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Steps to create a purchase order in SAP r/3

Namrata Ambekar
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Hi All,


    I need to create a purchase order in SAP R/3,I am very new to SAP R/3 just started using material managements module in R/3.Could any one please help me to know what all steps i need to take for creating a PO.Do i require some pre-requisite data in R/3?


Waiting for your reply!


Thanking you.




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    Hi ambekar,

           To create purchase order you have to make use of the transaction ME21 or ME21N,  the pre-requisite is you must enter vendor, purchage organization and purchasing group more over you have to specify material and that material must be assigned to particuler plant that you are going to specify in the purchase order.


    if your working with 4.6c there must be IDES provided by sap, make use the data's provided in that  link is given below:





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      you can find materials assigned to a plant in table MRAC



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    Vishnu Vardhan Mallampati
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    when create P.O you have to maintain the following information


    Organisation Structure (  CoCode, Plant , Storage Location, Purchase Organisation, Pur.Group)

    .Master Data : Material master, Vendor Master(XK01 or MK01)( some cases we will also create with out Vendor (Vendor Unknown)

    Material Group


    When create material master(MM01)  you  select organisation levels in this  you have to mention plant, storage location.

    Then select views, Basic Data,purchase , plant data, Accounts

    Fill the mandatory fields.


    you create the P.O with transation code ME 21N


    This information most helpfull to u, please try it.


    with regards



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    Namrata Ambekar
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    Hi All,


    Really very thankful for your information.It really helped me a lot and have successfully created a purchase order.


    Now I have to create it using BAPI's.Could you please let me know the steps to be followed?

    Which function module should i use  BAPI_PO_CREATE or BAPI_PO_CREATE1 ?


    Thanking You.


    Namrata Ambekar.

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    Rajesh Jadhav
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    A purchase order needs to be created, and the vendor is known


    Business Process Description Overview

    A purchase order is a legal document issued by the buyer to the vendor to supply materials or service at the agreed price, terms and conditions. The Purchase Order forms the basis for all follow-on activities like Goods Receipt, Invoice Verification, etc. The Purchase Orders can be created directly by entering all the required data, copying already created purchase order, with reference to an RFQ/Contract or with reference to a PR.

    Purchase Order creation is possible only if sufficient budget allocation is there for the Fund Centers. It is not possible to create Purchase Orders for a Vendor who is blocked for procurement or not maintained in source list for that item. Also it is not possible to create PO for Quantity more than the PR quantity.

    All the price components which are to be paid to vendors and requires to be inventoried has to be included in PO.It is possible to add different vendors for delivery costs. The tax codes should be correctly maintained in PO for the purpose of Cenvat availment etc.

    The payment term defaulted from Vendor Master or RFQ has to be verified and changed if required.

    The incomplete Purchase Orders can be saved as HOLD document and later completed and saved thru Change PO menu


    Input - Required Fields     Field Value/Comments

    Vendor     Vendor number

    Purchasing Organization     1000

    Purchasing Group     Purchasing Group code

    Date     Purchase order date

    Account assignment category     Where costs will be allocated

    Delivery Date     Anticipated Delivery Date

    Plant     For which plant we are buying the material


    Output - Results     Comments

    Purchase order document     Can be changed, displayed or printed which can then be mailed to vendor




    Tips and Tricks

    The Purchase Orders can be created directly by entering all data required for creating PO or by copying another PO or with reference to RFQ/Contract/PR.To create a purchase order by copying existing document (PO/RFQ/PR), you can either select the desired document in the document overview   .and adopt it in the current purchase order in the right-hand area of the screen using the ADOPT button   .In addition you can drag it onto the shopping basket symbol   with the left-hand mouse button. 

    Click the Personal Settings button on the tool bar, this function is for default information for purchase order header data and also purchase order item data.  This will reduce the amount of redundancy in the data entry, i.e. plant, company code.


    One Purchase Order may be created for several purchase requisitions


    Procedural Steps

    1.1.     Access transaction by:


    Via Menus     Logistics èMaterials ManagementèPurchasingèPurchase OrderèCreateèVendor/Supplying Plant Known.


    Via Transaction Code     ME21N




    1.2.     Double-click   


    On screen “Create Purchase order”




    On screen select Domestic Purchase order in this screen . You can also select other document if you want to create other. Here drop down menu is available.



