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Managing number of open questions.

Chirag Shah
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Dear Sir,


I have few open question which is being locked for further reply.


Which i want be deleted from my unresolved question list.


I tried searching the same in SCN rule and help @ wiki blog but could not find the solution.


I deleted the same from watch list but it is not removed from Unresolved questions list.


Please guide me as to how do I Remove these questions from unresolved question list?



Chirag Shah

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    Suresh Jayanthi
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    Dear Chirag,


    The Forum moderators are always keeping an eye on the threads. They would take care of these issues. These issues will be taken care internally within the pool of moderators.


    Thanks and regards,

    Suresh Jayanthi.

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    kishan P
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    Your threads are locked for a reason - violating the Rules of these forums.

    Take care to abide by the Rules and your threads will not locked.


    To get your threads unlocked and marked as Answered, hit the Yellow Triangle (Report Abuse) button in your thread and request the moderator in your forum to unlock the threads and mark it as answered. There's no other way you can get it removed from your Open Questions list.