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@Prompt function at Universe

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Dear Experts...


I need to know how exactly @prompt function works for the filter purpose at universe level. I need different scenarios wherein @prompt fuction is used.


Thanks in advance.

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    Pramod Kumar
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    @Prompts are useful when you want to force a restriction in the inferred SQL

    but do not want to preset the value of the condition. But the syntax will allows you to preset  the the values .

    Following is the syntax for the function.




    The following are simple examples of @Prompt syntax.

    Minimal use of the @Prompt function:

    @Prompt('Displayed text ','A',,,)


    Using the @Prompt with a LOV without default values:

    @Prompt('Displayed text ','A',{'Paris','London','Madrid'},,)


    Using the @Prompt with a LOV and one default value:

    @Prompt('Displayed text ','A',{'Paris','London','Madrid'},,,,{'Paris'})


    Just  go through the universe designer pdf from page#523 in the following link





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    Sravan Sabbineni
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    In BO there is a function called as @PROMPT to create Dynamic Filter.


    Type the below parameters for @Prompt(1,2,3,4,5)


    1 = 'Prompt Text Message'


    2 = 'Prompt Type'  (i.e. A,N,D,U)

    where A= Character, N= Number, D= Date, U= Unit.


    3 = 'Class Name/ Object Name'


    4 = 'Multi/ Mono'

    Multi means Multiple ( Example = 2004,2005,2011)

    Mono means Single ( Example = 2012)


    5 = Free/Constrain (Type value or select value in LOV/ Select Value)


    Example for creating a @prompt filter is below


    @Prompt('enter year','A','time period/year', Multi', Free)


    Hope it helps.




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    @prompt function is used to prompt user for a value will be used during report run. For example if you want to run a monthly report against a specific month, you have to prompt the user to enter the Month or even select it from the list of value displayed.



    @prompt ('prompt text ', 'type ', 'list of values', 'mono/multi', 'free/constrained')

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    Frederick Domond
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    i am using free hand sql in bo, is there a way to create a prompt that will list the values so that the user is able to select the values. Am able to do it if i added the values manually but is there a way it can query a table and get a list of all the distinct values? like for example i have a timekeeper table and want to show the list of unique timekeeper titles in the prompt. just want to make it easy for the user to select a timekeeper title value instead of typing it. But i also don't want to dislplay manually all the title in the prompt like the example below.  Want to avoid having to keep that list updated whenever a title is taken off or added. any help will be appreciated.