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need tcodes for fi

vishnu kongara
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hi experts ,


iam new to this group i need help from u people,

pls send me the tcodes for the following topics


-          Payment transaction

-          Reversal Transaction

-          Credit Transfer Transactions

-          Write off Transactions

-          Adjustment transactions

-          Clearing Transactions

-          Posting of revenue (GL Summaries)


i will reward u with points

thanks in advance




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    Girish Belur
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    1.  You can find this yourself, when you log into SAP,  Click on Extras> Settings > and click on display technical names.


    After this is done, you can see that the transaction codes are being displayed.. so now you can find whatever t.codes you want.


    2.  In SE16 put table TSTC and TSTCT and you will find all the transaction codes.





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    Jacob Taiwo
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    Hi Vishnu,


    I have tried to extract some commonly used transaction codes as detailed below. You can get more be executing transaction code <b>SE11</b> -> table <b>TSTC</b> -> remove the limit on the number of display and all transaction codes within the system would be displayed to you:


    - <b><u>Payment transactions</u></b>

    F-06                 Post Incoming Payments

    F-07                 Post Outgoing Payments

    F-18                 Payment with Printout

    F-26                 Incoming Payments Fast Entry

    F-28                 Post Incoming Payments

    F-29                 Post Customer Down Payment

    F-31                 Post Outgoing Payments

    F-36                 Bill of Exchange Payment

    F-37                 Customer Down Payment Request

    F-39                 Clear Customer Down Payment

    F-40                 Bill of Exchange Payment

    F-47                 Down Payment Request

    F-48                 Post Vendor Down Payment

    F-52                 Post Incoming Payments

    F-53                 Post Outgoing Payments

    F-54                 Clear Vendor Down Payment

    F-58                 Payment with Printout

    F-59                 Payment Request

    F110                 Parameters for Automatic Payment

    F8BR                 Levels for Payment Requests

    F8BS                 Detail display of payment requests

    F8BT                 Display Payment Requests

    F8BU                 Create payment runs automatically

    F8BX                 Online Payment

    F8XX                 Payment Request No. Ranges KI3-F8BM

    FB03Z                Display Document/Payment Usage

    FB13                 Release for Payments

    FBA1                 Customer Down Payment Request

    FBA2                 Post Customer Down Payment

    FBA3                 Clear Customer Down Payment

    FBA6                 Vendor Down Payment Request

    FBA7                 Post Vendor Down Payment

    FBZ0                 Display/Edit Payment Proposal

    FBZ1                 Post Incoming Payments

    FBZ2                 Post Outgoing Payments

    FBZ3                 Incoming Payments Fast Entry

    FBZ4                 Payment with Printout

    FBZ5                 Print Check for Payment Documen

    FBZ8                 Display Payment Run

    FBZG                 Failed Customer Payments


    - <b><u>Reversal Transactions</u></b>

    CXA0                 Mass reversal

    F.80                 Mass Reversal of Documents

    F01N                 Debit Position LO Single Reversal

    F01O                 Vacancy RU single reversal

    F01P                 Accruals/deferrals single reversal

    F01Q                 Debit position MC single reversal

    F01R                 MC settlement single reversal

    F01S                 Reversal of Periodic Postings

    F8BV                 Reversal of Bank-to-Bank Transfers

    FN37                 Loan Reversal Chain

    FNB3                 Document Reversal - Loans

    FNM3                 Loans reversal module

    FNM7                 Loan reversal chain

    FNRS                 Reversal Accrual/Deferral

    FO08                 Reversal input tax distribution

    FO1F                 Owner Account Settlement Reversal

    FO8B                 RealEstate accr./defer.- Reversal

    FO8DM                Input Tax Distribution Reversal

    FOS8                 Single Document Reversal

    FOSC                 Debit position reversal

    FOSD                 Deb.pos.-Partial reversal (in proc.)

    FTR04                Reversal of Bill Transactions

    FV02                 Reversal of Correction Items

    FZ52                 Customizing Reasons for Reversal

    FZFU                 Reversal Release

    GC30                 FI-LC: Mass Reversal

    KE27S                Reversal of KE27 Delta Line Items

    KE4S00               CO-PA: Reversal of Line Items

    KPSR                 Execute Plan Segment Reversal

    MEB0                 Reversal of Settlement Runs

    MR11SHOW             Account Maint.Docu.Display-Reversal

    O54N                 Set reversal movement type indicator

    O5BIC13              Define comp. str. for inv. reversal

    O5BIC20              Define agg.schema for DBT reversals

    PSCREV               PSC calculation reversal

    PSCTFREV             PSC Transfer Funds Reversal

    PUOCLL               OC: List of Replacements/Reversals

    TBC0                 TR: Maintain manual reversal type

    WLFJ                 Mass reversal of vendor billing docs


    - <u><b>Credit Transfer Transactions</b></u>

    F-27                 Enter Customer Credit Memo

    F-41                 Enter Vendor Credit Memo

    F-66                 Park Vendor Credit Memo

    F-67                 Park Customer Credit Memo

    F.28                 Customers: Reset Credit Limit

    FB10                 Invoice/Credit Fast Entry

    FB65                 Enter Incoming Credit Memos

    FB75                 Enter Outgoing Credit Memos

    FD24                 Credit Limit Changes

    S_ALR_87012221       Credit Limit Data Mass Change


    - <u><b>Write off Transactions</b></u>

    O3UH_ARWOC           A/R Write Off Cents Report

    O3UH_TP_WO           Taxes Payable Write Off


    - <u><b>Adjustment transactions</b></u>

    ABCO                 Adjustment Posting to Areas

    CJP1                 Create Project Plan Adjustment

    CJP2                 Change Project Plan Adjustment

    CJP3                 Display Project Plan Adjustment

    CJP4                 Delete Project Plan Adjustment

    CJPU                 Execute Project Plan Adjustment

    CX3F5                Upload Equity Holdings Adjustments

    CX3FD                Upload Fair Value Adjustments(Value)

    CX68                 Equity Holdings Adjustments

    CX6F2                Fair Value Adjustments

    CX6F3                Reporting Fair Value Adjustment Data

    CX6F6                Fair Value Adjustments

    EW50                 MM Post Adjustment Documents

    EW68                 EMU: AA Balance Adjustment

    EW73                 Investment Programs Adjustment

    EWF1                 Display FI/AA Adjustment Differences

    EWF4                 Display Clearing Proced.Adjustment

    EWM4                 MM Purchase Order History Adjustment

    F.5D                 G/L: Update Bal. Sheet Adjustment

    F.5E                 G/L: Post Balance Sheet Adjustment

    F.5F                 G/L: Balance Sheet Adjustment Log

    F.5G                 G/L: Subseq.Adjustment(BA/PC) Sp.ErA

    FJA1                 Inflation Adjustment of G/L Accounts

    FJA4                 Infl. Adjustment of Open Items (FC)

    FNQ9                 Int. adjustment run

    FO1L                 Repost Input Tax Adjustments


    - <u><b>Clearing Transactions</b></u>

    ABZV                 Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acct

    EW35                 FI Previous Clearing Procedures

    EWF4                 Display Clearing Proced.Adjustment

    EWM6                 Reconcile GR/IR Clearing Account

    F-04                 Post with Clearing

    F-30                 Post with Clearing

    F-51                 Post with Clearing

    F-91                 Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acct

    F.13                 ABAP/4 Report: Automatic Clearing

    F.19                 G/L: Goods/Invoice Received Clearing

    F13E                 ABAP/4 Report: Automatic Clearing

    F8BJ                 Maintain Clearing Accts (Rec.Bank)

    FB05                 Post with Clearing

    FB05_OLD             Post with clearing

    FNQ8                 Automatic Clearing for Overpayments

    FOPA                 OI Clearing on Rental Agreements

    FO_V_TIV80           Clearing Accounts for Cost Accounts

    GCAE                 Ledger comparison w/diff. clearing

    GJ18                 Partner Suspense Clearing

    GJ61                 JV Clearing billing indicator

    GJ96                 Payroll Burden Clearing

    O3RCMM05             SSR Meters - Clearing

    O3RCSM05             SSR Stocks - Clearing

    O3RECH4              Assign Customer to Clearing house

    O3UH_CC              Check Clearing

    O5BEAD16             SSR Clearing House Determination

    OBXZ                 C FI Table T030 G/L Accont Clearing

    OFM01A               Create Doc. Type and Clearing Item

    PRCC                 Credit Card Clearing

    PRTC                 Docu.Buffer for Credit Card Clearing


    - <u><b>Posting of revenue (GL Summaries)</b></u>

    1KEF                 EC-PCA: Parameter acutal postings

    ABCO                 Adjustment Posting to Areas

    ABZO                 Asset acquis. autom. offset. posting

    AD08                 Enter G/L Account Posting

    AFBP                 Create depreciation posting log

    AO71                 Document type for posting deprec.

    AO72                 Specify posting procedure

    AOLAPOST             Tabstrip Posting Transactions

    ASIM                 Simulation of asset posting

    ASKB                 Periodic Asset Postings

    BD73                 Reposting of IDocs (ALE)

    CIPV                 Posting PDC records

    CKM7                 Analyze ML Postings

    F-02                 Enter G/L Account Posting

    F-19                 Reverse Statistical Posting

    F-21                 Enter Transfer Posting

    F-38                 Enter Statistical Posting

    F-42                 Enter Transfer Posting

    F-55                 Enter Statistical Posting

    F-56                 Reverse Statistical Posting

    F-60                 Maintain Table: Posting Periods

    F-65                 Preliminary Posting

    F.38                 Transfer Posting of Deferred Tax

    F.4C                 Calc.vend.int.on arr.: w/o postings

    F.81                 Reverse Posting for Accr./Defer.Docs

    F01S                 Reversal of Periodic Postings

    FB21                 Enter Statistical Posting

    FB22                 Reverse Statistical Posting

    FF/6                 Deposit/loan mgmt analysis/posting

    FGL6                 IRE: One Time Posting - Gen. Contr

    FLQT1                Create Transfer Posting

    FLQT2                Change Transfer Posting

    FLQT3                Display Transfer Posting

    FMN0                 Subsequent Posting of FI Documents

    FMN1                 Subsequent Posting of MM Documents

    FMN2                 Subsequent Posting of Billing Docs

    FMRP18               Clear Subsequent Postings

    FNM1                 Automatic Posting

    FNM1S                Automatic Posting - Single

    FNR0                 Loans: Posting Journal

    FO3K                 Maintain automatic postings accounts

    FO8DB                Input Tax Distribution Posting

    FO8Q                 Incoming payments by posting date

    FOB1                 Lease-Out One-Time Postings

    FOIQ                 RE Contract: Periodic Postings

    FOJG                 RE Contract One-Time Posting

    FOJR                 RE Contract: Periodic Postings Log

    FOL6                 IRE: one-time postings lease-out

    FOMU                 OI Transfer Posting on Tenant Change

    FOSL                 General Real Estate Posting Log

    FOSM                 General Real Estate Posting Log

    FOSN                 Real Estate - Posting

    FOVD                 Input tax trtmnt: Monthly postings

    FO_NKA_BUP           SCS Follow-up Posting

    FR03                 Original Commitments: Prel.Posting

    FWBJ                 Posting journal

    FWBS                 Manual posting

    FWOE                 Reverse posting

    FWSO                 Automatic posting

    FZXR                 Flow types per posting application

    GCD2                 List of FI-SL Direct Posting Tables

    GCP1                 FI-SL: Local Posting Periods

    GCU4                 Subsequent Posting of Data From MM

    GCU5                 Subsequent Posting of Data frm Sales

    GCU6                 CO plan doc subs. posting to FI-SL

    GCUP                 Subsequently posting CO data to FISL

    GJ49                 Billing method posting rules

    GJ50                 JV Posting rule detail customizing

    GJ83                 JV Automatic posting

    GJ85                 JV Automated Postings (Cost Calcs)

    GJPE                 Display Documents for re-posting

    KAL1                 Reconcil. Ledger follow-up posting

    KALH                 Change Rules for Reconcil. Posting

    KALK                 Create Rules for Reconcil. Posting

    KALS                 Reverse Reconciliation Posting

    KB11                 Enter Reposting of Primary Costs

    KB11N                Enter Manual Repostings of Costs

    KB11NP               Enter Manual Repostings of Costs

    KB13                 Display Reposting of Primary Costs

    KB13N                Display Manual Repostings of Costs

    KB13NP               Display Manual Repostings of Costs

    KB14                 Reverse Reposting of Primary Costs

    KB14N                Reverse Manual Repostings of Costs


    I hope the above helps.


    Do not forget to award the points please.




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    K V K R
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    I am giving the list of all Transaction Codes of all modules copied from SAP itself as our friends explained above for your ready reference.


    The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables TSTC and TSTCT. So, you can have a look via SE16 in your own SAP system as well





    Tc     Report         Header Description

    AAVN   RAVRSN00       Recalculate base insurable value

    ABAA   SAPMA01B       Unplanned depreciation

    ABAD   SAPMF05A       Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer

    ABAD0  SAPMABADR      Derivation: Initial Screen

    ABAKN  SAPLAMDP       Last Retirement on Group Asset

    ABAON  SAPLAMDP       Asset Sale Without Customer

    ABAV   SAPMA01B       Asset Retirement by Scrapping

    ABAVN  SAPLAMDP       Asset Retirement by Scrapping

    ABAW   SAPMA01B       Balance sheet revaluation

    ABCO   SAPMA01B       Adjustment Posting to Areas

    ABF1   SAPMF05A       Post Document

    ABGF   SAPMA01B       Credit Memo in Year after Invoice

    ABGL   SAPMA01B       Enter Credit Memo in Year of Invoic

    ABIF   SAPMA01B       Investment support

    ABMA   SAPMA01B       Manual depreciation

    ABMR   SAPMA01B       Manual transfer of reserves

    ABMW   SAPLAB01       Reverse asset trans. using doc. no.

    ABNA   SAPMA01B       Post-capitalization

    ABNAN  SAPLAMDP       Post-Capitalization

    ABNC   SAPMA01B       Enter post-capitalization

    ABNE   SAPMA01B       Subsequent Revenue

    ABNK   SAPMA01B       Subsequent Costs

    ABNV   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint: FIAA-BELNR

    ABSO   SAPMA01B       Miscellaneous Transactions

    ABST   RAABST01       Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA

    ABST2  RAABST02       Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA

    ABT1   SAPLAMDP_OLD   Intercompany Asset Transfer

    ABT1N  SAPLAMDP       Intercompany Asset Transfer

    ABUB   SAPLABUM       Transfer between areas

    ABUMN  SAPLAMDP       Transfer within Company Code

    ABZE   SAPMA01B       Acquisition from in-house productio

    ABZK   SAPMF05A       Acquisition from purchase w. vendor

    ABZO   SAPMA01B       Asset acquis. autom. offset. postin

    ABZON  SAPLAMDP       Acquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry

    ABZP   SAPMA01B       Acquistion from affiliated company

    ABZS   SAPMA01B       Enter write-up

    ABZU   SAPMA01B       Write-up

    ABZV   SAPMF05A       Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acc

    AB01   SAPMA01B       Create asset transactions

    AB02   SAPLAB01       Change asset document

    AB03   SAPLAB01       Display Asset Document

    AB08   SAPLAB01       Reverse Line Items


    ACBD   ATPBD001       Display Shared Buffer: ATP Check

    ACCR   MENUACCR       Personal Menu Volker Hofmann

    ACCR01 SAPMACCR01     Create Accrual/Deferral Document

    ACCR02 SAPMACCR01     Change Accrual/Deferral Document

    ACCR03 SAPMACCR01     Display Accrual/Deferral Document

    ACCR04 RACCRPROCESS   Execute Accruals/Deferrals

    ACCR05 RACCRAPPLOG    Display Accruals/Deferrals Log

    ACCR06 RACCRAPPLOGDEL Delete Accruals/Deferrals Log

    ACCR07 RACCRREVERSAL  Reverse Accruals/Deferrals

    ACEC   ACE_IMG        Accrual Engine - IMG

    ACEPP  ACEPS_PERIODIC_Accrual Engine - Periodic Postings

    ACEREV ACEPS_REVERSAL_Reverse Postings

    ACNR   SAPMSNUM       No. Range Maintenance: Ext. Service

    ACTL   SAPLKAZB       INTERNAL: Work List

    AC00   MENUAC00       Service Master

    AC01   SAPLBAS0       Service Master

    AC02   SAPLBAS0       Service Master

    AC03   SAPLBAS0       Service Master

    AC04   SAPLBAS0       Service Master

    AC05   RXASMD10       List Processing: Service Master

    AC06   RXASMD10       List Display: Service Master

    AC08   RBDSESRV       Send service

    AC10   RMMLCLST       Class Hierarchy with Services

    AD08   SAPMSD08       Enter G/L Account Posting

    AD20   SAPLSD30       Search help maintenance (for IMG)

    AD21   SAPMSD20       Matchcode maintenance (for IMG)

    AFAB   RAPOST2000     Post depreciation

    AFABN  RAPOST2000     Post Depreciation

    AFAF   RAT08400       Assets with errors

    AFAMA  RAVCLUST       View Maint. for Deprec. Key Method

    AFAMD  RACSTABL       View Maint. Declining-Bal. Method

    AFAMH  RAVCLUST       Maintain Maximum Amount Method

    AFAMP  RACSTABL       View Maint. Period Control Method

    AFAMR  RACSTABL       View Maintenance Base Method

    AFAMS  RAVCLUST       View Maint. Multi-Level Method

    AFAMSK RAVCLUST       Method: Levels in Calendar Years

    AFAR   RAAFAR00       Recalculate Depreciation

    AFBD   RABUCH20       Recreate Dep. Batch Input Session

    AFBN   RAFABNEW       Include New Depreciation Area

    AFBP   RAPOST2001     Create depreciation posting log

    AFWA   SAPMJBRA       Create Maintain Analysis Structures

    AFWFL  SAPMAFWCH_FL   AFWCH: Filter Maintenance

    AFWO1  RAFWGO_SHOWEP1 Single Records Procedure: Monitorin

    AFWO2  RAFWGO_SHOWEP2 Final Results Procedure: Monitoring

    AFWS   SAPMAFWCH_SEGMCMaintain Segment Level Characterist

    AFX_WB AFX_WORKBENCH  Archiving Workbench

    AIAB   SAPMA15B       AuC Assignment of Dist. Rule

    AIAO   SAPMV76A       C AM Maint. list vers. gen. line it

    AIAZ   SAPMA15B       Display Dist. Rule Allocation

    AIBU   SAPMA12B       Transfer Asset under Const.

