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Who's who as WDA ESS?

Anders Mørk
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Hi there,


I am a brand new IDES Enh. Pack 5 system that I am trying to convince to show me how the Who's Who employee self service works. Today we have a system with Enh. Pack 3 with all our employee data loaded, but we have not configured employee self services as we do not have a java based system to deploy it on.


As a proof of concept and to convince the correct people that we need to upgrade to Enh. Pack 5 sooner rather than later I would really like to be able to show a demo of the Who's Who application. But how can I demonstrate it? It seems like the IDES system has a number of employees defined in client 800, so the question that remains is only what type of configuration is missing. I have already googled quite a bit to try to find a configuration guide or a how to, but all the documentation that I can find relate to the java version of the ESS.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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    Siddharth Rajora
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    You have to Java version, as this WHOs WHO is not yet available in WD ABAP , it should be in EHP6

    Please refer the above forum


    Yes this is not available, only in add on you have it


    In Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0, we have not delivered

    Who's who and Org Chart applications based on Web Dynpro ABAP.


    You can continue using the WebDynpro JAVA applications, for

    more information on the release please refer the note 1450179.




    Services available in Employee self-service (WDA) is listed here:




    Please feel free to look into the documentation above.


    For your convinience I listed some details here:

    Some of the WD JAVA applications which do not yet have coverage in the

    new WD ABAP based ESS are:


    - Employee Search

    - Who is who

    - Enrollment and related applications (Enrollment, Open enrollment,

    Participation overview, Benefits participation)

    - Skills Profile and Matchup

    - Sample processes for "Life and work events"

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      Anders Mørk
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      It seems like we have to pursue other options for the time being...


      The options that seem to be available for enabling a people directory that is searchable in SharePoint would then be the following:


      1. Use the java ESS iView in a SharePoint webpart. Unfortunately that seems to require a java portal, which is presently not an option

      2. Create a SharePoint webpart that call the Enterprise Services that are available in HCM

      3. Import the directory information from AD which is a slave of the employee information in SAP HCM in our setup


      The 'right' solution might be to go for option 2 at present and the 'quick and dirty' solution might be to go for option 3. Could you think of other options that I have not considered?


      Best regards,