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Missing gn_get_global_key

Jiri Zazvorka
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Hello all,

I'm not able to find program gn_get_global_key (infocube 0IC_03, update rules from 2LIS_03_BX,BF)


It says program doesn't exist.


Does anybody have an idea where to get it?



  • Re: Missing gn_get_global_key
    Anna H.
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    Hello Jiri,


    thus this is an old thread I sill want to answer as I had the same questions and this post is ranked high.


    The routine you will find in include RSBCTGN_UPDATE_RULES.


    Here is the coding:

    form  gn_get_global_key tables   p_monitor structure rsmonitor
                             using    p_source_system
                                      p_record_no like sy-tabix
                                      p_record_all like sy-tabix
                             changing p_global_key

       data: l_source_system like rssoursystem-soursysid,
             l_object_type   like rsbwbeotyp-gn_bwbeoty,
             l_local_key     like rsgn_glob_id-localid,
             l_global_key    like rsgn_glob_id.

       data: l_msgtext type string,
             l_wa_monitor like p_monitor.

       l_source_system = p_source_system.
       l_object_type = p_objtype.
       l_local_key = p_localkey.
       call function 'RS_BCT_GN_GET_GLOBAL_KEY'
           i_source_system         = l_source_system
           i_object_type           = l_object_type
           i_local_key             = l_local_key
           e_global_key            = l_global_key
           source_system_not_found = 1
           object_type_not_found   = 2
           others                  = 3.

       p_rc = sy-subrc.
       p_global_key = l_global_key.
       if sy-subrc <> 0.
         case sy-subrc.
           when 1.
    *       source system not found
             message e010(rsbctgn)
               with  l_source_system p_record_no into l_msgtext.
           when 2.
    *       object type not found
             message e020(rsbctgn)
               with  l_object_type   p_record_no into l_msgtext.
           when 3.
    *       other error
             message e030(rsbctgn)
               with l_source_system l_object_type l_local_key p_record_no
                   into l_msgtext.
         move-corresponding syst to l_wa_monitor.
         append l_wa_monitor to p_monitor.
         clear p_global_key.