    AIIO   SAPMV76A       C AM Maintain List Version AuC

    AISF   RJBRSVAC       FX Exposure

    AISFSS RJBRSVAC       Single Value Analysis: FX Exposure

    AISS   RJBRSVAC       Single Val. Analysis - Sensitivitie

    AIST   SAPMA12B       Reverse Settlement of AuC

    AJAB   RAJABS00       Year-End Closing

    AJRW   RAJAWE00       Fiscal Year Change

    AKAB   SAPMWAKA       List purchasing arrangements

    AKE1   SAPMV13A       Create Condition

    AKE10  SAPMV13A       Transfer Prices: Display Overhead

    AKE2   SAPMV13A       Change Condition

    AKE3   SAPMV13A       Display Condition

    AKE4   SAPMV13A       Copy Condition

    AKE5   SAPMV13A       PCA Transfer Prices: Create Prices

    AKE6   SAPMV13A       PCA Transfer Prices: Change Prices

    AKE7   SAPMV13A       PCA Transfer Prices: Display Prices

    AKE8   SAPMV13A       Transfer Prices: Create Overhead

    AKE9   SAPMV13A       Transfer Prices: Change Overhead

    AKKO   SAPMWAKA       Promotion pur. pr. conditions

    AKVA   SAPMWAKA       List sales arrangements

    AKVK   SAPMWAKA       Promotion sales price conditions

    ALM_01 RJBACFART2KNZ  ALM: Assign CF Type to CF Indicator

    ALO1   RASHLO00       Determine ASH/DOREX Relationships

    AL02   RSDB0000       Database alert monitor

    AL03   RSRZOLD        Operating system alert monitor

    AL04   RSSTAT85       Monitor call distribution

    AL05   RSSTAT27       Monitor current workload

    AL08   RSUSR000       Users Logged On

    AL11   RSWATCH0       Display SAP Directories

    AL12   RSDBBUFF       Display table buffer (Exp. session)

    AL13   RSTUNSHM       Display Shared Memory (Expert mode)

    AL15   RSHOSTLD       Customize SAPOSCOL destination

    AL16   RSHOST07       Local Alert Monitor for Operat.Syst

    AL17   RSRZOLD        Remote Alert Monitor f.Operat. Syst

    AL18   RSRZOLD        Local File System Monitor

    AL19   RSRZOLD        Remote File System Monitor

    AMRP   RMCPAMRP       Send Stock/Requirements List

    AM04   SAPMA01A       Changes to Asset Classes

    AM05   RACSTABL       Lock Asset Class

    ANHAL  RAVCLUST       Maintain Cutoff Value Key

    ANKA   RAMUST03       Directory of asset classes

    ANKL   AWIZ_ANKL      Generate Asset Classes

    ANK0   RAVCLUST       Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Asset Class Data

    ANK1   RAVCLUST       Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Control Specif.

    ANK2   RAVCLUST       Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Allocations

    ANK3   RAVCLUST       Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Net Worth Valuat.

    ANK4   RAVCLUST       Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Insurance Data

    ANVEST RAVCLUST       Maintain Investment Support Measure

    AOBK   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/Reduction rules

    AOLA   RAVC0ALA       Master Data Tab

    AO21   RAVCLUST       Screen layout for deprec. areas

    AO33   RAVCLUST       Net worth tax field selection

    AO42   RAVCLUST       Insurance field selection

    AO51   RAVCLUST       Leasing field selection

    AO67   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

    AO68   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

    AO73   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

    AO74   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

    AO75   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

    AO76   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

    AO77   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

    AO78   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

    AO79   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

    AO80   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

    AO81   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

    AO82   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

    AO83   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

    AO88   RAVCLUST       Acct.Assignmt for Investment Suppor

    AO91   RACSTABL       Specify field group authorization

    AO92   RACSTABL       Logical field groups

    ARKO   RVEXARIN       KOBRA: Archiving

    ARQ0   RAQUER01       FIAA - Ad hoc reports

    ARTE   RWARTREPL      Replace Articles in Layout Modules

    ART0   RATREE00       FIAA - Info system

    AR01   RABEST_ALV01   Call Asset List

    AR02   RAGITT_ALV01   Call Up Asset History Sheet

    AR03   RAHAFA_ALV01   Call Up Depreciation List

    AR04   RAKAFA_ALV01   Call Up Depreciation + Interest Lis

    AR05   RAZUGA_ALV01   Call Up Asset Acquisition List

    AR06   RAABGA_ALV01   Call Up Asset Retirement List

    AR07   RAUMBU_ALV01   Call Up Asset Transfer List

    AR08   RABIKA_ALV01   Call Up Depreciation Compare List

    AR09   RAVERM_ALV01   Call Up Property List

    AR10   RAVERS_ALV01   Call Up Insurance List

    AR11   RAINZU10       Investment Grants

    AR11N  RAINZU10N      Investment Grants

    AR12   RAANLA_ALV01   Call Up Asset Directory

    AR13   RAKOPL02       Call Up Prim. Cost Plan. Dep./Int.

    AR14   RAMAFA_ALV01   Call Up Manual Depreciation List

    AR15   RAAEND01       Changes to Master Record

    AR16   RAAEND02       Changes to Asset Classes

    AR17   RALEAS01       Call Up Leasing Liability List

    AR18   RASIMU02       Call Up Depr.Simulation

    AR19   RAHERK01       Call Up List of Origins

    AR20   RAUSAG_ALV01   Retirement comparison

    AR21   RAUSMQ10       Mid-quarter Alert Report

    AR22   RAUSAG_ALV04   Analysis of retirment revenue

    AR23   RAITAR01       Italy: Asset register

    AR24   RAITAR02       Italy: Assets at 3rd party

    AR25   RAGAFA_ALV01   Depreciation posted

    AR26   RASOPO_ALV01   Call up special reserve list

    AR27   RAKOMP_ALV01   Call up: Group asset list

    AR28   RAHIST02       Call up asset history

    AR29   RAAUFW01       FI-AA Manual Revaluation

    AR29N  RAAUFW02       Re- and New Valuation of Assets

    AR30   RAWORK01       Display Worklist

    AR31   RAWORK10       Edit Worklist

    AR32   RABEST_ALV01   Call Create Worklist

    AR32N  RABEST_ALV01   Call Create Worklist

    AS_AFB SAPLAS_AFB     Archive File Browser

    ASCC   SAPLASEL       Assets on My Cost Center - GUI Vers

    ASEM   SAPLASEL       My assets

    ASIM   SAPLAMDP_OLD   Simulation of asset posting

    ASKB   RAPERB00       Periodic Asset Postings

    ASKBN  RAPERB2000     Periodic APC Posting Run

    ASMN   MENUASMN       Asset Master Menu

    AS01   SAPLAIST       Create Asset Master Record

    AS02   SAPLAIST       Change Asset Master Record

    AS03   SAPLAIST       Display Asset Master Record

    AS04   SAPMA01A       Asset Changes

    AS05   SAPLAIST       Block Asset Master Record

    AS06   SAPLAIST       Delete Asset Record/Mark for Delet.

    AS08   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges:Asset Number

    AS100  SAPMALSMEX     Legacy Data Transfer using Excel

    AS11   SAPLAIST       Create Asset Subnumber

    AS21   SAPLAIST       Create Group Asset

    AS22   SAPLAIST       Change Group Asset

    AS23   SAPLAIST       Display Group Asset

    AS24   SAPLAIST       Create Group Asset Subnumber

    AS25   SAPLAIST       Block group asset

    AS26   SAPLAIST       Mark group asset for deletion

    AS81   SAPLAIST       Create Old Group Assets Data

    AS82   SAPLAIST       Change old group asset

    AS83   SAPLAIST       Display old group asset

    AS84   SAPLAIST       Create legacy group asset subnumber

    AS91   SAPLAIST       Create Old Asset

    AS92   SAPLAIST       Change Old Asset

    AS93   SAPLAIST       Display Old Asset

    AS94   SAPLAIST       Create Legacy Asset Subnumber

    ATPS   SAPLATPS       ATP Check: Send Customizing

    ATRA   SAPMS38T       ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis

    AT01   SAPLAIST       Create Asset Master Record (old)

    AT02   SAPLAIST       Change Asset Master Record (old)

    AT03   SAPLAIST       Display Asset Master Record (old)

    AT11   SAPLAIST       Create Asset Subnumber (Old)

    AT21   SAPLAIST       Create Group Asset (old)

    AT22   SAPLAIST       Change Group Asset (old)

    AT23   SAPLAIST       Display Group Asset (old)

    AT24   SAPLAIST       Create Group Asset Sub-Number (old)

    AT81   SAPLAIST       Create Old Group Asset (old)

    AT82   SAPLAIST       Change Old Group Asset (old)

    AT83   SAPLAIST       Display Old Group Asset (old)

    AT84   SAPLAIST       Display Old Group Asset Sub-No.(old

    AT91   SAPLAIST       Create Old Asset (old)

    AT92   SAPLAIST       Change Old Asset (old)

    AT93   SAPLAIST       Display Old Asset (old)

    AT94   SAPLAIST       Create Old Asset Sub-Number (old)

    AUFW   RAVCLUST       Maintain Revaluation Measures

    AUN0   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary

    AUN1   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary

    AUN10  RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary

    AUN11  RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary

    AUN2   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary

    AUN3   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary

    AUN4   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary

    AUN5   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary

    AUN6   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary

    AUN7   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary

    AUN8   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary

    AUN9   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary

    AUT01  AUT_CUST01     Configuration of Logging

    AUT03  AUT_CUST01     Display Configuration

    AUT04  AUT_CUST_DEL04 Configuration of Long Text Logs

    AUT05  AUT_DEL05      Deletion of Long Texts

    AUT10  AUT_REP10      Evaluation of Audit Trail

    AUVA   RAUNVA00       FI-AA Incomplete Assets

    AWW1   SAPMAWW1       Start asset information via ALEWEB

    AW01   AW01N          Asset Explorer

    AW01N  AW01N          Asset Explorer

    AXPD   RXPDANALYSIS   Progress Tracking Evaluations

    BALA   MENUBALA       ALE Application menu

    BALD   MENUBALD       ALE Development

    BALE   MENUBALE       Area Menu for Administration

    BALM   MENUBALM       ALE Master data

    BAPI   SAPLSBF_BW     BAPI Explorer

    BAPIW  SAPLSBF_BW     BAPI Explorer


    BAUP   RFBVALL_0      Bank Data Transfer

    BA10   SAPBAL10       Subsystem Configuration

    BBPS   SAPMBBPS       EBP Order Status Tracking


    BCA0   MENUBCA0       BP: Business Partner - Applic.Cust.

    BCG7   MBARCBSP       Bar chart: Call model graphic

    BC15   SAPMSNUM       No. Range Maint.: BP_PARTNR Partner


    BDA5   RBDSEDOC       Distribute documents

    BDBG   SAPLBDBG       Create ALE Interface for BAPI

    BDBP   SAPLBDBH       Hierarchy maintenance of BAPI param

    BDBR   SAPLDX_REGISTRARegister BAPI for Data Transfer

    BDBS   SAPLBDMP       Generate coding for mapping

    BDCP   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ALE_CP

    BDC5   RBDCUS70       Consistency of Customizing Data

    BDD5   RBDCUS71       Application Consistency Check

    BDFDF  RBDFEFUND      Request Fund

    BDFDS  RBDSEFUND      Send fund

    BDFG   SAPLBDFG       ALE Interfaces from Function Module

    BDLR   SAPLDX_REGISTRARegistration of transfer program

    BDLS   RBDLSMAP       Convert Logical System Names

    BDLSS  SAPLBDLS       Converting Logical System Names

    BDMC   RBDMCCOP       Upload info structures

    BDMO   RBDMONI4       ALE CCMS Group Administration

    BDM2   RBDMOIN8       Monitoring: IDocs in Receiving Sys.

    BDM5   RBDCUS19       Technical Consistency Check

    BDM6   RBDMOINF       Monitor: Check input workflow

    BDM7   RBDAUD01       ALE Audit: statistical analyses

    BDM8   RBDSTATE       ALE Audit: Sending the confirmation

    BDM9   RBDAUD02       Reorganizing the audit database

    BDN1   BDSFIND_1      Business Document Service: Document

    BDRC   SAPLBDRC       ALE: Determine Recovery Objects

    BDRL   RBDRCOBJ       ALE: Process recovery objects

    BDR1   RBDRCLOG       Display application log for recover

    BDR2   RBDRCCLR       Reorganization of recovery data

    BDTP   SAPLBDDISTMODELBusiness Process- Maintain Template

    BDWE02 RBDSTARTWE02   Call we02

    BDXA   RBDCUS48       Distribution of Distribution Groups

    BDXD   RBDCUS47       Import of ALE Requests

    BDXE   RBDCUS44       Generation of ALE Requests

    BDXI   RBDCUS51       Model Display (Specific)

    BDXJ   SAPLBAL2       Maintenance of Distribution Groups

    BDXK   RBDCUS40       Convert CONDAT Objects in Dist.Grou

    BDXL   RBDCUS57       Forward ALE Requests

    BDXM   RBDCUS58       Analysis of Log Table

    BDXN   RBDCUS59       Analyze Inbound Log Table

    BDXQ   RBDCUS64       IMG Display of Distribution Groups

    BD10   RBDSEMAT       Send Material

    BD100  RBDIDOCCHAN    IDoc display object channel view

    BD101  RBDSERCHECK    Consistency check

    BD11   RBDFEMAT       Get Material

    BD12   RBDSEDEB       Send customer

    BD13   RBDFEDEB       Get customer

    BD14   RBDSECRE       Send vendor

    BD15   RBDFECRE       Open vendor

    BD16   RBDSECOS       Send Cost Center

    BD17   RBDFECOS       Get Cost Center

    BD18   RBDSEGLM       Send General Ledger Account

    BD19   RBDFEGLM       Get General Ledger Account

    BD20   RBDAPP01       IDoc passed to application

    BD21   RBDMIDOC       Select change pointer

    BD22   RBDCPCLR       Delete change pointers

    BD23   RBDSRCLR       Delete serialization data

    BD24   RBDSECOE       Send Cost Elements

    BD25   RBDSECOA       Send Activity Type

    BD26   RBDFECOA       Get Activity Type

    BD27   RBDSEACT       Send cost center activity prices

    BD28   RBDSECOK       Send obj/cost element control data

    BD30   RBDSEBOM       Distribute material object list

    BD31   RBDSEBMD       Distribute document object list

    BD32   RBDSEPAM       Distribute plant allocations(matBOM

    BD33   RBDSESTT       Distribute material variants (ALE)

    BD34   RBDSEORD       Distribute order BOM

    BD35   RGSALEBP       Send Business Process Groups

    BD36   RBDSEBPS       Send Business Processes

    BD37   RBDSEBPT       Send Business Process Price

    BD40   RBDSER01       Read change pointer for group

    BD41   RBDSER02       Dispatch IDocs for group

    BD42   RBDSER03       Check IDocs for group

    BD43   RBDSER04       Post IDocs for group

    BD53   RBDIDOCR       Reduction of Message Types

    BD61   RBDTBDA1       Activate Change Pointers - Generall

    BD62   SAPMKCDB       Define Segment Conversion Rule

    BD63   RBDCUS02       Transport ALE Tables of Message Typ

    BD64   SAPLBDDISTMODELMaintenance of Distribution Model

    BD70   RBDCUS03       Synchronize Number Ranges

    BD72   RBDEVACT       Activate Events

    BD73   RBDMANIN       Reposting of IDocs (ALE)

    BD75   RBDMOIND       Convert IDoc Status

    BD77   RBDTRAN1       Distribution of control data

    BD78   RBDTRAN2       Monitoring control data distributio

    BD79   SAPMBKCD       Maintain IDoc Conversion Rules

    BD82   RBDCUS15       Generate Partner Profiles

    BD83   RBDAGAIN       Send IDocs after an ALE error

    BD84   RBDAGAI2       Post IDocs after ALE error

    BD85   RBDCUS23       Consistency check for transfer

    BD86   RBDCUS26       Consistency check for sales

    BD87   RBDMON00       Status Monitor for ALE Messages

    BD89   RBDCUS31       Control data model. - initial scree

    BD91   RBDSECHR       Send Characteristic

    BD92   RBDSECLS       Send Class

    BD93   RBDSECLF       Send Classification

    BD97   RBDSDEST       Assign RFC dest. to Logical Systems

    BD98   RBDCONCH       Consistency Check Workflow Connectn

    BERE   RFOPFI00       Business Event Repository

    BERP   RFOPFI01       Business Processes

    BERPC  RFOPFI01       Business Processes

    BGMN   MENUBGMN       Warranty Processing

    BGM1   SAPLBG00       Create Master Warranty

    BGM2   SAPLBG00       Change Master Warranty

    BGM3   SAPLBG00       Display Master Warranty

    BGM6   SAPLBG00       Warranty Entry for Technical Object

    BG00   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: BGMK_NR

    BIBS   SAPLEXAMPLE_ENTExamples of User Interface Design

    BIBU   SAPMBIBU       Test Transaction User Interface

    BIC    RFBVBIC_0      Transfer Bank Data from BIC Databas

    BKDR   SAPLKCD0       Maintain transfer rules

    BKDS   BKD_START      Sender Structure Maintenance

    BMBC   RVBBINCO       Batch Information Cockpit

    BMCC   RVBCUOBJ       Integrity Check for Batch Classif.

    BMCHCL SAPMMCHCL      Batch Class Conversion

    BMC1   RVBM00LT       Create Class (Class Type 'BATCH')

    BMC2   RVBM00LT       Change Class (Class type 'BATCH')

    BMC3   RVBM00LT       Display Class (Class Type 'BATCH')

    BMSM   RVBSTMRK       Update the standard features

    BMVN   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: DI_JOBID

    BMV0   RBMVSHOW       Manage Data Transfers

    BM00   MENUBM00       Batch Management

    BP     SAPLBUPA_DIALOGMaintain Business Partner

    BPB1   BPREP001       Evaluation of Business Partner/Role

    BPB2   BPREP002       Evaluation of Business Parter Data

    BPB4   BPREP003       Evaluation of Partner Relationships

    BPCA   CHDOC_ENTRY    Partner:Change Documents - Addresse

    BPCD   CHDOC_ENTRY    Business Partner: Change Documents

    BPCF   RFTBPCD1       TRGP: Change Documents

    BPCG   RFTBPCD2       TRGP: Change Documents Addresses

    BPC1   SAPMBP01       Create Business Partner

    BPC2   SAPMBP01       Change Business Partner

    BPC3   SAPMBP01       Display Business Partner

    BPC4   SAPMBP01       Create Bus. Partner Using Reference

    BPC5   SAPMBP01       Change Business Partner - Copy

    BPMD   RAVC0ALA       Master Data Tab

    BPMDCS RAVC0ALA       Master Data Tab

    BPMDFI RAVC0ALA       Customer Company Code Master Data

    BPMDGD RAVC0ALA       Master Data Tab

    BPMDSD RAVC0ALA       Customer Company Code Master Data

    BP0    SAPLBUPA_DIALOGBusiness Partner; Initial Screen

    BRF    BRF_SCREEN_STARBusiness Rule Framework

    BRFU01 BRF_MAINTENANCEBRF: Compare SAPscript Texts

    BSVV   SAPMBSVW       Parameterizable status workflow evn

    BSVW   RSBSVW01       Linkage Status Update-Workflow Even

    BSV1   RBSVDISP       Where-used list for transaction

    BSV2   RBSVDISP       Where-used list for system status

    BSV3   RBSVDISP       Where-used list for object type

    BSV4   RBSVDISP       Status Profile Overview

    BS02   SAPMBSVA       Maintain status profiles

    BS03   SAPMBSVA       Display status profiles

    BS12   SAPMBSVB       Maintain object types

    BS13   SAPMBSVB       Display object types

    BS22   SAPMBSVB       Maintain system status

    BS23   SAPMBSVB       Display system status

    BS32   SAPMBSVB       Maintain processes

    BS33   SAPMBSVB       Display processes

    BUA1   BUSSTART       Create contact person

    BUA2   BUSSTART       Change contact person

    BUA3   BUSSTART       Display contact person

    BUBD   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Applications

    BUBE   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Views

    BUBF   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Sections

    BUBG   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Screens

    BUBH   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Screen Seq. Variants

    BUBI   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Events

    BUBJ   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: GUI Standard Functions

    BUBK   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: GUI Addl Functions

    BUBL   BUSVIEWS       BuPR:Assgn Scr.Field->Database Fiel

    BUBM   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Tables

    BUBN   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Field Groups

    BUBO   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Field Grouping (Criteria)

    BUBP   BUPRELVW       BuPR: Field Grping Using Rel. Cat.

