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SAP BI-IP Forecasting using Automatic model selection

shikhi singh
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I am trying to generate a Demand forecast using BI-IP Forecasting planning function. It offers me various options to use as Forecasting Strategy, Trend Seasonal, Constant etc. I am using the Auto model selection mode to get the forecast; however I want the results to show which model was finally used for a brand-region combination and what alpha, beta, gamma values were found to be optimum.

Now SAP help (http://help.sap.com/saphelp_gts72/helpdata/en/44/034fd8c148333de10000000a1553f7/content.htm) clearly says it should be mentioned in the log.



Though the log is giving the name of model used, and all other error values; it is not giving values of alpha,beta , gamma.


Please suggest a way to get the same.