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Data Profiling feature of BODS

rajeev raj
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HI All,


I am looking to know much about Data Profiling and Data Steward features of BODS.. Can any one share some light and links on this.


I want to see the how accurate the data from source and how it is going out from DS.. want some graphical view on data..




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    Raghu Ram
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    Hi Raj,


    Data Profiling:


    Data profiling is a feature of SAP BODS. Data profiling handles the inconsistencies seen in data. When data comes in through a single interface, the program can validate data as it is entered. But in many other cases, data comes in a much less consistent way, with improperly formatted social security numbers, invalid values for certain fields, missing data, and the like. SAP BODS data profiling ensures that data is complete, consistently formatted, and valid.


    Information Steward:


    The Information Steward solution provides continuous insight into the quality of your data. Giving the power to improve the effectiveness of your operational, analytical, and governance initiatives.


    A Data Steward Reviews data quality scorecard & Analyzes Scorecard.


    Please check the below doc for more info on the same:




    Hope it helps.




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    Suneer Mehmood
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    There are two types of Profiling:


    1) Column Profiling and

    This will let you understand what are the unique values present in the column, min / max values, how many null values / blanks, their percentage, max /min / avg string length etc.


    2) Relationship profiling

    Lets you know the what percentage / no: of records of a table A is present in table B.


    In the both these, there are basic / detailed profiling. For the latter, some attributes will be more.


    For Data Profiling, you require

    1) Designer Access.

    2) A profiler repository.

    3) Job Server associated with a repository.

    4) A profiler user or profiler administrator set in Management Console.

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    Megha Mittal
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    Hi Suneer,


    How is Data profiling using BODS different from Data profiling using SAP-IS?? Are the two same or are the two different functions?