    Click   to enter the organization data.


    Screen will change in the header; enter data as given in the table below:



    Field Name     R/O/C     Description

    Purchasing Org.     R     Enter the purchasing organization code.

    Example: 1000

    Purch. Group     R     Enter the purchasing Group which is procuring the material

    Example: P01

    Company Code     R     Enter the company code under which above purchasing

    Organization is.

    Example: 1000


    After entering the organization data enter the vendor or material supplier in the field    here drop down is   to see the drop down.



    Field Name     R/O/C     Description

    Search term     O     Text that describes the vendor in more detail.

    Example:     MICON

    Vendor     O     Description of the vendor.

    Example:     100008


    Click   .














    System displays all possible entries available as per data entered

    Restrict value range (1)   1 Entries found




    To select required Vendor Click   .


    Click   .


    Vendor selected



    Now go to   ,here the system will pick up the data automatically from the vendor master but if you want to chane the data you can change the data. Here drop down menu is available.





    Now go to   to mainatin the text.



    After maintaining the text if you want to see or change the vendor address click   and do the amendments.


    Now Go to   and click to enter the Items and other data as per the table given below:





    Field Name     R/O/C     Description

    Account Assignement     R     Key that identifies specific settlement receiver types such as cost centers, internal orders, work orders, asset accounts, or project WBS elements.Example: K

    drop down menu is available here.




    Item Cateogry     O     How the procurement of a material is controlled.

    Drop down menu is available here.Example: Standard





    Material     R     Here you will enter the material to be purchased from the


    Here also drop down menu is available. Use the following

    to select the material. Example ZROH-DEMO




    In the figure above enter the search cretira for the material for example ZROH-DEMO and click

      . The follwing result will appear on the screen select the line item and click   to select

    the material.



    Short Text     R     Enter here short description about the material,if the text is not

    automatically picked up from the material master.

    PO Quantity     R     Enter here quantity to be ordered.

    Example 10

    Order unit     R     Here we enter the order unit’s of measurement.

    Here also drop down menu is available.

    Example : KG




    Category of delivery date     O     Here you can enter deleviery date format.

    Here also drop down menu is available.

    Example : Day format





    Delivery date     R     Enter the delivery date. You can use the calender provided by

    the system.

    Example : 28.02.2006




    Net price     R     Enter the net price of the material here

    Example : 1000 INR

    Material group     R     Enter the material group to which that material belongs.Here

    also drop down menu is available. This field is also automatic

    picked up field.

    Example : M10001




    Plant     R     Enter the plant code for which you are purchasing the material

    Here also drop down menu is available.

    Example : 1100




    Storage location     O     Here you will enter where the material is to be stored. Drop

    Down menu is available here.

    Example WH01


    Click Enter and system will give you message  

    You will now see the screen





    Field Name     R/O/C     Description

    Cost Centre     R     The purchase is done for which purpose. Here also drop down

    Menu is available.

    Example: 11050 for CDU/VDU /SGU OP

    G/L Account     R     G/L account from which payment will be done.

    It will be automatically be picked up from the material group

    You can change it also.

    Unloading Point     O     Specifies the point at which the material is to be unloaded.


    Recipient     O     Specifies the recipient for whom the material is destined.




    Click   to see and to change the Tax Code at item level.








    Select    to view the taxes applied on the line item.



    click   to go back to the previous screen .


    On the main screen in the same tab if you want to change the taxe select the tax code from the drop down available





    After selection again, Select    to view the taxes applied on the line item.


    If you want to add more conditions click   tab and enter the conditions from the drop down



    You can also maintain the text at item level by clicking   tab.


    After completeing this all click   to check wether here is any error in the purchase order , If there will not




    any error then on the screen following line will appear.


    If there will be some error the system will throw the message on the screen





    select the line item and click   to see the detail of the error.



    close this window now and goto main screen to rectify the error.

    After rectifying the error again click   to check wether here is any error in the purchase order.


    Now click   to save the purchase order, after clicking the button the following message will appear


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    Namrata Ambekar
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    Hi All,


    I was successful in creating a PO even using BAPI's.

    Really thankful for your help.



    Thanks a lot again.



    Namrata Ambekar.