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Record as Read only in List feeder

zarina begum
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After giving a fare bit of try i am wondering if there is a way to achieve this.


My Requirement : To show a record in the List UIBB of GAF as Display only / Read only When it has one of the columns populated with values.


To do this i am coding in GET_DATA method of the list feeder

In that , i am editing my  CT_FIELD_USAGE.


LOOP AT ct_field_usage ASSIGNING <FS_FIELD_USAGE> where name = 'DESCRIPTION'.

    <Fs_field_usage>-READ_ONLY = 'X'.

    <Fs_field_usage>-enabled   = ' '.

    <Fs_field_usage>-FIXED_VALUES = lt_fixed_values[].

    <Fs_field_usage>-FIXED_VALUES_CHANGED = 'X'.



  ev_field_usage_Changed = 'X'.


lt_fixed values is populated with the values for which my record should be "Read only".


    READ TABLE lt_pre_master into ls_pre_master with KEY anlkl = ls_Assetclass_gl-anlkl.

    if sy-subrc eq 0.

      ls_assetclass_gl-DESCRIPTION = 'Filepath for Excelsheet'.

*Make that Asset record as read only in the List

      ls_FIXED_VALUES-value = ls_assetclass_gl-DESCRIPTION."'DESCRIPTION'.




Not sure if this is the correct, if not kindly guide me through the right way.


Many Thanks.....