    BUBQ   BUPRELVW       BuPR: Field Grp. Using Role Def.Cat

    BUBR   BUSVIEWS       BP: Field Grpg Via Activity (Cust)

    BUBV   BUPRELDI       BP: Maintenance Without Dialog

    BUBW   BUBFILED       BP: Generate Test File (DI)

    BUBX   BUSVIEWS       BP: Activities

    BUBY   BUSVIEWS       BP: Field Grpg via Activity (Ctrl)

    BUBZ   BUSVIEWS       BP: External Applications

    BUB1   BUPRELCR       BuPR: Create BP relationship

    BUB2   BUPRELSU       BuPR: Change BP relationship

    BUB3   BUPRELSU       BuPR: Display BP relationship

    BUB4   BUPRELCR       BuPR: Create BP role definition

    BUB5   BUPRELSU       BuPR: Change BP role definition

    BUB6   BUPRELSU       BuPR: Display BP role definition

    BUB9   SAPMSNUM       BuPR: No. range maintenance: BP rel

    BUCF   SAPMSNUM       BP Cust: Number Ranges

    BUCG   BUSVIEWS       BP Cust: BP Role Field Grouping

    BUCH   BUSVIEWS       BP Cust: Field Grouping Activity

    BUCJ   BUSVIEWS       BP Cust: Authorization Types

    BUCN   BUSVIEWS       BP Cust: Field Grps f. Authorizatio

    BUCO   BUSVIEWS       BP-Cust: Screen Configuration

    BUCP   BUSVIEWS       BP-Cust: Fld.modif.exter.applicatio

    BUCS   BUSVIEWS       BP-Cust: Notes on Roles

    BUCU   BUSVIEWS       BP Cust: Where-Used List

    BUCV   BUSVIEWS       BP Cust. Field Grouping Appl.Object

    BUG1   BUSSTART       Create Business Partner; General

    BUG2   BUSSTART       Change Business Partner; General

    BUG3   BUSSTART       Display Business Partner; General

    BUG4   BUSSTART       Bus. partner general deletion flag

    BUI1   BUSSTART       Create Inter. Party

    BUI2   BUSSTART       Change Prospect

    BUI3   BUSSTART       Display Prospect

    BUMR   MENUBUMR       BP Relationships: Config. Menu

    BUM1   BUSSTART       Create Employee (BP)

    BUM2   BUSSTART       Change Employee (BP)

    BUM3   BUSSTART       Display Employee (BP)

    BUNA   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint: BP_PADRNR

    BUPT   MENUBUPT       Business Partner Configuration Menu

    BUP0   BUSSTART       BDT; Multiple Call (Funct. Grp BUSS

    BUP1   BUSSTART       Create Business Partner

    BUP2   BUSSTART       Change Business Partner

    BUP3   BUSSTART       Display Business Partner

    BUSB   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Assign Screen Field->DB Field

    BUSC   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Field Grouping Criteria

    BUSD   BUSVIEWS       BDT: BP Roles

    BUSE   BUSVIEWS       BDT: BP Role Groupings

    BUSF   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Application Transactions

    BUSG   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Tables

    BUSH   BUSVIEWS       BDT: External applications

    BUSI   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Activities

    BUSJ   BUSVIEWS       BP Control: FuncMod. Activity (Ctrl

    BUSO   BUPVIEWS       BP Cust: BP Cat. Field Grouping

    BUSP   BUSCRCNT       Generate Screen Containers

    BUS1   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Applications

    BUS10  BUSVIEWS       BDT: Search Help

    BUS11  BUSVIEWS       BDT: Assgn BAPI Field to Field Grou

    BUS2   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Field Groups

    BUS23  BUSVIEWS       BP Tax: Data Sets

    BUS3   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Views

    BUS4   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Sections

    BUS5   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Screens

    BUS6   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Screen Sequences

    BUS7   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Events

    BUS8   BUSVIEWS       BDT: GUI Standard Functions

    BUS9   BUSVIEWS       BDT: GUI Additional Functions

    BUTI   BUPTDARK       Update Without Dialog

    BUTJ   BUPFILED       Generate Test File (DI)

    BV01   SAPMF69N       BAV Transfer/Securities Init. Scree

    BV02   SAPMF69N       BAV Transfer / Loans Initial Screen

    BV03   SAPMF69N_CORE  BAV Trnsfr / Real Estate Init.Scree

    BV11   SAPMF69N       BAV Display / Securities Init.Scree

    BV12   SAPMF69N       BAV Display / Loans Initial Screen

    BV13   SAPMF69N_CORE  BAV Display/ Real Estate Init.Scree

    BWCA   SAPLBW05       SAPoffice: Internet Calendar

    BWOM02 BWOMSHIERDISPLABCT-CO: Displ/Check Report Row Hier

    BWSP   SAPLBW02       SAPoffice: WWW

    BWST   SAPLPSST       Gener. DataSource for BW Status Obj

    BW01   RGUCBIW0_PI    Generate FI-SL Extract Structure

    BW03   RGUCBIW1_PI    Assign DataSource/Ledger

    BW07   RPHASETS       BW20PI: Gen. SET Hierarchies for BW

    BW09   RPHALPRH       BW20PI: Product Hierarchy for SAP B

    BW10   RPHALGEN       BW20PI: Log. Gen. Hierarchy for BW

    BYPASS RFTP_GDS_BYPASSBypass for All Reservation Systems

    B1B2   RPCYERK3       Create Magnetic Media files

    CAAT   RVFTCAAT       Foreign Trade Atrium

    CAA0   SAPMC27V       Process instr. usage in recipes

    CAA5   SAPMC27V       Mass replace proc.instr. in mst.rcp

    CACS   CACSMENUE      Commission System: Main Menu

    CACS_A RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree

    CACS_B RKDBAT02       Maintain Batch Variants

    CACS_C SAPMKCIC       Manage Comments for Commissions

    CACS_D RKDREPDV       Distribute Report

    CACS_G RKE_CALL_VC_TKEComn Report Characteristics Groups

    CACS_H SAPMKXHI       Maintain hierarchy

    CACS_J RKCHINOD       Maintain Hierarchy Nodes

    CACS_K RKDMKCIK       Maintain Key Figures

    CACS_M SAPMKCB9       Test Monitor Drilldown Commissions

    CACS_O RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports

    CACS_P RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms

    CACS_Q RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000

    CACS_R RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000

    CACS_S RKDSTRUC       Display Structure

    CACS_T RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown

    CACS_U SAPMKCB9       Convert drilldown reports

    CACS_V RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable

    CACS_W SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type

    CACS_X RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports

    CACS_Y RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data

    CACS_Z RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms

    CACS_0 SAPMKCEE       Execute Report

    CACS_1 SAPMKCEE       Create Report

    CACS_2 SAPMKCEE       Change Report

    CACS_3 SAPMKCEE       Display Report

    CACS_4 SAPMKES1       Create Form

    CACS_5 SAPMKES1       Change Form

    CACS_6 SAPMKES1       Display Form

    CACS_7 SAPMKEFB       Maintain Authorization Obj. Present

    CACS_8 SAPMKEFB       Display Authorization Obj.Presentat

    CAC0   MENUCAC0       Master recipe menu

    CAC2   SAPLBZFC       Time Sheet: Field Selection

    CAC7   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: CATS

    CAC8   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: CATS_INTR

    CADE   RCATSDEL       CATS: Delete Transaction Data

    CADO   CATSSHOW       Time Sheet: Display Data

    CANM   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ROUTING_M

    CANR   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ROUTING_R

    CAOR   CATSSHOW       Display Report (Structure-Related)

    CAPP   CATSSHOW       CATS: Object-Related Approval

    CAPS   RCATSC01       Approve Times: Master Data

    CATA   RCATSTAL       Transfer to Target Components

    CATC   RCATSCMP       Time Sheet: Time Leveling

    CATI   MENUCATI       CATS: Cross-Application Time

    CATM   SAPLMLCT       Selection From Time Recording

    CATP   MENUCATP       CATS: Cross-Application Time

    CATR   RCATSRIF       Reorganize Interface Tables

    CATS   MENUCATS       CATS: Cross-Application Time

    CATSWF RCATSB01       CATS Workflow

    CATSXC RCATSXT_START_CCustomizing: CATS for Service Prov.

    CATSXT RCATSXT_START_TCATS for Service Providers

    CATW   SAPLCATS_ITS   Record Working Time

    CAT2   SAPLCATS       Time Sheet: Maintain Times

    CAT3   SAPLCATS       Time Sheet: Display Times

    CAT4   RCATSA01       CATS: Approve Data

    CAT5   RCATSTPS       Data Transfer CATS -> PS

    CAT6   RPTEXTPT       Transfer External -> Time Managemen

    CAT7   RCATSTCO       CATS: Transfer Data to CO

    CAT8   RCATSBEL       Time Sheet: Document Display

    CAT9   RCATSTPM       Data Transfer CATS -> PM/CS

    CA00   MENUCA00       Routing Menu

    CA01   SAPLCPDI       Create Routing

    CA02   SAPLCPDI       Change Routing

    CA03   SAPLCPDI       Display Routing

    CA10   SAPLC0VL       Std. Text for Task List/Order

    CA11   SAPLCPDI       Create Reference Operation Set

    CA12   SAPLCPDI       Change Reference Operation Set

    CA13   SAPLCPDI       Display Reference Operation Set

    CA21   SAPLCPDI       Create Rate Routing

    CA22   SAPLCPDI       Change Rate Routing

    CA23   SAPLCPDI       Display Rate Routing

    CA31   SAPLCPDI       Create Reference Rate Routing

    CA32   SAPLCPDI       Change Reference Rate Routing

    CA33   SAPLCPDI       Display Reference Rate Routing

    CA51   RCPDRK00       Print Rtg/Ref.Op.Set; Fields Fixed

    CA60   RMPLAN00       Changes in Routings/Ref. Op. Sets

    CA61   RCPCD002       Change Documents for Routing

    CA62   RCPCD003       Documents for Ref. Op. Sets

    CA63   RCPCD004       Change documents for rate routings

    CA64   RCPCD005       Change documents for ref. rate rtgs

    CA70   SAPMC27V       PRT Where-Used Lists

    CA72   SAPMC27V       PRT Where-used Lists: EquipTL Types

    CA73   SAPMC27V       Standard Networks for PRT

    CA75   SAPMC27V       Mass Replace PRT

    CA75N  CP_PRT_MASS_CHAMass Change:Production Resource/Too

    CA77   SAPMC27V       Bulk Replacemt PRT: Equip.TL Type

    CA78   SAPMC27V       PRT Mass replacemt. in libr.network

    CA80   SAPMC27V       Use of Work Center in Task Lists

    CA81   SAPMC27V       Master recipe usage and resources

    CA82   SAPMC27V       Where-used Lists EQUI Work Center

    CA83   SAPMC27V       Standard Networks for Work Center

    CA85   SAPMC27V       Replace Work Center in Task Lists

    CA85N  CP_OPR_MASS_CHAMass replacement: work center

    CA86   SAPMC27V       Master recipe: replace resources

    CA87   SAPMC27V       Mass Replace EQUI Work Center

    CA88   SAPMC27V       Mass replace wrk. cntr. in lib.netw

    CA90   SAPMC27V       Use of Ref. Op. Set in Routings

    CA95   SAPMC27V       Replace Ref. Op. Set in Task Lists

    CA95N  CP_REF_TSK_MASSMass Change:Ref.OperationSet Ref.

    CA96   SAPLCPSR       Update material master

    CA97   SAPLCP13       Mass scheduling using mat. master

    CA97N  RCPMAU03       Material Master Update - New

    CA98   RCPREDE2       Deletion of task lists

    CBCMOD RCCBPC_0001    Maintain SCP model

    CBDE   RMAFRUSY       PDC records with system errors

    CBHR11 BUSSTART       EHS-INT: Create External Person

    CBHR12 BUSSTART       EHS-INT: Change External Person

    CBHR13 BUSSTART       EHS-INT: Display External Person

    CBHR21 BUSSTART       EHS-INT: Create Authority

    CBHR22 BUSSTART       EHS-INT: Change Authority

    CBHR23 BUSSTART       EHS-INT: Display Authority

    CBIHM2 SAPLCBIH_MP00  EHS: Edit Measurement Projects

    CBIHM3 SAPLCBIH_MP00  EHS: Display Measurement Projects





    CBIHT4 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - PB20 Applicant Master




    CBIH00 MENUCBIH00     Industrial Hygiene and Safety

    CBIH02 SAPLCBIH_WA00  EHS: Edit Work Area

    CBIH03 SAPLCBIH_WA00  EHS: Display Work Area

    CBIH12 SAPLCBIH_ER00  EHS: Edit Risk Assessment

    CBIH13 SAPLCBIH_ER00  EHS: Display Risk Assessment

    CBIH14 SAPLCBIH_ER10  EHS: Amount Overview

    CBIH42 SAPLCBIH_PT00  EHS: Edit Pattern

    CBIH43 SAPLCBIH_PT00  EHS: Display Pattern

    CBIH50 REHS_OBJ_STATUSEHS: Information on Permitted Statu

    CBIH51 RCBIH_QUESTCATAEHS: Call Question Catalog

    CBIH52 RCBIH_QUESTIONNEHS: Call General Questionnaire

    CBIH72 SAPLCBIH_FA00  EHS: Change Injury/Illness Log Entr

    CBIH73 SAPLCBIH_FA00  EHS: Display Inj./Illness Log Entry

    CBIH82 SAPLCBIH_IA00  EHS: Change Inc./Acc. Log Entry

    CBIH83 SAPLCBIH_IA00  EHS: Display Inc./Acc. Log Entry

    CBIH88 SAPLCBIH_ER12  EHS: Data Transfer for Amounts

    CBIH89 SAPLCBIH_IA10  EHS: Injury/Illn.Log Data Transfer

    CBIH92 RMWBP00        Agent Workbench

    CBMRP  SAPLCBPMRP     CBP requirements planning

    CBP    MENUCBP        Constraint Based Planning Workbench

    CBPV   SAPBPCPV       Uploading PDC messages

    CBP1   RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MMRP master data download

    CBP2   RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MMRP transactional data download

    CBP3   RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MSOP master data download

    CBP4   RCCBP_MRP_MODELStart inintialization (MRP)

    CBP5   RCCBP_SOP_PLANNDisplay ext. Planning Log SOP

    CBP6   RCCBP_SOP_MODELStart SOP ext. Planning Model Init

    CBP7   RCCBP_SOP_MODELUpdate SOP ext. Planning

    CBWAMD MENUCBWAMD     Waste Management Master Data

    CBWA00 MENUCBWA00     Area Menu Waste Management

    CB23   SAPBPR52       Download of Master Tables for CC5

    CB25   SAPBPR54       Upload Request CC5

    CB32   SAPBPM31       Initial Download of Orders via CC3

    CB33   SAPBPM32       Download of Master Tables via CC3

    CB34   SAPBPM33       Delta Download of Orders via CC3

    CB35   SAPBPM34       Upload request for CC3

    CB37   SAPBPS41       Initial Download of Activities CC4

    CB38   SAPBPS42       Master data download CC4

    CB39   SAPBPS43       Delta download of activities CC4

    CB40   SAPBPS44       Upload request for CC4

    CB42   SAPBPP21       Initial Download of Orders via CC2

    CB43   SAPBPP22       Transfer of master data via CC2

    CB44   SAPBPP23       Delta Download of Orders via CC2

    CB45   SAPBPP24       Upload request for CC2

    CCAC   R_CLEAR_CAC    Reset Set-Get Parameter CAC

    CCF1   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Error Management

    CCF2   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Error Management

    CCF3   SAPMV13B       Display Message: Error Management

    CCM2   SAPLCCM_CFG_CONConfiguration Control Workbench

    CCR    RFPM_CUST_CHECKCustomizing Check Report

    CCTM   TECHS_MAINTAIN Maintain Standard Variant

    CCV2   SAPMV13B       Change Output: Document Management

    CCW1   SAPLCCWF       Task-specific Workflow Customizing

    CC00   MENUCC00       Engineering Change Management Menu

    CC01   SAPMC29C       Create Change Master

    CC02   SAPMC29C       Change Change Master

    CC03   SAPMC29C       Display Change Master

    CC04   SAPLCPDMOBJECTBDisplay Product Structure

    CC05   RCC00500       Change overview

    CC06   RCC00800       Flip trace protocoll for user

    CC07   RCC01000       Engineering Change Mgmt information

    CC11   SAPLCCIN       Create Material Revision Level

    CC12   SAPLCCIN       Change Material Revision Level

    CC13   SAPLCCIN       Display Material Revision Level

    CC15   SAPLCCIN       Change Document Revision Level

    CC16   SAPLCCIN       Display Document Revision Level

    CC22   SAPMC29C       Change Object Management Records

    CC23   SAPMC29C       Display Object Management Record

    CC31   SAPMC29C       Create Change Request

    CC32   SAPMC29C       Change Change Request

    CC33   SAPMC29C       Display Change Request

    CC60   RCC00600       Browser hierarchy

    CC62   RCC00602       Conversion of change packages

    CC90   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for change numbers

    CC92   RCCSEECM       Distribute change number

    CC93   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: TECHS


    CEMN   MENUCEMN       Cost Element Accounting

    CES1   SAPMGSBM       Create Set (Resource Planning)

