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How to reverse the posted document?

Mridul Sharma
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Hi Experts


Please tell me how to reverse the posted document. I have no idea of steps and how we see the document which is already posted in FI.


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    Ted Dinh
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    To see corresponding FI posting doc, go to PCP0 -  double click on posting id you want to view - check mark on a payroll posting doc entry - click Goto - Account Doc - Double click on corresponding FI acct doc (if you have right access).


    To reverse posting doc, in PCP0 - check mark on posting id - go to menu Edit - Reversal - Reverse Doc or you can manually run SAP prog RPCIPR00.

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    Ameet Jassani
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    Ted explains how to reverse document for HR posting.


    For FI posting please see below which explains Reversal of SAP FI Accounting document.


    At times some incorrect documents might have been entered in the systems.


    If we have entered an incorrect document, we can reverse it. SAP R/3 can reverse a SAP document only if the following conditions are satisfied:


    - It contains no cleared items

    - It contains only vendor, customer, or G/L line items

    - It was posted within the SAP FI system

    - It contains only valid values, such as business areas, cost centres, and tax codes.


    Generally, we post a reversing SAP accounting document in the same period in which we have posted the original accounting document. The period of the original document must be open to post a reversing SAP FI document. If the period is not open, you can overwrite the posting date field with a date in an open period, such as the current period.


    Reversal of SAP accounting document can be performed individually by using SAP transaction ( T code) u2013 FB08 or Mass- used SAP t code F.80.


    If the SAP FI accounting document to be reversed contains cleared items, then cleared item must be reset before the reversal of cleared SAP accounting document.






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    Tasneem Hamidi
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    Hi Mridul Sharma,


    Actually after posting document into FI it does not shown in PCP0 for showing that document you have to goto PCP0 ------->>edit --->>>filter --->> delete filter than it will show you the posted document .

    than follow the steps of TED and Ameet.

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    Kevin Anand
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    From SAP FI


    T-code to reverse posted document FB08

    In case document is cleared use T-code FBRA to Reset the cleared item.


    Then use FB08 to reverse the document.




    Kevin Anand