to the server. Go to the transaction SXDATOOLS.


    2.Select file in presentation server and target file in application server. Note that the file you selected would be copied to the server with this new name given at server.


    3.go to AL11, to look all the /usr/sap folders on the server. Click on the folder you uploaded the file to.


    4.Find your file . By double clicking here, one can look at the file contents.



    please refer below blog,



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    ragu r
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    1. Goto SXDA_TOOLS

    2.choose object type as "DXPROJECT" using F4 help

    3. Task Type  "LOAD DATA"

    4. Program Type as "BAPI"

    5. Program as "CREATE"

    6.Click COPY button

    7.Choose Source as Application Server or Presentation Server

    8. if Application server is choosen, choose file type as :P Physical file name

    9. Similiarly choose target location, then click ok




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    Sekhar Dachepalli
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    Check this procedure also...


    if client and server are in same network the u can configure your file adapter using NFS protocal.


    if they are in different network the you can upload using SXDA_TOOLS tcode.


    The porcedure to put a file on server is as shown below:


    1. Save your file in your local machine.


    2. In XI server, enter the tranaction code "SXDA_TOOLS".


    3. In the input screen, enter:

    i) Object Type "DXPROJECT".

    ii) Program Type "BAPI".

    iii) Program "CREATE".


    4. Press Copy (Ctrl+F5) button.


    5. Now, you will get another screen in which you will see 3 blocks called as "Source", "Target" and "Copy with/without conversion".


    6. In Source block, choose the radio button "Presentation Server" and then take F4 help to select your source file. (file which you have saved on your local machine)


    7. In TARGET block select the radio button "Application Server", check the box "Remote server" and take F4 help to select your application server.


    8. In the same block under "File Type" select "P physical file name" and under "File Name" write the path/directory name which you have mentioned in your communication channel along with the file name.


    Example: suppose file name in your Comm Chanel is "demo.xml" and directory path is "/abc/testfiles/XML/", then in step 8 write "/abc/testfiles/XML/demo.xml".


    Note: need not to do any thing in 3rd block.