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Year End Activities for AA

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Dear All,


Pls let me know AA year end activities to be done in sequence.



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    M S
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    The following are closing procedure for AA


    1. Capitalize pending Asset capitalization

    2. Capitalize Asset under construction

    4. Post Depreciation/Run Depreciation

    5. Close last fiscal year exp: 2011

    6. Open new Fiscal year (2012)


    Please do let me know if you have any concerns


    Regards, MS

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    Sree shetti
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    Hi Srikrishna,


    Please find the below list of Year end activities in Asset Accounting.


    1     Depreciaition Run     AFAB

    2     Periodic Transfer Postings     ASKB

    3     Close Financial Year     AJAB

    4     Open New Fiscal Year     AJRW

    5     Close FI Periods for AA     OB52


    and aslo find the below details of GL year end activities, might help you out when you need.


    1     Foreign currency Valuation     F.05

    2     Forex Rate Maintainance      OB08

    3     Auto Accounts Clearing      F.13

    4     GR / IR Accounts Clearing F.19

    5     Accrual Postings      FBS1

    6     Reverse Accrual Postings F.81

    7     GL Balances Carry Forward to New FY F.16

    8     Close Posting Periods FI      OB52

    9     Close Posting Periods MM      MMPV

    Accounts Recievable     

    1     Foreign currency Valuation for Open Items     F.05

    2     Customer Open Item Clearing      F-32

    3     Balances Carry Forward to New FY      F.07

    Accounts Payable     

    1     Vendor Payments / Down Payments Made     F110, F-48

    2     Foreign currency Valuation for Open Items     F.05

    3     Vendor Open Item Clearing      F-44

    4     Balances Carry Forward to New FY      F.07