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Unable to find payment document.

Narayanan. G.L
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Dear Gurus,


Recently it happened that a user ran F110 for few vendors. Three of these vendors were part of two different F110 run, both run by the same user (with a time gap of 5 min). However, a payment document has got created in each payment run.


What I mean is for the three vendors who were part of both the payment runs I can see two payment documents per one open item- i.e. one ZP document in each payment run. I went through the Payment Run Log to check that I was looking at things in the right manner and confirmed the above. Even if I consider that both payment documents might have paid two different accounting documents, how is it possible that a "ZP" document created during payment run is not visible through FB03 or FBL1N.


The error message I am getting is "Document number does not exist in company code XYZA or has been archived".


However, though I am able to see one of the payment documents through FBL1N or FB03, I am unable to find the one created in the second payment run.


Could any of you kindly guide me as to what is wrong or what I could have missed??????????


Thank you guys

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    Pritesh Dand
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    Pls check whether items are still open and check respective Open and close item  tables

    Also check proposal and Payment log

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    Dear Mr. Narayan,


    please check the table REGUP and REGUH that probably contain the payment information.

    If something happened between the payment proposal and the payment itself, sometimes happens that no payment document will be created, therefore BSEG and BKPF don't contain any information..

    Please kindly check all the tables and let me know.



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    Narayanan. G.L
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    Dear Mr. BIANCOTTI,


    Thank you for your kind reply.


    I have checked the REGUP & REGUH tables. The payment documents that appear in the F110 payment log appear there as well. It further clears the earlier point that I made in my previous post - there are two payment documents (and even two IDoc numbers) per accounting document for those vendors.


    Tables BKPF & BSEG only has those documents which I can trace through FB03.


    If you think I might have missed somthing else, kindly let me know.


    Thank you