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Alerts through Solman

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Hi all,


I am using ECC6, BW 7, PI 7.2... I would like to setup Alert monitor through Solution Manager 7.2.

Should I have to go each PRD server and setup RZ20 CCMS alert, or I can direct setup in solman and add all logical server(s) in solman ?


our enviornment already setup for EWA, but we want to setup Alerts through solman


I download ADM106 and ADM107 but all of shows CCMS monitoring...


please advise or guide me step by step procedure... or any short cut


Thank you in advance



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    Arjun Venkateswarlu
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    You need to install CCMSPING and SAPCCM4x, SAPCCM4R in the production system pointing to Solman.


    Configure Systems in RZ21 in solman and has quite a few steps.


    Refer to below link






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    Juan Reyes
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    I think want you want is to configure is a Central Monitoring System also called CEN.







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    Srikishan D
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    You might also want to have a look at the functionality of the new Alert Monitoring Framework as of SolMan 7.1:


    Check http://service.sap.com/rkt-solman -> SolMan 7.1 -> Technical operations -> Setup system monitoring and alerting.




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      Arjun, Juan, Srikishan


      I really thanks for all, specially srikishan, I would like to start setup soon; before I start I have couple of question


      I read technical operation guide and demo from service place, but it doesn't show how to start it the first step...


      I would like to try only 1 PROD system first


      My question is should i have to check tech. system from SLD ?

      How to get application performance software to check monitor...?

      should I have to setup RZ20 in PRD system first then solman collect data from sld ?

      what alerts solman will do all of them even CPU % too ? if I don't want cpu utlz. alert how to control ?


      i know its lot of question; take your time


      thanks again

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        Mauricio Wecker
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        Hi Angeline,


        If you setup a central monitoring as per the link that Juan sent, you can select what kind of alerts do you want to receive: e.g: I want to receive alerts only for free memory but not for CPU utilization. You will be able to do everything by the CEN by assiging central auto reactions only for the MTE's that you want. You will have the list of MTEs (which are the elements that you see on RZ20) and you will only select the ones that you really wish to see alerts.


        In your case, your solman will be your CEN, and you should install agents on all systems that you wish to monitor and then register them at your CEN (solman). After the registration process, you should be able to assign auto-reactions. I really recommend you reading the documentation that Juan sent you, that should go through all the steps in configuring CEN.





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      Hi there,

      Thanks for all for great info and your time


      NOTE: please download this document and and page 15


      This setup I am looking



      I think you much understand what I am trying to saying, I know how to setup RZ20 and RZ21 and

      auto-reaction method, go to each system and setup MTE values for different nodeu2026


      But my problem is differentu2026

      I would like to setup through solution manager from all server MTE, I donu2019t want to touch any production server and setup MTE at this timeu2026 I just want to setup all server add in solution manager and want alerts will show, when ever getting any problem


      Example here:-

      Right now I login one by one system Go to RZ20  SAP CCMS monitor Templates  buffers  server-name  Table space  and its shows swap memory too high with RED color

      I like to see same thing shows in solution manager (donu2019t need to login each system and check)


      Is there any way to setup please let me know or just point out step by step 1..2..3..4.. what I need to do ?

      I know it will take little time you guys but that would be really help for me



      Many thanks in advance




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        Mauricio Wecker
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        Hi Angeline,


        Yes. This is possible.


        When you enter RZ20 (at the very first screen where do you see the big tree) you should do the following:


        Extras>Activate Maiteinance Function


        After this, you should create a new monitor:


        Monitor (set)>Create


        Monitor set


        Give a name to the monitor set, select who can read and modify it and if it's public. You will see the new monitor set created over your tree. After this, you can play a bit with this options and can create submonitors for each system if you want to organize by systems or by MTEs (it's up to you, mine is a bit messy, but I feel fine using it )


        After this, click on your newly created monitor set and go again on Monitor(set)>Create.


        You will be able to choose all the MTE's of the monitored systems that you want too see on the CEN.


        Have fun!





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          Thanks you soooo much for your time and big info., basically to create new monitor I can handle it easly; and I done that long time ago!


          what is the next step after i created own monitor set... for example I created MTE 10 to 15 different setup.... how to connect these with solution manager... which is I link above document, i would like to know from there...


          Thanks again



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    Sunny Patwari
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    Please go through Monitoring Setup Guide:



    and Agent installation strategy guide, google this guide you will get one.


    And then create your strategy if you want alerting or reporting: For alerting you have to do this setup for RZ20 and for reporting, there is another functionality called IT Performance Reporting.


    Anyways overall steps are:

    1. Install SAPCCMSR, SAPCCM4X (depending on your managed system type) and while registering this agent in managed system, pointing this to your Solution manager (Confirm the registration in RZ21 of SOLMAN system).


    2. For system availability, install CCMSPING in your SOLMAN OS level and then use this to poll all your managed system(Configure this in RZ21).


    3. Once above two setups are done, Simply use alerting mechanism in RZ20 CCMS ALERTING infrastructure to setup alerts.


    Please go though the guide which I mentioned for more details.