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Set Variant for RHINTE00 using RS_CREATE_VARIANT

Shailesh Malkar
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HI All,

I want to set variant only for employee id select option in report RHINTE00 using RS_CREATE_VARIANT. Since there is no direct access to Select Option so how can i achieve it.


Shailesh S. Malkar.

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    Arun Nath
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    Please reffer below code for implemeting 'RS_CREATE_VARIANT'



    *----- varid

      move sy-mandt             to i_varid-mandt.

      move 'RPCTXFU0'           to i_varid-report.

      move var_name1            to i_varid-variant.

      move sy-uname             to i_varid-ename.

      move sy-datum             to i_varid-edat .

      move sy-uzeit             to i_varid-etime.

      move 'A'                  to i_varid-environmnt.

    *----- varit

      move sy-mandt             to i_varit-mandt.

      move sy-langu             to i_varit-langu.

      move 'RPCTXFU0'           to i_varit-report .

      move var_name1            to i_varit-variant.

      concatenate 'Customer Variant'(o01) var_name1 into i_varit-vtext.

      append  i_varit.


          call function 'RS_CREATE_VARIANT'


                  curr_report               = 'RPCTXFU0'

                  curr_variant              = var_name1

                  vari_desc                 = i_varid


                  vari_contents             = rsparams_tab

                  vari_text                 = i_varit


                  illegal_report_or_variant = 01

                  illegal_variantname       = 02

                  not_authorized            = 03

                  not_executed              = 04

                  report_not_existent       = 05

                  report_not_supplied       = 06

                  variant_exists            = 07

                  variant_locked            = 08

                  others                    = 99.





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    Kesavadas Thekkillath
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    I did not check this


    May be you can try creating an implicit enhancement inside routine "initialize".