    CES2   SAPMGSBM       Change Set (Resource Planning)

    CES3   SAPMGSBM       Display Set (Resource Planning)

    CES4   SAPMGSBM       Delete Set (Resource Planning)

    CEVF   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for CAPP formulas

    CEVM   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for CAPP methods

    CEVV   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for CAPP processes

    CEV1   SAPMGSGM       Create value variable(res. planning

    CEV2   SAPMGSGM       Change value variable (res.planning

    CEV3   SAPMGSGM       Display value variable(res.planning

    CEV4   SAPMGSGM       Delete value variable (res.planning

    CEWB   SAPLCPRC       PP: Engineering Workbench

    CEWO   CM_WORKBENCH   CE: Structure of product folder

    CE00   MENUCE00       Menu: CAPP-based calc. of std.value

    CE01   SAPLCEU1       CEP: View

    CE02   SAPLCEU1       CEP: Transfer

    CE03   SAPLCEU1       CEP: Review

    CE11   SAPMCEVF       Create standard value formula

    CE12   SAPMCEVF       Change standard value formula

    CE13   SAPMCEVF       Display standard value formula

    CE16   RCCEVU08       Use of CAPP elements (single-level)

    CE21   SAPMCEVM       Create standard value method

    CE22   SAPMCEVM       Change standard value method

    CE23   SAPMCEVM       Display standard value method

    CE31   SAPMCEVV       Create standard value process

    CE32   SAPMCEVV       Change standard value process

    CE33   SAPMCEVV       Display standard value process

    CE41   SAPMCEVS       Simulate calculation of std. values

    CFC6   RCIFLOGC       Configuration of CIF Application Lo

    CFC9   RCIFAPS2       Target-System-Ind. Settings in CIF

    CFE01  CFX_BI_TAB_TO_CExport Documents to cFolders

    CFE02  CFX_BI_BOM_EXPOExport Objects to cFolders

    CFGD   RDELALOG       Delete Application Log Entries

    CFG1   RSHOWLOG       Display CIF Application Log

    CFG3   CIF_APPL_LOG_SEFind in Application Log

    CFI01  CFX_BI_TAB_FROMImport Documents from cFolders

    CFI02  CFX_BI_BOM_IMPOImport Objects from cFolders

    CFM1   RIMODGEN       Create Integration Model

    CFM2   RIMODACT       Manually Activate Integration Model

    CFM3   RIMODAC2       Activate Integration Models (Bkgd)

    CFM4   RIMODOUT       Display Integration Models

    CFM5   RIMODSRH       Integration Model Object Search

    CFM6   RIMODMOD       Modify Integration Model

    CFM7   RIMODDEL       Delete Integration Model

    CFNA   SAPMSNUM       Maintain PRT number range: FHM_CRFH

    CFO3   RCIF_TCX00V    Scheduling Parameters in APO CIF

    CFP1   RCPTRANS       Analyze and Send Changes

    CFP2   RCPQUEUE       Analyze and Send Changes

    CFP3   RSPPMCHG       CIF: PPM Transfer of Data Changes

    CFP4   RSPPMDEL       Delete PPM Change Pointer

    CFS0   RSTRFCQR       Display Serialization Channels

    CF00   MENUCF00       Prod. Resources/Tools Master Menu

    CF01   SAPMCFST       Create Production Resource/Tool

    CF02   SAPMCFST       Change Production Resource/Tool

    CF03   SAPMCFST       Display Production Resources/Tools

    CF10   RCFCO110       PRT: Use of PRT master in prod.orde

    CF11   RCFCO120       PRT: Use of material in prod. order

    CF12   RCFCO130       PRT: Use of document in prod. order

    CF13   RCFCO140       PRT: Use of equipment in prod. orde

    CF15   RCFCO112       PRT: Use of PRT master in network

    CF16   RCFCO122       PRT: Use of material in network

    CF17   RCFCO132       PRT: Use of document in network

    CF18   RCFCO142       PRT: Use of piece of equip. in netw

    CF20   RCFCO111       PRT: Use of PRT master in orders

    CF21   RCFCO121       PRT: Use of material in orders

    CF22   RCFCO131       PRT: Use of document in orders

    CF23   RCFCO141       PRT: Use of pc. of equip. in orders

    CF25   RIAUFK20       PRT: PRT Master Usage in PM Order

    CF26   RIAUFK20       PRT: Material Usage in PM Orders

    CF27   RIAUFK20       PRT: Document Usage in PM Orders

    CF28   RIAUFK20       PRT: Equipment Usage in PM Order

    CGAB   SAPLC11E       EHS: Edit Phrase Set - Char. Assgmt

    CGAC   SAPLC11E       EHS: Display Phrase Set - Char. ***

    CGBB   RC161AW0       EHS: Initial generation of phr. set

    CGBC   RC1H0XLS       EHS: Load XLS Macro Spec Info Syste

    CGBD   RCBUI004       EHS: Copy units of measurement

    CGB5   SAPMSNUM       EHS: No. range maint.: SAP_CLASSR

    CGB6   SAPMSNUM       EHS: No. range maint.: SAP_CHARCR

    CGB7   RCBUI001       EHS: Char;Class;PropTree;ClientCopy

    CGB8   RCBUI003       EHS: Batch conversion of AUSP; KSSK

    CGB9   RC1XREG0       EHS: Conversion REG_EG -> REG_EU

    CGCL2  RMWBP00        Dangerous Goods Workbench

    CGCZ   RC14KCMP       Match Up Master Data

    CGE2   RMWBP00        Packaging Workbench

    CGQM   RC1DATAQMIP    Specify QM Interface

    CGSADM SAPLC1SVC      WWI and EH&S Expert Server Admin.

    CG00   MENUCG00       Basic Data Environment

    CG02   RMWBP00        Substance Workbench

    CG02BD RMWBP00        Specification Workbench

    CG05   SAPLC100       Distribute Specification

    CG1B   SAPLC119       Edit Phrase Sets

    CG1C   SAPLC119       Display Phrase Sets

    CG12   SAPLC110       Edit Phrases

    CG13   SAPLC110       Display Phrases

    CG2A   RC100TAC       Create Generation Variant

    CG2B   SAPLC12A       Edit Generation Variant

    CG2C   SAPLC12A       Display Generation Variant

    CG3A   RC1EXPSR       Check Source Export

    CG3B   RC1EXPPH       Check Phrase Export

    CG3C   RC1EXPSU       Check Specification Export

    CG3D   RC1EXPPT       Check Property Tree Export

    CG3E   RC1EXPLY       Check Report Template Export

    CG3F   RC1IMPSR       Check Source Import

    CG3G   RC1IMPPH       Check Phrase Import

    CG3H   RC1IMPSU       Check Specification Import

    CG3I   RC1IMPPT       Check Property Tree Import

    CG3J   RC1IMPRE       Check Report Import

    CG3K   RC1IMPLY       Check Report Template Import

    CG3L   RC1IMPBB       Check Import Log

    CG3Y   RC1TCG3Y       Download file

    CG3Z   RC1TCG3Z       Upload file

    CG31   SAPLC132       Import Phrases

    CG32   SAPLC133       Import Sources

    CG33   SAPLC134       Import Specifications

    CG34   SAPLC13E       Import Report Template

    CG35   SAPLC13C       Import Property Tree

    CG36   RC1RIMPS       Import Reports

    CG37   SAPLC1L7       Edit Worklist

    CG4B   SAPLC1D0       Edit Cover Sheet Template

    CG4C   SAPLC1D0       Display Cover Sheet Template

    CG4D   SAPLC1D0       Edit Acknowl. of Receipt Template

    CG4E   SAPLC1D0       Display Acknowl. of Receipt Templat

    CG42   SAPLC1D0       Edit Report Templates

    CG43   SAPLC1D0       Display Report Templates

    CG5A   RC1AVST1       EHS: manual entry WL generation

    CG5B   RC1AVST2       EHS: manual entry WL generation

    CG5Z   SAPLC1D8       EHS: WWI server monitor

    CG50   SAPLC1G0       Edit Report

    CG54   SAPLC1G0       Report Information System

    CG55   SAPLC1G0       Validate Report

    CG56   SAPLC1G0       Release Report

    CG57   SAPLC1G0       Assign Report Versions

    CG58   SAPLC1G0       Set Report to Historical

    CG59   RC1AVGST       EHS: manual entry WL generation

    CIB2   SAPBVKK2       Update CC2 PDC messages

    CIB3   SAPBVKK3       Update CC3 PDC messages

    CIB4   SAPBVKK4       Update CC4 PDC messages

    CIB5   SAPBVKK5       Update CC5 PDC messages

    CICS   MENUCICS       Customer Interaction Center

    CIC0   SAPMCIC0       Customer Interaction Center

    CIC3   RVKUSTA1       Sales Summary

    CIC4   CCMARCHLOG     Archiving Logging

    CIC5   CCMARCHINSTR   Archiving Infostore

    CIC8   MENUCIC8       CIC Customizing Menu (Temporary - L

    CIF    MENUCIF        APO Core Interface

    CIPV   CIBDVERB       Posting PDC records

    CIP2   CIBDVERB       CC2: Update PDC messages

    CIP3   CIBDVERB       CC3: Update PDC messages

    CIP4   CIBDVERB       CC4: Update PDC messages

    CIP5   CIBDVERB       CC5: Update PDC messages

    CI10   SAPPPKOM       Cust: Select Techn. Param. for Comm

    CI21   CIBDKAKO       Communication parameters for KANBAN

    CI23   CIBDKAGR       Download master data for Kanban

    CI25   SAPCDUP5       Upload Request in KK5

    CI31   CIBDKOMM       Communication parameters for PM

    CI32   CIBDOPGR       Init. transfer of operations for PM

    CI33   CIBDSTTA       Transfer of master data for PM

    CI34   CIBDOPDE       Delta transfer of operations for PM

    CI35   SAPCDUP3       Generate Upload Request CC3

    CI36   CIBDKOMM       Communication parameters for PS

    CI37   CIBDOPGR       Init. transfer of operations for PS

    CI38   CIBDSTTA       Transfer of master data for PS

    CI39   CIBDOPDE       Delta transfer of operations for PS

    CI40   SAPCDUP4       Generate Upload Request CC4

    CI41   CIBDKOMM       Communication parameters for PP

    CI42   CIBDOPGR       Init. transfer of operations for PP

    CI42N  CIBDOP_DOWN_PP PP-PDC: Download Operations

    CI43   CIBDSTTA       Transfer of master data for PP

    CI44   CIBDOPDE       Delta transfer of operations for PP

    CI45   SAPCDUP2       Generate Upload Request CC2

    CI45N  CIBDCONF_REQUESGenerate Upload Request CC2

    CI50   RCPIBA00       Transfer production requirements

    CI51   RCPIBZ00       Transfer production commitments

    CJAL   RCJ_SEND_PROJECSend project

    CJA1   SAPLKAZB       Proj.Rel.Order Receipts: Coll.Proc.

    CJA2   SAPLKAZB       Proj.Rel. Order Receipts: Ind.Proc.

    CJBBS1 RCNCO085       Planning Board Report Assignment

    CJBBS2 RCNCO086       Structure Overview Report Asst

    CJBN   RBPFCPN1       Reconstruct Availability Control

    CJBV   BPINDX00       Activate Project Availabilty Contro

    CJBW   RBPFCPD1       Deactivate Project Availabilty Cntr

    CJB1   SAPLKAZB       Generate Settmt Rule: Coll.Proc.

    CJB2   SAPLKAZB       Generate Settmt Rule: Indiv.Proc.

    CJCD   RCJCD002       Change documents: WBS

    CJCF   RKAGJOBL       Carry Forward Project Commitments

    CJCO   RBPGJA01       Carry Forward Project Budget

    CJCS   RCJCD001       Standard WBS

    CJC1   RKPORSSET      Maintenance Dialog for Stat.by Per.

    CJC2   RKPORSSET      Maintain Planned Status Changes

    CJEA   RCNCO082       Call Hierarchy Report

    CJEB   RKDBAT02       Background Processing; Hier.Reports

    CJEC   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Project Crcy Trans.Type

    CJEK   RCNCCP10       Copy Interfaces/Reports

    CJEM   SAPMKCB9       Project Reports: Test Monitor

    CJEN   PS_RPSCO_REBUILReconstruct: Summarized Proj.Data

    CJEO   RCNRCJEO       Transport Reports

    CJEP   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms

    CJEQ   RCNRCJES       Import Reports from Client

    CJET   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown

    CJEV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable

    CJEX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports

    CJEY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data

    CJEZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms

    CJE0   SAPMKCEE       Run Hierarchy Report

    CJE1   SAPMKCEE       Create Hierarchy Report

    CJE2   SAPMKCEE       Change Hierarchy Report

    CJE3   SAPMKCEE       Display Hierarchy Report

    CJE4   SAPMKES1       Create Project Report Layout

    CJE5   SAPMKES1       Change Project Report Layout

    CJE6   SAPMKES1       Display Project Report Layout

    CJFA   RFFMRP84       Analysis of Data Trans. into PS Cas

    CJFN   RFFMS300       CBM Payment Converter

    CJF1   SAPMKFPR       Create Transfer Price Agreement

    CJF2   SAPMKFPR       Change Transfer Price Agreement

    CJF3   SAPMKFPR       Display Transfer Price Agreement

    CJF4   RKFPP001       Transfer Price Agreement List

    CJG1   SAPMKFPR       Enter Transfer Price Allocation

    CJG3   SAPMKFPR       Display Transfer Price Allocation

    CJG4   RKFPI001       Enter Trsfr Price Allocation: List

    CJG5   SAPMKFPR       Cancel Transfer Price Allocation

    CJH1   PS_SUMM_INHERITReconstruct Project Inheritance

    CJH2   PS_SUMM_PROTOCOProject Inheritance Log

    CJIA   RKPEP010       Project Actual and Commt Paymt LIs

    CJIB   RKPEP011       Project Plan Payment Line Items

    CJIC   RKPEP012       Maintain Project Settlement LIs

    CJID   RKPEP012       Display Project Settlement Line Itm

    CJIE   RKPEP012       Projects: Retirement LI Settlement

    CJIF   RKPEP015       Projects: Profitability Analysis LI

    CJIG   RKAEP000       Display PS Cash Documents

    CJI1   RKPEP008       Project Budget Line Items

    CJI2   RCNEP002       Budget Line Items: Document Chain

    CJI3   RKPEP003       Project Actual Cost Line Items

    CJI4   RKPEP004       Project Plan Cost Line Items

    CJI5   RKPEP005       Project Commitment Line Items

    CJI8   RKPEP008       Project Budget Line Items

    CJI9   RKPEP009       Project Struct.Pld Costs Line Items

    CJJ2   SAPMGPLN       Change Statistical Key Figures

    CJJ3   SAPMGPLN       Display Statistical Key Figures

    CJK2   RPNPLPLN       Change Statistical Key Figures

    CJK3   RPNPLPLN       Display Statistical Key Figures

    CJL2   KFPSDUMMY      Collective Agreement

    CJNO   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FMCJ_BELN

    CJN1   SAPLKAZB       Reval.    ACT:  Projects    Ind.Pro

    CJN2   SAPLKAZB       Reval.    ACT:  Projects    Col.Pro

    CJO8   SAPLKAZB       Overhead  COMM: Projects    Ind.Pro

    CJO9   SAPLKAZB       Overhead  COMM: Projects    Col.Pro

    CJPN   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: Proj.Item

    CJPU   SAPMKPU2       Execute Project Plan Adjustment

    CJP1   SAPMKPU1       Create Project Plan Adjustment

    CJP2   SAPMKPU1       Change Project Plan Adjustment

    CJP3   SAPMKPU1       Display Project Plan Adjustment

    CJP4   SAPMKPU1       Delete Project Plan Adjustment

    CJR2   RPSPF100       PS: Change plan CElem/Activ. input

    CJR3   RPSPF100       PS: Display plan CElem/Activ. input

    CJR4   RPSPF100       PS: Change plan primary cost elemen

    CJR5   RPSPF100       PS: Display plan primary cost elem.

    CJR6   RPSPF100       PS: Change activity input planning

    CJR7   RPSPF100       PS: Display activity input planning

    CJR8   RPSPF100       PS: Change revenue type planning

    CJR9   RPSPF100       PS: Display Revenue Element Plannin

    CJSA   RKPSEIS1       Data Transfer to SAP-EIS

    CJSB   RKPSEIS2       Select Key Figure and Characteristi

    CJSG   RKPSETG0       Generate WBS Element Group

    CJSN   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: Projects

    CJS2   RPSPF100       PS: Change stat. key figure plannin

    CJS3   RPSPF100       PS: Display stat. key fig. planning

    CJS4   RPSPF100       PS: Change stat. key figure plannin

    CJS5   RPSPF100       PS: Display stat. key fig. planning

    CJT2   RKPEP010       Project Actual Payment Line Items

    CJVC   RCNCC020       Value Category Checking Program

    CJV1   SAPLCJTR       Create project version (simulation)

    CJV2   SAPLCJTR       Change project version (simulation)

    CJV3   SAPLCJTR       Display project version (simulation

    CJV4   SAPMCNVS       Transfer project

    CJV5   SAPMCNVS       Delete simulation version

    CJV6   SAPLCJVK       Maintenance: Version administration

    CJV7   SAPMCNVS       Display transfer log

    CJW1   RBPEWU1P       EURO: Adjust Project Budget

    CJZ1   SAPLKAZB       Act. Int Calc.: Projects Coll. Proc

    CJZ2   SAPLKAZB       Actual Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc

    CJZ3   SAPLKAZB       Plan Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc.

    CJZ5   SAPLKAZB       Plan Int.Calc.: Project Coll.Prc.

    CJZ6   SAPLKAZB       Actual Int.Calc.: Indiv.CO Order Pr

    CJZ7   SAPLKAZB       Planned Int.Calc: Indiv.CO Ord.Proc

    CJZ8   SAPLKAZB       Actual Int.Calc.: Coll.CO Order Prc

    CJZ9   SAPLKAZB       Plan Int.Calc.: Coll.CO Order Prc.

