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digital signature for form-16

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Hi Experts,


We have to implement digital signature for form-16 on only SAP system (not on portal). Can anyone write me steps to configure and impelement it in ECC6.0

I have read SAP Note 1168740 and tried to open the link

Steps to install these credetials is explained at following URL:

                         http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/en/db/ aafb211ead420faeeaa24e99eb5f41/frameset.htm

Further information on digital signature can be found at:

                         http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/EN/46/ 1ca382f3ec5873e10000000a11466f/frameset.htm

and also tried to get information on "Adobe Document Services Configuration Guide".


However, i am unable to get the details. Pls help me to resolve this.


Thanks & Regards,

Shree NP.


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    Nishtha Vedalankar
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    Hi Shree,


    For the configuration steps for digital signature for FORM 16, visit the link below:



    -> Media Center

    -> Key Documents

    -> Digital Signature setup


    Check the configuration according to this document and if it still doesn't work, let me know.




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      SAP_HR_N P
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      Hi Nishtha,


      Thanks a lot for sending me very good information. This seems to be done with the help of Basis team. If i am wrong , pls correct me, and so can u pls guide me that what are the activities needs to be performed by HR functional consultant to configure digital signature in form-16? Is there any steps to do with SPRO?

      Pls let me know the steps to implement it,.

      Thanks & Regards,

      Shree NP

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    rohit kumar
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    I am following the below mentioned steps for Digital Signature implementation in form 16 HR,but i am stuck in step 3,can anyone guide me through.


    Transaction code: STRUST

    1. Select the newly created ‘SSL Client SOAPClient’

    2. Select Edit -> Create Certificate Request

    3. Copy the Request and sign it (SAPNetCA)

    a) Select Edit -> Import Certificate Response and save

    b) Double click and select ‘SSL Client SOAPClient’ option to load the certificate

    c) Add ‘SSO_CA’ and ‘SAPNetCA’ to Certificate List and save