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Roll out requirements of SAP in European countries

Kingsuk Mukherjee
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Dear All,


We are in the process of rolling out SAP to our client's European business units based on our US based global template. Is there any documented procedural steps one must follow so that we do not miss any of the statutory/Legal requirements and some country specific functionality (config, reports etc) ?


We are presently looking for the countries Po, Hu, Be, Ru, Sp, It & UK. We are currently looking at country specific best practices baseline packages in Sap services Marketplace but if anyone can provide an exhaustive list of activities based on their past implementations, it'll be very much helpful.


Warm regards,

Kingsuk Mukherjee

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    Jürgen L
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    a common requirement in all countries of the European union is Intrastat trade reporting.

    And even it is common in EU countries, it can slightly vary from country to country, and Italy the most complicated in this regard.


    For Russia you should implement the country version


    for Belgium there is special OSS note "how to setup Belgium company code"

    (and an umbrella is needed in Belgium, not a legal requirement, but a personal. I never had a worse whether anywhere else than the year I worked in Belgium)



    You should do you fit/gap analysis on site to see whats missing.

    It is always surprising especially if you have 2  companies in one country, they have  different "legal" requirments. Just had it today. we are merging SAP systems, and both systems have a company in Italy.