    CJ00   RCSIGSEA       Find Digital Signatures

    CJ01   SAPLCJWB       Create Work Breakdown Structure

    CJ02   SAPLCJWB       Change Work Breakdown Structure

    CJ03   SAPLCJWB       Display Work Breakdown Structure

    CJ06   SAPLCJWB       Create Project Definition

    CJ07   SAPLCJWB       Change Project Definition

    CJ08   SAPLCJWB       Display Project Definition

    CJ11   SAPLCJWB       Create WBS Element

    CJ12   SAPLCJWB       Change WBS Element

    CJ13   SAPLCJWB       Display WBS Element

    CJ14   RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay WBS Element (From DMS)

    CJ2A   SAPLCJTR       Display structure planning

    CJ2B   SAPLCJTR       Change project planning board

    CJ2C   SAPLCJTR       Display project planning board

    CJ2D   SAPLCJTR       Structure planning

    CJ20   SAPLCJTR       Structure planning

    CJ20N  SAPLCNPB_M     Project Builder

    CJ21   SAPLCJTR       Change Basic Dates

    CJ22   SAPLCJTR       Display Basic Dates

    CJ23   SAPLCJTR       Change Forecast Dates

    CJ24   SAPLCJTR       Display Forecast Dates

    CJ25   SAPLCJTR       Change Actual Dates

    CJ26   SAPLCJTR       Display Actual Dates

    CJ27   SAPLCJTR       Project planning board

    CJ29   SAPLCJTR       Update WBS (Forecast)

    CJ3A   SAPMKBUB       Change Budget Document

    CJ3B   SAPMKBUB       Display Budget Document

    CJ30   SAPMKBUD       Change Project Original Budget

    CJ31   SAPMKBUD       Display Project Original Budget

    CJ32   SAPMKBUD       Change Project Release

    CJ33   SAPMKBUD       Display Project Release

    CJ34   SAPMKBUA       Project Budget Transfer

    CJ35   SAPMKBUA       Budget Return from Project

    CJ36   SAPMKBUA       Budget Supplement to Project

    CJ37   SAPMKBUD       Budget Supplement in Project

    CJ38   SAPMKBUD       Budget Return in Project

    CJ40   SAPMKBUD       Change Project Plan

    CJ41   SAPMKBUD       Display Project Plan

    CJ42   SAPMKBUD       Change Project Revenues

    CJ43   SAPMKBUD       Display Project Revenues

    CJ44   SAPLKAZB       Act. overhd: Projects; ind. process

    CJ45   SAPLKAZB       Act. ovhd: Projects; coll. process.

    CJ46   SAPLKAZB       Plnd ovrhd: Projects; ind. process.

    CJ47   SAPLKAZB       Pld Overhead: Projects; Coll.Procss

    CJ48   PP_PSZ_RUN     Change Payment Planning: Init.Scree

    CJ49   PP_PSZ_RUN     Display Payment Planning: Init.Scrn

    CJ7E   SAPLKO71       Plan Settlement: Projects

    CJ7G   SAPLKO71       Plan Settlement: Projects

    CJ7M   RKPEP004       Project Plan Cost Line Items

    CJ7N   RKPEP012       Maint. DRG inv.projects for retmt.

    CJ70   RKPEP012       Maintain Project Settlement LIs

    CJ72   RKPEP012       Project: Act. amt. line item settlm

    CJ74   RKPEP003       Project Actual Cost Line Items

    CJ76   RKPEP005       Project Commitment Line Items

    CJ8A   SAPLKO71       Act.-setlmt: Proj. retirmt. from IM

    CJ8G   SAPLKO71       Actual Settlement: Projects/Network

    CJ8V   RKPVAR00       Period Close for Project Selection

    CJ80   RCNCO081       Availability Control - Overview

    CJ81   RCNCO083       Update Report List

    CJ88   SAPLKO71       Settle Projects and Networks

    CJ9B   SAPMKPT4       Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Collective)

    CJ9BS  SAPMKPT4       Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Indiv.)

    CJ9C   SAPMKPT4       Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Collective

    CJ9CS  SAPMKPT4       Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Indiv.)

    CJ9D   RCNCP001       Copy Plan Versions

    CJ9E   SAPLKO71       Plan Settlement: Projects

    CJ9ECP RECP_PS        Project System: Easy Cost Planning

    CJ9F   SAPMKPT4       Copy Project Costing (Collective)

    CJ9FS  SAPMKPT4       Copy Project Costing (Indiv.)

    CJ9G   SAPLKO71       Plan Settlement: Projects

    CJ9K   RCNNEUPD       Network Costing

    CJ9L   SAPLKAZB       Forecast Costs: Individual Projects

    CJ9M   SAPLKAZB       Forecast Costs: Coll.Project Proc.

    CJ9Q   RCNCQ002       Integrated Planning for Ntwks(Coll.

    CJ9QS  RCNCQ001       Integrated Planning for Ntwks (Ind.

    CJ91   SAPLCJSS       Create Standard WBS

    CJ92   SAPLCJSS       Change Standard WBS

    CJ93   SAPLCJSS       Display Standard WBS

    CKAV   SAPMAVCK       Check availability

    CKA1   RBDSECOP       Std Cost Est to Profitability Anal.

    CKCM   SAPRCKMODEL    Costing Model

    CKC1   SAPRCKCU       Check Costing Variant

    CKECP  CKECP_GENERIC_BAd Hoc Cost Estimate

    CKECP1 CKECP_LAUNCH   Easy Cost Planning: Central Access

    CKMACD DISPLAY_WIP_LARWerteflussanzeige für Leistungsarte

    CKMB   SAPLCKMD       Display Material Ledger Document

    CKMC   SAPRCKMU       Consistency Check for a Material

    CKMCCC SAPLCKMMC      Manual Change: Act. Cost Comp. Spli

    CKMCCD SAPLCKMMC      ManChang: Display Actual CC Split

    CKMCCS SAPLCKM8       Display Actual Cost Component Split

    CKMD   SAPRCKMR       Transactions for a Material

    CKME   SAPRCKM_PRCH   Activation of Planned Prices

    CKMF   ML_ALLOW_SETTLEAllow Price Determination

    CKMG   ML_ALLOW_CLOSINAllow Closing Entries

    CKMH   SAPRCKMA_EINSTUSingle-Level Price Determination


    CKMJ   ML_ALLOW_SHOW_LDisplay Organizational Measures

    CKML   MENUCKML       Actual Costing/Material Ledger

    CKMLCP CKML_COCKPIT   Cockpit Actual Costing

    CKMLDC SAPRCKM_MR22   Debit/Credit Material

    CKMLDM SAPRCKM_MR22   Debit or Credit Material

    CKMLOH SAPRCKM_ORDER_HPO History/Multiple Currencies

    CKMLPC SAPRCKM_MR21   Price Change

    CKMLQS CKML_QSTREE    Valuated Quantity Structure(M-level

    CKMM   SAPRCKM2_NEU   Change Price Determination

    CKMPCD SAPLCKMD       Display Price Change Document

    CKMPRP SAPRCKM_PRMT   Maintain Planned Prices

    CKMR   RKKBRPTR       Report Selection Material Ledger

    CKMREP SAPRCKM_REPAIR_Repair Program for ML Tables

    CKMS   SAPRCKMS       Material Ledger Docs for Material

    CKMVFM ML_VALUE_FLOW_MValue Flow Monitor

    CKM3   SAPLCKM8       Material Price Analysis

    CKM3N  SAPLCKM8N      Material Price Analysis

    CKM9   SAPRCKMG       Show Customizing Settings for Plant

    CKNR   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Ranges: KALK

    CKRU00 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRCreate ML Costing Run

    CKRU01 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Create Profile

    CKRU02 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Change Profile

    CKRU03 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Display Profile

    CKRU04 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay Selection

    CKRU05 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay ML Costing Run

    CKRU06 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDelete ML Costing Run

    CKRU07 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRPlants in Costing Runs

    CKRU08 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay Levels

    CKR1   SAPRCKR1       Reorganization in Product Costing

    CKR5   SAPRCKR7       Reorganize in Background

    CKUC   CKEKMULTILEVELCMultilevel Unit Costing

    CKU1   SAPRCK23       Update Material Price

    CKVF   SAPRCKVF       Show Whether Marking/Release Allowe

    CKWE   SAPRCKVK       Determine Value Added

    CKW1   SAPLCKWB       Create Production Lot Cost Est.

    CKW3   SAPLCKWB       Display Production Lot Cost Est.

    CKW4   SAPLCKWB       Activate Production Lot Cost Est.

    CK00   MENUCK00       Product costing initial screen

    CK11   SAPLCKDI       Create Product Cost Estimate

    CK11N  SAPLCKDI       Create Material Cost Estimate

    CK13   SAPMC64S       Display Product Cost Estimate

    CK13N  SAPLCKDI       Display Material Cost Estimate

    CK22   SAPRCK23       Organizational Measure

    CK24   SAPRCK23       Price Update with Cost Estimate

    CK31   SAPRCK32       Print Log of Costing Run

    CK32   SAPRCKBA       CK BATCH: Print logs

    CK33   SAPRCK33       Comparison of Itemizations

    CK40N  SAPRCKCC       Edit Costing Run

    CK41   SAPMC64S       Create Costing Run

    CK42   SAPMC64S       Change Costing Run

    CK43   SAPMC64S       Display Costing Run

    CK44   SAPRCK44       Delete Costing Run

    CK45   SAPRCKBA       Delete Costing Run in Background

    CK51   SAPLCKDI       Create Order BOM Cost Estimate

    CK51N  SAPLCKDI       Create Order BOM Cost Estimate

    CK53   SAPLCKDI       Display Order BOM Cost Estimate

    CK53N  SAPLCKDI       Display Order BOM Cost Estimate

    CK55   SAPRCK_MCSO    Mass Costing - Sales Documents

    CK60   SAPRCK60       Preselection for Material/Plant

    CK61   SAPRCKBA       CK Batch Processing

    CK62   SAPRCK62       Find Structure: BOM Explosion

    CK63   SAPRCKBA       CK Batch Processing

    CK64   SAPMC64S       Run: Cost Estimate of Objects

    CK65   SAPRCKBA       CK Batch Processing

    CK66   SAPRCK66       Mark Run for Release

    CK68   SAPRCK68       Release Costing Run

    CK74   SAPLKKP4       Create Additive Costs

    CK74N  SAPLCKDI       Create Additive Costs

    CK75   SAPLKKP4       Change Additive Costs

    CK75N  SAPLCKDI       Change Additive Costs

    CK76   SAPLKKP4       Display Additive Costs

    CK76N  SAPLCKDI       Display Additive Costs

    CK77N  SAPLCKDI       Create Additive Costs

    CK80   RKKBKIS1       Flexible Cost Component Report

    CK81   SAPMKKB2       Overview of Reports

    CK82   RKKBCAL0       Select Cost Estimates

    CK83   RKKBPCD1       Print Cost Estimates in Background

    CK84   RKKBKIS1       Line Items in Cost Est for Product

    CK85   RKKBKIS1       Line Items in Cost Est for Order

    CK86   RKKBKIS1       Costed Multilevel BOM

    CK87   RKKBKIS1       Costed BOM Sales Orders

    CK88   RKKBCAL1       Partner Cost Component Split

    CK89   RKKBKIS1       Flexible Cost Comp. Report SaleOrde

    CK90   MENUCK90       Mixed Costing

    CK91   SAPRCKBA1      Create Procurement Alternatives

    CK91N  CKMLMV_SURFACE Edit Procurement Alternatives

    CK92   SAPRCKBA1      Change Procurement Alternatives

    CK93   SAPRCKBA1      Display Procurement Alternatives

    CK94   SAPRCKBA1      Change Mixing Ratio

    CK95   SAPRCKBA1      Display Mixing Ratios

    CLABAP SEM5ABAP       Display ABAP class library

    CLBOR  SEM5BOR        Display BOR library

    CLB1   RCCLBI02       Batch Input for Classification

    CLB2   RCCLBI03       Direct Input for Classification

    CLB3   RCCLBISC       Display Classification File

    CLD0   RBDSECN1       Distr. Configuration Profile (Netwk

    CLD1   RBDSECNP       Distr. Configuration Profile (Matl)

    CLD2   RBDSEKNO       Distribute Global Dependencies

    CLD3   RBDSEVTA       Distr. Variant Tables (Structure)

    CLD4   RBDSEVTM       Distr. Variant Tables (Data)

    CLEAR  COM_CALL_CLEAR Start Data Cleansing Tool

    CLGT   RCLGTGEN       Set Up Tables for Search

    CLHI   RCCLDIHI       Distribution of Class Hierarchies

    CLHP   SAPLCLHP       Graphical Hierarchy Maintenance

    CLJP   SAPMCLJP       Specify Japanese calender

    CLMM   SAPLCLMMD      Mass Change for Assigned Values

    CLM1   SAPLIQS0       Create Claim

    CLM10  RCLAIM001      Claim Overview

    CLM11  RCLAIM002      Claim Hierarchy

    CLM2   SAPLIQS0       Change Claim

    CLM3   SAPLIQS0       Display Claim

    CLNA   SAPMCLNA       Namespace: Characteristics/Classes

    CLNK   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Class Maintenance

    CLOI   MENUCLOI       Production Optimization Interface

    CLST   RCCLSELSTATISTICreate Class Statistics

    CLUNDO SAPLCLUNDO     Undo Changes (CA-CL)

    CLVL   SAPMMCLK       Maintain Variable Lists

    CLWA   RMCLCLMO       Create Material Group (MMS)

    CLWB   RMCLCLMO       Change Material Group (MMS)

    CLWC   RMCLCLMO       Display Material Group (MMS)

    CLWD   RMCLCLMO       Delete Material Group (MMS)

    CLWE   RMCLCLMO       Create Characteristic Profile (MMS)

    CLWF   RMCLCLMO       Change Characteristic Profile (MMS)

    CLWG   RMCLCLMO       Display Characteristic Profile (MMS

    CLWH   RMCLCLMO       Delete Characteristic Profile (MMS)

    CLWJ   RMCLCLMO       Change Generic Article (MMS)

    CLWK   RMCLCLMO       Display Generic article (MMS)

    CLWL   RMCLCLMO       Delete Generic Article (MMS)

    CLWM   RMCLCLMO       Create MMS Material Group Hierarchy

    CLWN   RMCLCLMO       Change MMS Material Group Hierarchy

    CLWO   RMCLCLMO       Display MMS Material Group Hierarch

    CLWP   RMCLCLMO       Delete MMS Material Group Hierarchy

    CLW1   SAPMMCLF       Allocate Material Group Hierarchy

    CLW2   SAPMMCLF       Display Material Group Hierarchy

    CL00   MENUCL00       Classification Menu

    CL01   RMCLCLMO       Create Class

    CL02   RMCLCLMO       Classes

    CL03   RMCLCLMO       Display Class

    CL04   RMCLCLMO       Delete Class

    CL2A   RCCLSTA1       Classification Status

    CL2B   RCCLTYP0       Class Types

    CL20   SAPMMCLF       Assign Object to Classes

    CL20N  SAPLCLFM       Object Assignments

    CL21   SAPMMCLF       Display Object in Classes

    CL22   SAPMMCLF       Allocate Class to Classes

    CL22N  SAPLCLFM       Assign Class to Superior Classes

    CL23   SAPMMCLF       Display Class for Classes

    CL24   SAPMMCLF       Assign Objects to One Class

    CL24N  SAPLCLFM       Class Assignments

    CL25   SAPMMCLF       Display Objects in Class

    CL26   RCCLRELE       Mass Release of Assignments

    CL30   SAPMMCLS       Find Objects in Classes

    CL30N  RCCLSC         Find Objects in Classes

    CL31   SAPLCLSD       Find Object In Class Type

    CL6A   RMCLKLAV       Class List

    CL6AN  RMCLKLAVN      Class List (ALV)

    CL6B   RMCLOBJV       Object List

    CL6BN  RMCLOBJVN      Object List (ALV)

    CL6C   RMCLHIEV       Class Hierarchy

    CL6D   RMCLKLOV       Classes Without Superior Class

    CL6E   RMCLDINU       Copy DIN Standard

    CL6F   RMCLDINU       Copy DIN Characteristic Data

    CL6G   RMCLDINU       Create Material w. DIN Char. Data

    CL6H   RCCLKUSV       Classes: Reassign/Split/Merge

    CL6K   RMCLMDEL       Delete Characteristic (Class w. Obj

    CL6M   RMCLKDEL       Delete Class (with Assignments)

    CL6O   SAPMMCLU       Plus-Minus Object Display

    CL6P   RMCLKLVW       Where-Used List for Classes

    CL6Q   RMCLLIST       Where-Used List for Classes

    CL6R   RCCLDI01       Direct Input for Classes

    CL6T   RMCLTEXT       Copy Text for Classes

    CMAP0  SAPMCMAPMAINT  Configurable Semantic Mapping

    CMCH   RCCYOVRC       Check overall profile


    CMD1   SAPMV13B       Create Output: Direct Procurement

    CMD2   SAPMV13B       Change output: Direct procurement

    CMD3   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Direct Procurement

    CMFN   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint: CMF_PROTOK (SAP

    CMIG   RCMIG_BOM      iPPE Migration Tool

    CMOD   SAPMSMOD       Enhancements

    CMPC2  SAPMV12A       CondTab: Create (Campaign Determ.)

    CMPC3  SAPMV12A       CondTab: Change (Campaign Determ.)

    CMPC4  SAPMV12A       CondTab: Display (Campaign Determ.)

    CMPP   MENUCMPP       Workforce Planning

    CMPRO  SAPMWCM03      Category Management:Project Mainten

    CMP2   SAPLMP01       Workforce Planning: Project View

    CMP3   SAPLMP01       Workforce Planning: Work Center Vie

    CMP9   SAPLMP01       Workforce Planning - Reporting


    CMS_CS RCMS_COLL_SHEETCollateral Sheet

    CMS1   SAPMGSBM       Create set (PPC)

    CMS2   SAPMGSBM       Change Set

    CMS3   SAPMGSBM       Display Set

    CMS4   SAPMGSBM       Delete Set

    CMV1   SAPMGSGM       Create variable

    CMV2   SAPMGSGM       Change variable

    CMV3   SAPMGSGM       Display variable

    CMV4   SAPMGSGM       Delete value variable

    CMWO   CM_WORKBENCH   Configuration Management Workbench

    CMXSV  RCMXXSRSELECT  Standard XStep Repository

    CMX05  RCMXXSTEST01   XSteps: BADI Monitor

    CM0X   SAPMC65A       Capacity planning

    CM00   MENUCM00

    CM02   SAPMC65A       Capac. planning; work center orders

    CM03   SAPMC65A       Capac. planning; work center pool

    CM04   SAPMC65A       Capac. planning; work center backlo

    CM05   SAPMC65A       Capacity plan.:Work center overload

    CM07   SAPMC65A       Cap. planning: Variable access

    CM10   SAPMC65B       Capacity leveling

    CM11   SAPMC65C       Maintain flow control

    CM40   RCCYMAB1       Capacity leveling in the background

    CM41   RCCYMAB3       Evaluation of leveling in backgroun

    CM99   RCCYLOAD       Generate basic capacity load

    CNB1   RM06BKPS       Purchase requisitions for project

    CNB2   RM06EKPS       Purchase orders for project

    CNC4   RCNCC300       Consistency checks for WBS

    CNC5   RCNCC200       Consistency checks sales order/proj

    CNE1   SAPLKAZB       Project Progress (Individual Proc.)

    CNE2   SAPLKAZB       Project Progress (Collective Proc.)

