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Upload BOM Alt Long Text

Nelson Rodrigo
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Dear Abapers

Im getting this long text by READ_TEXT with

Object   - BOM

Text ID  - MKO

and NAME - Combination Key


It's working properly

Now I want to create LSMW for upload these Lonf Text to the system, please give me the correct solution for this matter.

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    Naresh Ganesan
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    Please use program RCSBI040 for this requirement.


    Also you can check the (SE38) documentation of this program too .


    You can also use transaction SXDA_TOOLS to view the direct input structures that need to be populated for BOM Long Text

    Enter the following information


    Object Type: BUS1080

    Program Type: BINP

    Program /Method: RCSBI040


    Enter Input File method.

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    Naresh Ganesan
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    After you enter the following values in SXDA_TOOLS transaction,


    Object Type: BUS1080

    Program Type:   BINP

    Program/Method: RCSBI040


    File Type: Physical file name

    File Name: /usr/tmp/bom.txt (example)


    on the top you will see push buttons "Create file"  "Create file with Data" etc.


    Click "Create File" button. This will ensure that the file /usr/tmp/bom.txt will be populated. Once this is done, there will be another push button "Display file". This will provide you more info on what fields need to be filled. You can also choose "Change file" option to add your own text. Once this file is created, you can use SE38 to run program RCSBI040 with the file that you created / changed.

    Hope this helps.