    CNE5   RCNST000       Progress Analysis

    CNG9   OCNETOPT       Graph. Cust. Netw./Hierarchy Graph.

    CNL1   SAPLCNSH       Create delivery information

    CNL2   SAPLCNSH       Change delivery information

    CNL3   SAPLCNSH       Display delivery information

    CNMASS RCNMASSCHANGE  Mass Changes in Project System

    CNMM   SAPLCNMM       Project-Oriented Procurement

    CNMT   RCNMT000       Milestone Trend Analysis

    CNN0   SAPMSNUM       Number Range for Library Network

    CNN1   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: ROUTING_0

    CNPAR  RPARSHOW       Partner Overview

    CNPRG  CNETWPROG      Network Progress

    CNSE5  RCNST000       Progress Analysis

    CNS0   SAPLCNSH       Create deleivry from project

    CNS40  RCNST000       Project Overview

    CNS41  RCNST000       Structure Overview

    CNS42  RCNPD000       Overview: Project Definitions

    CNS43  RCNPE000       Overview: WBS Elements

    CNS44  RCNPA000       Overview: Planned Orders

    CNS45  RCNAF000       Overview: Orders

    CNS46  RCNNP000       Overview: Networks

    CNS47  RCNVG000       Overview: Activities/Elements

    CNS48  RCNRM000       Overview: Confirmations

    CNS49  RCNAB000       Overview: Relationships

    CNS50  RCNKB000       Overview: Capacity Requirements

    CNS51  RCNFH000       Overview: PRTs

    CNS52  RCNMR000       Overview: Components

    CNS53  RCNMS000       Overview: Milestones

    CNS54  RCNVB000       Overview: Sales Document

    CNS55  RCNVP000       Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. Item

    CNS60  RCNCHANGEDOC   Change Documents for Projects/Netw.

    CNS71  RCNST000       Create versions

    CNVL   SAPM0CNL       Variable Overviews

    CNW1   SAPMCNW1       WWW: Confirmation

    CNW4   SAPLCNSE_APPS  Project Documents

    CN01   SAPLCPDI       Create Standard Network

    CN02   SAPLCPDI       Change Standard Network

    CN03   SAPLCPDI       Display Standard Network

    CN04   SAPLCNTX       Edit PS Text Catalog

    CN05   SAPLCNTX       Display PS Text Catalog

    CN06   SAPMCNMP       MPX Download: Standard Network

    CN07   SAPMCNMP       MPX Upload: Standard Network

    CN08   SAPMCNSM       Allocate material -> stand. network

    CN09   SAPMCNSM       Allocate material -> stand. network

    CN11   SAPMCNSM       Create standard milestone

    CN12   SAPMCNSM       Change standard milestone

    CN13   SAPMCNSM       Display standard milestone

    CN19   RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay Activity (From DMS)

    CN2X   SAPLCORU       Confirm Completions in Network

    CN20   SAPLCOKO       Dsply network/act.bsc data init.scr

    CN21   SAPLCOKO       Create Network

    CN22   SAPLCOKO       Change Network

    CN23   SAPLCOKO       Display Network

    CN24   SAPLCOKO       Overall Network Scheduling

    CN25   SAPLCORU       Confirm Completions in Network

    CN26   SAPLCOKO       Display Mat.Comp/Init: Ntwk;Acty;It

    CN26N  RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay Mat. Components (From DMS)

    CN27   SAPLCORU       Collective confirm.

    CN28   SAPLCORU       Display Network Confirmations

    CN29   SAPLCORU       Cancel Network Confirmation

    CN30   RMAFRU01       Processing PDC error records

    CN33   SAPLCN10       PDM-PS interface

    CN38   SAPLCN10       Maintain Flexible Reference Point

    CN40   RCNST000       Project Overview

    CN41   RCNST000       Structure Overview

    CN42   RCNPD000       Overview: Project Definitions

    CN42N  RPSISPD000     Overview: Project Definitions

    CN43   RCNPE000       Overview: WBS Elements

    CN43N  RPSISPE000     Overview: WBS Elements

    CN44   RCNPA000       Overview: Planned Orders

    CN44N  RPSISPA000     Overview: Planned Orders

    CN45   RCNAF000       Overview: Orders

    CN45N  RPSISAF000     Overview: Orders

    CN46   RCNNP000       Overview: Networks

    CN46N  RPSISNP000     Overview: Networks

    CN47   RCNVG000       Overview: Activities/Elements

    CN47N  RPSISVG000     Overview: Activities/Elements

    CN48   RCNRM000       Overview: Confirmations

    CN48N  RPSISRM000     Overview: Confirmations

    CN49   RCNAB000       Overview: Relationships

    CN49N  RPSISAB000     Overview: Relationships

    CN50   RCNKB000       Overview: Capacity Requirements

    CN50N  RPSISKB000     Overview: Capacity Requirements

    CN51   RCNFH000       Overview: PRTs

    CN51N  RPSISFH000     Overview: PRTs

    CN52   RCNMR000       Overview: Components

    CN52N  RPSISMR000     Overview: Components

    CN53   RCNMS000       Overview: Milestones

    CN53N  RPSISMS000     Overview: Milestones

    CN54N  RPSISVB000     Overview: Sales Document

    CN55N  RPSISVP000     Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. Item

    CN60   RCNCHANGEDOC   Change Documents for Projects/Netw.

    CN61   SAPLCPBL       Standard network

    CN65   SAPMCODC       Change documents order /network

    CN70   RCNAUTO0       Overview: Batch variants

    CN71   RCNST000       Create versions

    CN72   RCNSAVVS       Create Project Version

    CN80   SAPMCAPS       Archiving project structures

    CN85   PSDELET1       PS: Delete operative structures

    CN98   RPSREDE2       Delete Standard Networks

    COAA   PPPIBTAA       Simulate Order Record

    COAC   SAPLCOAC       Process Order: Archive Database

    COAL   PPPIARLI       Read Order Record from Archive

    COA3   PPARCHR1       PP: Archiving orders - retrieval

    COA4   PPARCHR1       PP: Archiving order - administratio

    COA7   PRARCHR1       Process Order: Retrieval - Archive

    COB1   SAPMV13H       Create batch search strategy - prod

    COB2   SAPMV13H       Change batch search strategy - prod

    COB3   SAPMV13H       Display batch search strategy- prod

    COCB   MENUCOCB       Process Management

    COCM   CO_OCM_OBJECT_LOCM - Initiating object

    COCM1  CO_OCM_ORDER_LIOCM - Procurement

    COCM2  COOCMPICK      OCM - Picking


    CODC   SAPMCODC       Change Documents for Network

    COEBR  SAPLVBP_TREE   Batch Record

    COFC   CORUCOFC       Reprocessing Errors Actual Costs

    COFI   SAPLS2EM       Command file creation

    COGI   CORUAFFW       Processing goods movemnts w. errors

    COIB   SAPLCOIB       As-Built for Serialized Material

    COID   SAPLCOIS       Select Object Detail Lists in PP-PI

    COIF   PPPIFHWTXT     Production Memos

    COIK   PPPIM000       Picking list

    COIO   PPPIA000       Order Info System for PP-PI

    COMLI  WIP_CLOSE_ACTIVPost WIP Closing for Activities

    COMP   SAPL0C27       Customizing Missing Parts Info Syst

    CONC   SAPMSNUM       No.Range for CtrlRecipes: COCB_CRID

    CONM   SAPMSNUM       No.Range for Proc.Messages:COCB_MSI

    CONV01 CONV_DISPLAY_APConverter: Display application log

    CONV02 CONV_CONVERT_DOConvert document

    CONV03 CONV_CONVERT_BOConvert a BOM assembly

    CONV04 CONV_CONVERT_DOConvert Document Structure

    CONV20 CONV_FREE_CONVEReset Converter(s) Status(es)

    CON1   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  Prod.Ordr   Ind.Pro

    CON2   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  Prod.Ordr   Col.Pro

    COOIS  PPIO_ENTRY     Production Order Information System

    COOPC  SAPLCOOPC      OPC Test Environment

    COPA   PPPIBTAR       Archive Order Record

    COPAWA SAPLCOWBHU     Pack components for order

    COPD   PPPIBTDR       Print Process Order

    COPI   SAPLCODR       Print Process Order ShopFloor Paper

    COPOC  RCOPOC_START   Process Manufacturing Cockpit

    CORA   SAPLCOKO       Process Order: Schedule Ext. Relshp

    CORK   SAPLCORU       Process Order Confirmations (Total)

    CORO   SAPLCOKO       Create Process Order w/o Material

    CORP   ROOP0013       Control Parameters for Proc. Orders

    CORR   CORUPICONF1    Collective Entry of Confirmations

    CORS   SAPLCORU       Cancel Process Order Confirmation

    CORT   SAPLCORU       Display Process Order Confirmation

    CORZ   SAPLCORU       Process Order: Time Event Confirmat

    COR1   SAPLCOKO       Create Process Order

    COR2   SAPLCOKO       Change Process Order

    COR3   SAPLCOKO       Display Process Order

    COR5   SAPLCOKO       Collective Process Order Release

    COR6   SAPLCORU       Single Process Order Confirmation

    COR6N  SAPLCORU_S     Single Screen Entry of Confirmation

    COR7   SAPLCOKO       Convert Planned Order to Proc. Orde

    COR8   SAPLCOUP       Coll.Conv.: Plnned Ord. to Proc.Ord

    COWF1  SAPLCOWF       Task Customizing (Production Order)

    COW1   SAPLCOW1       Production Order Workplace

    COX1   SAPLCOKO       Create Order (Internally)

    CO0DS  DEL_SIM_ORD    Delete Simulation Order

    CO00   MENUCO00

    CO01   SAPLCOKO1      Create production order

    CO01S  SAPLCOKO1      Adding simulation order

    CO02   SAPLCOKO1      Change Production Order

    CO02S  SAPLCOKO1      Change simulation order

    CO03   SAPLCOKO1      Display Production Order

    CO03S  SAPLCOKO1      Display simulation order

    CO04   SAPLCODR       Print Production Orders

    CO05   SAPLCOKO1      Collective Release of Prod. Orders

    CO06   SAPLATP4       Backorder Processing

    CO07   SAPLCOKO1      Create order without a material

    CO08   SAPLCOKO1      Production order with sales order

    CO09   SAPLATP4       Availability Overview

    CO1F   SAPLCORU       Create confirmation of prod. order

    CO1L   CORUPRELIST    Confirmation: List of requests

    CO1P   CORUPROZ       Predefined confirmation processes

    CO1V   CORUPRECONF1   Confirmation: Fast entry of time tk

    CO10   SAPLCOKO1      Production order with project

    CO11   SAPLCORU       Enter Time Ticket

    CO11N  SAPLCORU_S     Single Screen Entry of Confirmation

    CO12   CORUCOLCONF1   Collective Entry of Confirmations

    CO13   SAPLCORU       Cancel confirmation of prod. order

    CO14   SAPLCORU       Display confirmation of prod. order

    CO15   SAPLCORU       Enter Production order Confirmation

    CO16   RMAFRU01       Conf.: Postprocessing error records

    CO16N  RMAFRU03       Reprocessing Confirmation

    CO17   SAPLCORU       Enter confirmation with reference

    CO19   SAPLCORU       Enter Time Event

    CO20   PPCOFA00       Orders acc. to Order Numbers

    CO21   PPCOFA10       Orders for Material

    CO22   PPCOFA20       Orders for the MRP controller

    CO23   PPCOFA30       Orders for the production scheduler

    CO24   PPCMP000       MissingPartsInfoSyst

    CO26   PPIOA000       Order information system

    CO27   PPIOM000       Picking list

    CO28   SAPLCOIS       Choose indiv. object lists

    CO30   MENUCO30       Standard trigger points

    CO31   SAPMCNSM       Create standard trigger point

    CO32   SAPMCNSM       Change standard trigger point

    CO33   SAPMCNSM       Display standard trigger point

    CO40   SAPLCOKO1      Converting Planned Order

    CO41   SAPLCOUP       Coll. Conversion of Planned Orders

    CO42   SAPLKAZB       Act. Overhead:  Prod.Ordr   Ind.Pro

    CO43   SAPLKAZB       Act. Overhead:  Prod.Ordr   Col.Pro

    CO44   PPSFCACT       Mass processing of orders

    CO46   PP_ORDER_PROGREOrder progress report

    CO47   SAPLCOOCD      Change comparison

    CO51   RCOCB003       Send Process Messages

    CO52   SAPLCOCR       Evaluate Process Data

    CO53   SAPLCO52       Control Recipe Monitor

    CO54   SAPLCO51       Message Monitor

    CO55   RCOPOC_CO55    Worklist for Maintaining PI Sheets

    CO56   SAPLCOP0       Display PI Sheet

    CO57   SAPLCOC5I      Create Message Manually

    CO58   SAPLCOP0       Maintain PI Sheet

    CO59   SAPLCOP0       Delete PI Sheet

    CO60   RCOPOC_WKLT    Find PI Sheet

    CO62   RCOCB009       Delete Process Messages

    CO63   RCOCB010       Evaluate Deletion Logs

    CO64   RCOPOC_CO64    Worklist for Completing PI Sheets

    CO67   RCOPOC_CO65    Worklist for Checking PI Sheets

    CO68   RMAPIS_MON_WL  MiniApp PI Sheet Mon -> List

    CO69   RCOCB014       Create Message Automatically

    CO78   SAPLCOA0       Archiving orders

    CO8A   SAPLKO71       Presett. Co-Products; Postprocessin

    CO8B   SAPLKO71       Presett. Co-Products; Postprocessin

    CO80   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: AUF_RUECK

    CO81   SAPMSNUM       Number assignment: routing to order

    CO82   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for orders

    CO83   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: RESB

    CO88   SAPLKO71       Act. Settlment: Prod./Process Order

    CO99   SAPLKO99       Set Status "Closed"

    CPAE   SAPLKWTP       Actl. Template Alloc: Prof. Analysi

    CPAS   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Alloc.: Bus. Proces

    CPBA   SAPMKKB2       Run Selected Reports

    CPBB   SAPMKKB2       Select Reports

    CPBL   SAPMKB01       Bus. Processes: Planning Overview

    CPBP   RKAEP000       Business Processes: Plan Line Items

    CPBT   RKATARIF       Bus. Process.: Activity Price Repor

    CPB1   RKAEP000       Business Processes: Act. Line Items

    CPB9   SAPMKB02       Planning Report for Bus. Processes

    CPCA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla

    CPCAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla

    CPCB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Indirect Acty Alloc.

    CPCC   SAPMKGA1       Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview

    CPCCN  SAPLKAL1       Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview

    CPC1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

    CPC1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

    CPC2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

    CPC2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

    CPC3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

    CPC3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

    CPC4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

    CPC4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

    CPC5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

    CPC6   SAPMKGA1       Overview actual ind. activity alloc

    CPC6N  SAPLKAL1       Act. Indirect Acty Alloc.: Overview

    CPC7   SAPMKAL1       Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla

    CPC7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla

    CPC8   SAPMKAL1       Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla

    CPC8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla

    CPC9   SAPMKAL1       Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan

    CPC9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan

    CPFX   SAPLKSF2       Pre-distribute Fixed Costs: Process

    CPH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Business Process Group

    CPH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Business Process Group

    CPH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Business Process Group

    CPH4   RKSTDHIE       Change Standard Hierarchy (BusProc)

    CPH4N  KEO_START_NF   Change Standard Hierarchy

    CPH5   RKSTDHIE       Display bus. process std. hierarchy

    CPH5N  KEO_START_NF   Display Std Hierarchy/Business Proc

    CPII   SAPLKSPI       Price calc. in actl: process

    CPK1   MP120900       Create Task Cost Data

    CPK2   MP120900       Change Task Cost Data

    CPK3   MP120900       Display Task Cost Data

    CPMA   SAPLKNMA       Target=Actual-IAA: process

    CPMB   SAPLKNMA       ABC: Plan Reconciliation

    CPMN   MENUCPMN       Activity-Based Costing Menu

    CPPA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Plan Assessment for Processe

    CPPAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Plan Assessment for Processe

    CPPB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Assess. for Processes

    CPPC   SAPMKGA1       Plan Assess. for Processes: Overvie

    CPPCN  SAPLKAL1       Plan Assess. for Processes: Overvie

    CPPE   SAPLKWTP       Plan Templ. Alloc.: Results Analysi

    CPPI   SAPLKSPI       Iter. plan act. price calc. (CO-ABC

    CPPS   SAPLKWTP       Plan Template Allocation: Process

    CPP1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Assess. for Processes

    CPP1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Assess. for Processes

    CPP2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Assess. for Processes

    CPP2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Assess. for Processes

    CPP3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actual Assess.for Processes

    CPP3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actual Assess.for Processes

    CPP4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Assess. for Processes

    CPP4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Assess. for Processes

    CPP5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Assess.for Processes

    CPP6   SAPMKGA1       Actual Assess. Processes: Overview

    CPP6N  SAPLKAL1       Actual Assess. Processes: Overview

    CPP7   SAPMKAL1       Create Plan Assess. for Processes

    CPP7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Plan Assess. for Processes

    CPP8   SAPMKAL1       Change Plan Assess. for Processes

    CPP8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Plan Assess. for Processes

    CPP9   SAPMKAL1       Display Plan Assess. for Processes

    CPP9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Plan Assess. for Processes

    CPSP   SAPMKACT       Split Plan Costs

    CPS1   SAPLKSS0       Variance Calculation: Processes

    CPS2   SAPLKSS0       Actual Cost Splitting: Processes

    CPTA   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Allocation: Order

    CPTB   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Allocation: Orders

    CPTD   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Alloc.: Prod. Order

    CPTE   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Alloc.: Run Sched.

    CPTG   SAPLKWTP       Actual Templ. Allocation: Cost Obj.

    CPTH   SAPLKWTP       Actual Templ. Allocation: Cost Obj.

    CPTJ   SAPLKWTP       Actl Template Alloc.: Cust. Orders

    CPTK   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Allocation: Project

    CPTL   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Allocation: Project

    CPT1   SAPLKWTMA      Create Template

    CPT2   SAPLKWTMA      Change Template

    CPT3   SAPLKWTMA      Display Template

    CPT4   SAPLKWTMA      Delete Template

    CPT6   SAPLKCTV       Formula Plan for Bus. Processes

    CPUA   SAPLKWTP       Plan Template Allocation: Order

    CPUB   SAPLKWTP       Plan Template Allocation: Orders

    CPUK   SAPLKWTP       Plan Template Allocation: Project

    CPUL   SAPLKWTP       Plan Template Allocation: Projects

    CPVA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Plan Process Distribution

    CPVAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Plan Process Distribution

    CPVB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Process Distribution

    CPVC   SAPMKGA1       Plan Process Distribution Overview

    CPVCN  SAPLKAL1       Plan Process Distribution Overview

    CPV1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Process Distribution

    CPV1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Process Distribution

    CPV2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Distribution Process

    CPV2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Distribution Process

    CPV3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actual Process Distribution

    CPV3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actual Process Distribution

    CPV4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Process Distribution

    CPV4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Process Distribution

    CPV5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Process Distribution

    CPV6   SAPMKGA1       Actual Process Distribution Overvie

    CPV6N  SAPLKAL1       Actual Process Distribution Overvie

    CPV7   SAPMKAL1       Create Plan Process Distribution

    CPV7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Plan Process Distribution

    CPV8   SAPMKAL1       Change Plan Process Distribution

    CPV8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Plan Process Distribution

    CPV9   SAPMKAL1       Display Plan Process Distribution

    CPV9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Plan Process Distribution

    CPZI   SAPLKAZB       Actual overhead calc.: process

    CPZP   SAPLKAZB       Plan Overhead: Business Processes

    CP01   SAPLKWM3       Create Business Process

    CP02   SAPLKWM3       Change Business Process

    CP03   SAPLKWM3       Display Business Process

    CP04   SAPLKWM3       Delete Business Process

    CP05   SAPMKMAA       Process: Display Changes

    CP06   RKABCPLN       CO-ABC Planning: Activity Inputs

    CP07   RKABCPLN       CO-ABC Planning: Display Act. Input

    CP12   SAPLKWM3       Edit Business Processes

    CP13   SAPLKWM3       Business Processes: Master Data Rep

    CP14   SAPLKWM3       Delete Business Processes

    CP20   SAPLKWSB       Business Alloc Structure Display

    CP26   RKABCPLN       CO-ABC Planning: Quantities & Price

    CP27   RKABCPLN       CO-ABC Planning: Display Qty/Price

    CP30   SAPLKWM3       Business Process: Change Management

    CP46   RKABCPLN       CO-ABC Planning: Stat. Key Figures

    CP47   RKABCPLN       CO-ABC Planning: Display Stat. KF

    CP65   SAPMKES1       Create ABC Planning Layout (ActInpt

    CP66   SAPMKES1       Change ABC Planning Layout (AcInput

    CP67   SAPMKES1       Display ABC Planning Layout (AcInpt

    CP75   SAPMKES1       Planning Layout: Create Qtys/Prices

    CP76   SAPMKES1       Planning Layout: Change Qtys/Prices

    CP77   SAPMKES1       Planning Layout: Display Qtys/Price

    CP85   SAPMKES1       Create ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)

    CP86   SAPMKES1       Change ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)

    CP87   SAPMKES1       Display ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)

    CP97   SAPMKPT4       Copy Planning for Business Processe

    CP98   SAPMKPT4       Copy Planning for Business Processe

    CRAA   SAPLCRA0       Display Work Center

    CRAH   SAPLCRA0       Create Work Center

    CRAV   SAPLCRA0       Change Work Center

    CRF1   RFFCRD00       Credit Cards: Read Original Data

    CRF2   RFFCRD05       Credit Cards: Delete Standard File

    CRF3   RFFCRD10       Credit Cards: Edit Standard File

    CRF4   RFFCRD20       Credit Cards: Edit Log

    CRK1   SAPLFCR2       Create Card Document

    CRK2   SAPLFCR2       Change Card Document

    CRK3   SAPLFCR2       Display Card Document

    CRNA   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: CR_ARBPL

    CRNH   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: CR_HIERAR

    CRNK   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: CR_KAPA

    CRR1   RFCRDL00       Evaluate Card Master Records

    CRR2   RFCRDL10       Evaluate Card Documents

    CRR3   RFCRDL20       Evaluate Log File

    CRS1   SAPLFCRA       Create Credit Card Master Record

    CRS2   SAPLFCRA       Change Credit Card Master Record

    CRS3   SAPLFCRA       Display Credit Card Master Record

    CRTD   RFFCRDEX       Payment Card: Create Example File

    CRWBD  SAPLCRWBD0     Replication Workbench

    CR00   MENUCR00       Resource Planning Menu

    CR04   SAPMCR05       Test Work Center Formulas

    CR05   RCRA0010       Work Center List

    CR06   RCRA0020       Work Center Assignment to Cost Ctr

    CR07   RCRA0030       Work Center Capacities

    CR08   RCRA0040       Work Center Hierarchy

    CR09   SAPLC0VL       Task list reference text

    CR10   RCRA0050       Work center change documents

    CR11   SAPMC68K       Add Capacity

    CR12   SAPMC68K       Change capacity

    CR13   SAPMC68K       Display Capacity

    CR15   RCRA0031       Capacity where-used

    CR21   SAPMC68H       Create Hierarchy

    CR22   SAPMC68H       Change Hierarchy

    CR23   SAPMC68H       Display Hierarchy

    CR24   SAPLCR06       Create Resource Network

    CR25   SAPLCR06       Change Resource Network

    CR26   SAPLCR06       Display Resource Network

    CR31   SAPLCR06       Create Hierarchy

    CR32   SAPLCR06       Change Hierarchy

    CR33   SAPLCR06       Display Hierarchy

    CR40   RCRA0011       Work center usage in deleted object

    CR41   SAPLCRAR       Archiving work centers

    CR60   RCRA0060       Work center information system

    CSAB   SAPLCSSO       Browse Sales Order BOM

    CSA1   SAPMC29D       Enqueue test for dialog RFC

    CSC5   SAPMC29L       Single-Level Class Where-Used List

    CSD5   SAPMC29L       Single-Level Doc. Where-Used List

    CSKB   SAPLCSSO       Start order Browser

    CSK1   SAPMC29L       Sales order BOM multi-lev. explosio

    CSK2   SAPMC29L       Multi-level sales order BOM

    CSK3   SAPMC29L       Sales order BOM - summarized BOM

    CSMB   SAPLCSSO       Start material BOM browser

    CSPB   SAPLCSSO       Start WBS BOM browser

    CSPC   RSSPECCA       Customer Specifications

    CSP1   SAPMC29L       Multi-level WBS BOM explosion

    CSP2   SAPMC29L       WBS BOM multi-level BOM

    CSP3   SAPMC29L       WBS BOM - summarized BOM

    CS00   MENUCS00       BOM Menu

    CS01   SAPMC29S       Create Material BOM

    CS02   SAPMC29S       Change Material BOM

    CS03   SAPMC29S       Display Material BOM

    CS05   SAPMC29S       Change Material BOM Group

    CS06   SAPMC29S       Display Material BOM Group

    CS07   SAPLCSAL       Allocate Material BOM to Plant

    CS08   SAPLCSAL       Change Material BOM - Plant Alloc.

    CS09   SAPLCSAL       Display Allocations to Plant

    CS11   SAPMC29L       Display BOM Level by Level

    CS12   SAPMC29L       Multilevel BOM

    CS13   SAPMC29L       Summarized BOM

    CS14   SAPMC29V       BOM Comparison

    CS15   SAPMC29L       Single-Level Where-Used List

    CS20   SAPMC29M       Mass Change: Initial Screen

    CS21   SAPMC29M       Mass Material Change: Initial Scree

    CS22   SAPMC29M       Mass Document Change: Initial Scree

    CS23   SAPMC29M       Mass Class Change: Initial Screen

    CS31   SAPMC29S       Create class BOM

    CS32   SAPMC29S       Change class BOM

    CS33   SAPMC29S       Display class BOM

    CS40   SAPLCSAL       Create Link to Configurable Materia

    CS41   SAPLCSAL       Change Material Config. Allocation

    CS42   SAPLCSAL       Display Material Config. Assignment

    CS51   SAPMC29S       Create standard BOM

    CS52   SAPMC29S       Change standard BOM

    CS53   SAPMC29S       Display standard BOM

    CS61   SAPMC29S       Create Order BOM

    CS62   SAPMC29S       Change Order BOM

    CS63   SAPMC29S       Display Order BOM

    CS71   SAPMC29S       Create WBS BOM

    CS72   SAPMC29S       Change WBS BOM

    CS73   SAPMC29S       Display WBS BOM

    CS74   SAPLCSWB       Create multi-level WBS BOM

    CS75   SAPLCSWB       Change multi-level WBS BOM

    CS76   SAPLCSWB       Display multi-level WBS BOM

    CS80   SAPMC29B       Change Documents for Material BOM

    CS81   SAPMC29B       Change Documents for Standard BOM

    CS82   SAPMC29B       Change documents for sales order BO

    CS83   SAPMC29B       Change documents for WBS BOM

    CS84   SAPMC29B       Change documents for class BOM

    CS90   SAPMSNUM       Material BOM Number Ranges

    CS91   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Standard BOMs

    CS92   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Sales Order BOMs

    CTEW   TEW_REMOTE     TEW For Catt

    CTNK   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Characteristics

    CTU6   SAPLKWTU       Function Tree with Tree Control

    CT01   SAPMCTAV       Create Characteristic

    CT02   SAPMCTAV       Change Characteristic

    CT03   SAPMCTAV       Display Characteristic

    CT04   SAPLCTMV       Characteristics

    CT05   SAPLCTMV       Create Characteristic

    CT06   SAPLCTMV       Display Characteristic

    CT10   RCCTMV00       Characteristics List

    CT12   SAPLCTWUL      Where-Used List for Char.Environmen

    CT21   RCCTBI01       Batch Input for Characteristics

    CT22   RCCTBISC       Maint. Seq. File for Characteristic

    CT23   RCCTCN01       Display Chars for Change Number

    CT24   RCCTCN02       Display Change Numbers Used

    CT25   RCCTVDEP       Where-Used List of Chars in Deps

    CUAL   RBDSESCE       Distribution of SCE Knowledge Bases

    CUCK   RCU_COPY_KMAT  Copy Config. Material

    CUD2   RBDSECN2       Distr. Conf. Prof. for GM Task List

    CUD3   RBDSECN3       Distr. Conf. Prof. for Mod. Specs

    CUFD   RBDSEVFN       Distribute Variant Functions

    CUID   RBDSEUI        Distribution of Interface Designs

    CUK2   RBDSENET       Distribute Dependency Nets

    CUNI   SAPMUNIT       Units of measure

    CUNK   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Dependencies

    CUNR   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: CU_INOB

    CUSC   SAPMCUSC       Customize Country Version

    CU00   MENUCU00

    CU01   SAPLCUKD       Create Dependency

    CU02   SAPLCUKD       Change Dependency

    CU03   SAPLCUKD       Display Dependency

    CU04   RCUKDLIS       Dependency List

    CU05   RCUKDVWG       Dependency Where-Used List

    CU21   SAPLCUK1       Create Dependency Net

    CU22   SAPLCUK1       Change Dependency Net

    CU23   SAPLCUK1       Display Dependency Net

    CU31   SAPLCUKB       Create Knowledge Base Object

    CU32   SAPLCUKB       Change Knowledge Base Object

    CU33   SAPLCUKB       Display Knowledge Base Object

    CU34   SAPLCURT       Create Runtime Version for SCE

    CU35   SAPLCURT       Change Runtime Version for SCE

    CU36   SAPLCURT       Display Runtime Version for SCE

    CU37   SAPLCURT       Create SCE Database Schema

    CU41   SAPLCUCO       Create Configuration Profile

    CU42   SAPLCUCO       Change Configuration Profile

    CU43   SAPLCUCO       Display Configuration Profile

    CU44   SAPLCUCP       Material Configuration Overview

    CU45   SAPLCUCP       Standard Network Config. Overview

    CU50   SAPLCUKO       Material Config. Simul./Modelling

    CU51   SAPLCASL       Order BOM

    CU51E  SAPLCASL       CE: Order BOM (eoASL)

    CU52   SAPLCASL       Display Order BOM

    CU52E  SAPLCASL       CE: Display Order BOM


    CU59   RCCUVTDB       Transfer Variant Table Contents

    CU60   SAPLCUD2       Table Maintenance

    CU60E  RCU_UPLOAD_EXCEExcel Upload for Variant Tables

    CU61   SAPLCUTU       Create Table Structure

    CU62   SAPLCUTU       Change Table Structure

    CU63   SAPLCUTU       Display Table Structure

    CU64   RCCUTB00       Table Structure List

    CU65   SAPLCUFU       Create Function

    CU66   SAPLCUFU       Change Function

    CU67   SAPLCUFU       Display Function

    CU68   RCCUFN00       Function List

    CU70   SAPLCLSQ       Create Sort Sequence

    CU71   SAPLCLSQ       Change Sort Sequence

    CU72   SAPLCLSQ       Display Sort Sequence

    CU80   RCCUBD00       Configurable Mat. Characteristics

    CVD1   SAPLCVDA       Edit Report Shipping Orders

    CVII   SAPLCVVC       Display Initial Order on Classific.

    CVIX   SAPLCVV5       Activate event type linkage

    CVIY   SAPLCVV5       Task-specific Customizing

    CVI0   MENUCVI0       Document distribution

    CVI1   SAPLCVV1       Create recipient list

    CVI2   SAPLCVV1       Change recipient list

    CVI3   SAPLCVV1       Display recipient list

    CVI4   SAPLCVV1       All recipients of a document

    CVI6   SAPLCVV1       Display documents of recipient

    CVI7   SAPLCVV1       Start distribution with rec. list

    CVI8   SAPLCVV1       Start document distribution

    CVI9   RCDDSSEL       Log for distribution orders

    CVWD   SAPLCVVW       WWW access:Distribtution order pack

    CVWG   SAPLCVWG       DMS: Test for up/download ActiveX

    CVW1   SAPLCVIT       Internet scenario for doc. search

    CVW2   SAPLCVWEB      Index search DMS in WWW

    CVW3   SAPLCV221      Find documents in the World Wide We

    CVW3A  SAPLCV221      Find documents in the World Wide We

    CVW4   SAPLCV221      Display document lists in WWW

    CVW4A  SAPLCV221      Display document lists in WWW

    CV00   MENUCV00       Document Management

    CV01   SAPMCDOK       Create Document Info Record

    CV01N  SAPLCV110      Create Document

    CV02   SAPMCDOK       Change Document Info Record

    CV02N  SAPLCV110      Change Document

    CV03   SAPMCDOK       Display Document Info Record

    CV03N  SAPLCV110      Display document

    CV04   SAPMCDOK       List Document Info Records

    CV04N  SAPLCV100      Find Document

    CV11   SAPMC29S       Create Document Structure

    CV12   SAPMC29S       Change Document Structure

    CV13   SAPMC29S       Display Document Structure

    CV130  SAPLCV130      TEST_CV130

    CV15   SAPMC29S       Change Document BOM Group

    CV16   SAPMC29S       Display Document BOM Group

    CV22   RCCADI41       Change Frontend Type

    CV30   RCCADI20       Display Transfer Log

    CV31   RCCADI10       Find CAD Interface Errors Online

    CV80   SAPMC29B       Change Documents for Doc. Structure

    CV90   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for documents

    CV91   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Doc. Structures

    CWBQM  SAPLCPRC       QM: Engineering Workbench

    CWVT   MENUCWVT       Merchandise Distribution

    CXAA   FICVIM00       Hierarchy levels

    CXAH   FICVIM00       Hierarchy Level Relationships

    CXAO   FICVIM00       CU / Translation Method Assignments

    CXAP   FICVIM00       Cons Unit/Tax Rate Assignments

    CXAQ   FICVIM00       Cons: CU: Validation Assignment

    CXAR   FICCUC00       Mass Changes - Cons Units

    CXAS   FICCGC00       Mass Changes - Cons Groups

    CXA0   FICRVS00       Mass reversal

    CXA2   FICVIM00       Item Categories

    CXA9   FICVIM00       Reasons for Inclusion

    CXBW0  FICBIW00       Initial Data Transfer

    CXBW1  FICBIW10       Comparison of Data Slice

    CXB1   FICVIM00       Versions

    CXB2   FICVIM00       Consolidation frequencies

    CXB3   FICVIM00       Global System Settings

    CXB4   FICACG00       Generate Authorizations for CGs

    CXB5   FICACG10       Central maintenance of master data

    CXCA   FICVIM00       Financial data types

    CXCC   FICVIM00       Upload Methods: Reported Fin. Data

    CXCD   FICMON00       Data Monitor

    CXCE   FICMON20       Data Monitor for a Cons Unit

    CXCF   FICMON30       Cons Monitor for a Cons Group

    CXCK   FICCPY00       Copy Totals Records

    CXCL   FICCHI00       Cons: Item Substitution/Ret.Earning

    CXCR   FICDLR00       Delete Totals Records

    CXCX   RKKBRPTR       Report Selection

    CXCY   SAPMKKB5       Customizing of Report Selection

    CXC2   FICVIM00       Data Entry Groups

    CXC4   FICVIM00       Data entry profiles

    CXC5   FICVIM00       Cons: Selection parameters FICDOW00

    CXC6   FICVIM00       Cons: Selection parameters FICDOW10

    CXC8   FICVIM00       Assign PC Pathname to CG/CU

    CXC9   FICVIM00       Period Categories

    CXDL   RGUDEL00       Delete trans. data in Cons ledger

    CXDL1  SAPMGCU3       Delete trans. data in Cons ledger

    CXD1   FICVIM00       Currency translation methods

    CXD2   FICVIM00       Exchange Rate Indicators

    CXD3   FICVIM00       Cur.Trl.aff.Earnings: FS Items

    CXEA   FICVIM00       Tasks for Reclassification

    CXEB   FICVIM00       Methods for Reclassification

    CXEC   FICRCL00       Reclassification

    CXED   FICVIM00       Tasks for Prep.for Cons Group Chang

    CXEE   FICVIM00       Cons: Contra Items / Ret. Earnings

    CXEF   FICVIM00       Cons: Rollup Standardized Fin. Data

    CXEG   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Man.Posting - DM

    CXEH   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Reclassific. - D

    CXEI   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Prep/CG Chgs - D

    CXEJ   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Man.Posting - CM

    CXEK   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Reclassific. - C

    CXEL   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Prep/CG Chgs - C

    CXEM   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for IU Elimination

    CXEN   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Cons of Investmt

    CXEO   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc. Types for Realtime Update

    CXEP   FICVIM00       IMG: Document types for EIPI

    CXEUA  FICEUR00       ECCS EURO: Reconcile Totals Records

    CXEUB  FICEUR10       ECCS EURO: Additional Financial Dat

    CXEUC  FICEUR20       ECCS Euro: Integration

    CXEU1  FICEUR50       ECCS EURO: Populate Euro Units

    CXEU4  FICEUR51       ECCS Euro: Status Management

    CXE0   FICVIM00       Task groups

    CXE0P  FICVIM00       Assignment Archiving Log

    CXE1   FICVIM00       Document Types

    CXE5   FICVIM00       Post selected items

    CXE6   FICVIM00       Tasks for IU Elimination

    CXE7   FICVIM00       Methods for Interunit Elimination

    CXE8   FICVIM00       Tasks for IU Elimination

    CXE9N  FICIMG00       Start IMG for SAP Cons (internal)

    CXGP   SAPMF200       Global parameters

    CXG1   FICVIM00       Integrated Entry from Invest./Equit

    CXHA   FICVIM00       Distribution of Dividends

    CXHB   FICVIM00       Director's Bonus

    CXH1   FICVIM00       Minority Interest Items

    CXH2   FICVIM00       Appropriation Items for the Group

    CXH3   FICVIM00       Minority Appropriation Items

    CXH4   FICVIM00       Statistical Equity Capital

    CXIA   FICVIM00       Consolidation tasks

    CXIB   FICVIM00       Cons Tasks: Assign Document Type

    CXI0   FICVIM00       Global Settings for C/I

    CXI1   FICVIM00       Consolidation of investments tasks

    CXI2   FICVIM00       C/I system utilization

    CXI3   FICVIM00       C/I Activities: Default Sequence

    CXI4   FICVIM00       Consolidation of investments method

    CXI5   FICVIM00       Activity/Method Type: Asgn Doc.Type

    CXI9   FICVIM00       Selected Items for C/I

    CXJ1   FICVIM00       Equity Method: Scope of Rptd Data

    CXJ2   FICVIM00       Reported Items for Equity Method

    CXJ3   FICVIM00       Posted Items in Equity Consolidatio

    CXJ4   FICVIM00       Reported items for investments

    CXJ5   FICVIM00       Reported Items for Changes in Equit

    CXLP1  FICLPROT       Display Archived Audit Trail

    CXLP2  FICLPDEL       Delete Archived Logs

    CXL1   SAPMGCU0       Create Ledger

    CXL2   SAPMGCU0       Change Ledger

    CXL3   SAPMGCU0       Display Ledger

    CXL4   SAPMGCU0       Delete Ledger

    CXM1   FICCOI10       Edit Method Hierarchies

    CXM2   FICCOI10       Display method hierarchies

    CXNA   FICPCD00       Download PCA Hierarchies

    CXNB   FICBAD00       Download Business Areas/Companies

    CXNC   FICPCAA1       EC-PCA Trx.Data: Cost Elem./Activit

    CXND   FICPCAA2       EC-PCA Trx.Data: Partner Info

    CXNE   FICPCACE       List CO Cost Elements by Category

    CXNF   FICVIM00       Assign G/L chart and Cons chart

    CXNG   FICICA20       Integrated Cons Units

    CXNH   FICVIM00       Display Integrated Cons Units

    CXNI   FICVIM00       Display Items from Integration

    CXNJ   FICVIM00       Display Subitems from Integration

    CXNL   FICPCAD1       Cons: Download PrCtr Master/Hier.

    CXNM   RGUREC10       Follow-up pstng FI-Doc. (Tot. table

    CXNN   FICMBU00       Write Periodic Extract

    CXNO   FICICA60       Delete Realtime-Updated Documents

    CXNP   FICCOA00       Copy Group Accounts to FS Items

    CXNQ   FICICA30       Display Transferred Documents

    CXNR   FICICA50       Reconc. totals record General/ConsS

    CXNT   FICICA70       Subsequent Integration of Org Units

    CXNU   FICFMV00       Maintain Field Movement/Real.Update

    CXNV   RGCPOS02       Maintain Group Acct in G/L Account

    CXNW   RGUREC10       Subseq.Posting of FI Docs->ConsPrep

    CXNX   FICICA80       Reconcile FI/Cons at Document Level

    CXNY   FICRUL00       Set/Display Lock Mode for Rollup

    CXNZ   FICREC00       Reconciliation Totals Consolidation

    CXN0   FICVIM00       Map Secondary Cost Elements

    CXN001 FICDELRUDOC00  Delete Docs from Realtime Updates

    CXN01  FICVIM00       Maintain Transaction Types of Cons

    CXN013 FICVIM00       Integr. Cons Units - PrCtr Cons

    CXN023 FICVIM00       Integr. Cons Groups - PrCtr Cons

    CXN1   FICICA00       Map Charts/Accts to Cons Charts/Acc

    CXN2   FICICA10       Compare G/L Charts and Cons Charts

    CXN3   FICVIM00       Rules for ID Combination

    CXN4   FICVIM00       Convert Collection of CU Master Dat

    CXN5   FICVIM00       Assign Company Codes/Business Areas

    CXN6   FICVIM00       Cons Type and Dimension Assignments

    CXN7   FICIRD00       Download Rollup-related Data

    CXN8   FICIRU00       Upload Rollup-related Data

    CXP1   FICVIM00       Assign Task groups

    CXP2   FICVIM00       Tasks for Carryforward

    CXP3   FICVIM00       Tasks for Data Collection

    CXP4   FICVIM00       Tasks for Validation of Rptd Data

    CXP5   FICVIM00       Tasks for Manual Posting

    CXP6   FICVIM00       Tasks for Currency Translation

    CXP7   FICVIM00       Tasks for Valid.of Standardized Dat

    CXP8   FICVIM00       Tasks for Rollups

    CXP9   FICVIM00       Tasks for Valid.of consolidated dat

    CXRA   RKDBATV3       Maintain Variant Groups

    CXRB   RKDBAT02       Maintain Variants

    CXRC   RKDBATV4       Schedule Variant Groups

    CXRD   RKDBATV5       Create Variant Groups

    CXRE   RKDREOVG       Reorganization of Variant Groups

    CXRF   RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Group Maintenance

    CXRH   SAPMKXHI       Hierarchy Maintenance

    CXRI   RKDREOBE       Overview of Reports

    CXRK   RMCTCXRK       Maintain Key Figures

    CXRM   SAPMKCB9       Test monitor - drilldown reports

    CXRO   RKCOBTR2       Transport reports

    CXRP   RKCOBTR4       Transport forms

    CXRQ   RCNRCJES       Import Reports from Client

    CXRR   RCNRCJEW       Import Layouts from Client

    CXRT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report

    CXRU   SAPMKCC0       Cross-table translation keys

    CXRV   RKES0101       Maintain global variables

    CXRW   SAPMKCB9       Convert Drilldown Reports

    CXRX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports

    CXRY   RKDREODA       Reorganize report data

    CXRZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms

    CXR0   SAPMKCEE       Run drilldown report

    CXR1   SAPMKCEE       Create drilldown report

    CXR2   SAPMKCEE       Change drilldown report

    CXR3   SAPMKCEE       Display drilldown report

    CXR4   SAPMKES1       Form for creating reports

    CXR5   SAPMKES1       Form for changing reports

    CXR6   SAPMKES1       Form for displaying reports

    CXSA   SAPMF21S       Display Set Maintenance

    CXSB   SAPMF21S       Change Set Maintenance

    CXSC   SAPMF21S       Create Set Maintenance

    CXSD   SAPMF21S       Delete Set Maintenance

    CXS1   FICBCF00       Carry Forward Balances

    CXS3   FICVIM00       Carryforward Items

    CXS4   FICVIM00       Non-carryforward Items

    CXVM   SAPMF200       Call View Maintenance

    CXV1   FICVAL00       Validation

    CXV2   FICVAL10       Create Validation

    CXV3   FICVAL10       Change Validation

    CXV4   FICVAL10       Display Validation

    CXV5   FICVIM00       Maintain equivalency relationship

    CX0AC  SAPMFCG1       Attrib for CU: Maint. Char. Values

    CX0AD  SAPMFCG1       Attrib for CU: Displ. Char. Values

    CX0AE  SAPMFCG1       Subassign.: Maintain Char Values

    CX0AF  SAPMFCG1       Subassign.: Display Char Values

    CX0A1  RKCMKCGD       Edit Characteristics

    CX0A2  SAPMKCGF       Edit Field Groups

    CX0A3  FICCOMD0       Generate Master Data Maint. Modules

    CX0A4  FICREOMV       Reorg.View Maintenance (master data

    CX0A5  SAPMFCG1       Maintain Characteristic Values

    CX0A6  SAPMFCG1       Display Characteristic Values

    CX0A7  SAPMSVMA       Maintain Characteristic Values

    CX0A8  SAPMSVMA       Display Characteristic Values

    CX0C00 FICRIC00       Check Ref. Integrity Customizing

    CX0C10 FICTCL00       Display Chg.Log - MasterData/Custom

    CX0TA  FICTDI00       Import Transaction Data

    CX0TC  FICTPC00       Transport of ECCS Customizing

    CX0T9  FICTDE00       Export Transaction Data

    CX0UD  FICCPD00       Copy Customizing Between Dimensions

    CX0UM  FICMIG00       EC-CS: Migration from FI-LC

    CX0UN  FICNRIV0       Copy Document Number Ranges

    CX0US  FICCPS00       EC-CS: Copy Sets

    CX00   MENUCX00       SAP Cons.: Application Menu

    CX00N  FICMEN00       SAP Cons.: Application Menu

    CX01   MENUCX01       SAP Cons: General Configuration Men

    CX01N  FICMEN00       SAP Cons.: Configuration Menu

    CX1A   SAPMF210       Create Breakdown Categories

    CX1B   SAPMF210       Change Breakdown Categories

    CX1B0  FICLMD50       List Master Data: Cons Units

    CX1B1  FICVIM00       Upload Methods - Cons Units

    CX1B4  FICDCC00       Consistency Check Transaction Data

    CX1C   SAPMF210       Display Breakdown Categories

    CX1C0  FICLMD40       List Master Data: Cons Groups

    CX1C1  FICVIM00       Upload Methods for Cons Groups

    CX1C3  FICUP189       Copy Cons Group Hierarchies

    CX1D   SAPMF210       Create subitem categories

    CX1E   SAPMF210       Change subitem categories

    CX1F   SAPMF210       Display subitem categories

    CX1G   SAPMF210       Create subitems

    CX1H   SAPMF210       Change subitems

    CX1H0  FICHRY90       Where-used List for CG/CU

    CX1H1  FICITH90       FS Items Where-Used List

    CX1I   SAPMF210       Display subitems

    CX1I0  FICVIM00       Upload Methods for FS Items

    CX1I1  FICLMD70       List Master Data: FS Items

    CX1I3  FICITC00       Mass Change: FS Items

    CX1I4  FICVIM00       Breakdown Categories

    CX1I5  FICCPI00       Copy Item Sets

    CX1J   SAPMF21A       Create dimensions

    CX1K   SAPMF21A       Change Dimensions

    CX1L   SAPMF21A       Display dimensions

    CX1M   SAPMF21B       Create consolidation units

    CX1N   SAPMF21B       Change Consolidation Units

    CX1O   SAPMF21B       Display Consolidation Units

    CX1P   SAPMF21B       Create consolidation group

    CX1Q   SAPMF21B       Change consolidation group

    CX1R   SAPMF21B       Display consolidation group

    CX1S   SAPMF21C       Create Hierarchy

    CX1S0  FICVIM00       Upload Methods for Subitems

    CX1S1  FICLMDA0       List Master Data: Subitems

    CX1S3  SAPMF2103      Display subitem category/subitem

    CX1S4  SAPMF2103      Change subitem category/subitem

    CX1T   SAPMF21C       Change Hierarchy

    CX1U   SAPMF21C       Display hierarchy

    CX1X   SAPMF21B       Edit Cons Group Hierarchies

    CX1XN  SAPMF21B       Edit Cons Group Hierarchies

    CX1Y   SAPMF21B       Display CG Hierarchy

    CX1YN  SAPMF21B       Display CG Hierarchy

    CX10   SAPMF210       Create cons charts of accounts

    CX11   SAPMF210       Change cons charts of accounts

    CX12   SAPMF210       Display cons charts of accounts

    CX13   SAPMF210       Create FS items

    CX14   SAPMF210       Change FS items

    CX15   SAPMF210       Display FS items

    CX16   SAPMF2102      Edit Item Hierarchy

    CX17   SAPMF2102      Display Item Hierarchy

    CX19   FICVIM00       CU / Financial Data Type Assignment

    CX2V1  FICVER90       Customize Version

    CX20   FICMON10       Consolidation Monitor

    CX21   SAPMF230       Enter Additional Financial Data

    CX22   SAPMF230       Display Additional financial data

    CX23   FICVIM00       Default Values for Activity Entry

    CX24   FICPDV00       Preparation for Divestiture

    CX26   FICPRO00       Apportionment

    CX27   FICDSM00       List of Last Change of Task Status

    CX3A   RKCTRTX1       Translate Data Entry Layout

    CX3B   FICVIM00       CG: Assign Valid. and CU recordable

    CX3D   RKCOBTR7       Cons: Import Data Entry Layout

    CX3D1  FICDOW20       Download Reported Financial Data

    CX3E   RKCOBTR6       Cons: Transport Data Entry Layout

    CX3FA  FICVIM00       Upload Methods-Fair Value Adjs(Cust

    CX3FC  FICVIM00       Upload Meths: Fair Value Adjs(Value

    CX3FD  FICUP645       Upload Fair Value Adjustments(Value

    CX3FE  FICVIM00       Upload Methods; Product Groups

    CX3FG  FICVIM00       Upload Methods for Breakdown Cats

    CX3FI  FICVIM00       Upload Methods for Goodwill

    CX3FY  FICUPL90       Flexible Upload (generic)

    CX3FZ  FICUPL91       Flexible Upload (generic)

    CX3F0  FICVIM00       Upload Methods - Chgs in Investment

    CX3F1  FICVIM00       Upload Methods - Changes in Equity

    CX3F2  FICVIM00       Upload Methods - Equity Holdings Ad

    CX3F3  FICUP620       Upload Changes in Investments

    CX3F4  FICUP630       Upload Changes in Investee Equity

    CX3F5  FICUP660       Upload Equity Holdings Adjustments

    CX3F6  FICVIM00       Method for uploading inventory data

    CX3F7  FICVIM00       Method for uploading supplier data

    CX3F8  FICUP585       Upload Inventory Data

    CX3F9  FICUP586       Upload Supplier Data

    CX3L1  FICLST30       DB List of Totals Recs/Jrnl Entries

    CX3O0  RKCDPREO       Online Entry: Reorg File Descript.

    CX3O1  FICVIM00       Scaling Factor for Online Entry

    CX30   SAPMF23A       General download

    CX31   SAPMF23B       Specific download

    CX32   FICPCU00       Upload Financial Data; Offline Entr

    CX34   FICLST00       Database list of totals

    CX35   FICINP00       Centralized entry of reported data

    CX36   FICINP00       Display reported financial data

    CX37   SAPMKES1       Create data entry layout

    CX38   SAPMKES1       Change data entry layout

    CX39   SAPMKES1       Display data entry layout

    CX40   FICUMR00       Currency translation

    CX5A   FICNRO00       Cons: Number Ranges - FS Items

    CX5B   FICNRO00       Cons: Number Ranges - Cons Units

    CX5C   FICNRO00       Cons: Number Ranges - Activity No's

    CX5D   FICNRO00       Cons: Number Range - Documents

    CX5E   SAPMF261       Delete Held Documents

    CX5F   SAPMF261       Display Held Documents

    CX5G   SAPMF260       Display Held Document

    CX5H   FICNRO00       Cons: Number Range Maintenance Log

    CX5I1  FICIUE90       Customizing of Interunit Eliminatio

    CX5J1  FICCMP00       Reconcile Totals with Jrnl Entries

    CX5J2  FICCMP00       Reconcile/Update Totals-Jrnl Entrie

    CX5P1  FICIPI50       Inventory Data

    CX5P2  FICIPI60       Supplier Data

    CX5R1  FICRCL90       Customizing of Reclassifications

    CX5TA  FICVIM00       Cons Groups to be Copied

    CX5TB  FICVIM00       Tasks without Settings

    CX5TC  FICVIM00       Cons Units to be Copied

    CX5TD  FICVIM00       Edit Consolidation Cycles

    CX5TE  FICVIM00       Assign Cons Cycles to Versions

    CX5T0  FICVIM00       Custom Tasks

    CX5T1  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Manual Posting; DM

    CX5T2  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Manual Posting; CM

    CX5T3  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Reclassifications; D

    CX5T4  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Reclassifications; C

    CX5T5  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Prep/CG Change; DM

    CX5T6  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Prep/CG Change; CM

    CX5T7  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Elim. of P/L in Inv.

    CX5T8  FICVIM00       Tasks for apportionment

    CX5T9  FICVIM00       Copy Tasks

    CX5UA  FICVIM00       IPI: Item for distribution costs

    CX5UB  FICVIM00       Elim.IU P/L Inv: Subassign; Inv.Ite

    CX5UC  FICVIM00       Global Settings for Elim.of IPI

    CX5UD  FICIPI90       Customizing Listing: IU P/L in Inv.

    CX5U0  FICIPI00       Elim. of IU Profit/Loss in Inventor

    CX5U1  FICVIM00       Product Groups & Inventory Items

    CX5U2  FICVIM00       IPI: Product Group Posting Items

    CX5U3  FICVIM00       IPI: Inventory Item-Dep. Posting It

    CX5U4  FICVIM00       IPI: Offsetting items

    CX5U5  FICVIM00       IPI: Items for translation diff.

    CX5U6  FICVIM00       IPI: Item for reclass.of distr.cost

    CX50   SAPMF260       Enter posting document

    CX51   SAPMF260       Change posting document

    CX52   SAPMF260       Display posting document

    CX53   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance

    CX54   FICICE00       Intercompany elimination

    CX55   FICVIM00       Validate documents

    CX56   FICLST10       Database list of journal entries

    CX57   FICC2I00       Consolidation of investments

    CX58   FICJER00       Journal Entry Report

    CX59   FICVIM00       Journal Entry Layouts

    CX6C1  FICCOI90       Customizing of Cons. of Investments

    CX6C2  FICCSH00       Subitems for Equity Aging Report

    CX6C3  FICCOIB0       Check Customizing of Cons of Invest

    CX6F0  FICGWA10       Goodwill Amortization/Writeup

    CX6F1  FICCOI40       Match Activity Numbers f. Inv./Eqty

    CX6F2  FICVIM00       Fair Value Adjustments

    CX6F3  FICVIM00       Reporting Fair Value Adjustment Dat

    CX6F4  FICHIR00       Rptd Data; FVA: Reporting

    CX6F5  FICHRA00       Changes to Eliminated Fair Value Ad

    CX6F6  FICLMDV0       Fair Value Adjustments

    CX60   SAPMF231       Enter changes in investments

    CX61   SAPMF231       Display changes in investments

    CX62   SAPMF231       Enter Changes in Investee Equity

    CX63   SAPMF231       Display Changes in Equity

    CX64   FICGSH00       Group shares

    CX65   FICINV00       Changes in investments

    CX66   FICEQU00       Changes in investee equity

    CX67   FICGWA00       Amortization of goodwill

    CX68   FICASS00       Equity Holdings Adjustments

    CX7B0  FICVIM00       Customizing realtime update

    CX7B1  FICBIW00       Data transfer initialization

    CX7B2  FICBIW10       Comparison data slice BCS and BW

    CX7B3  FICBIW20       Read from InfoCube

    CX7F0  FICLCU00       List of Ownership

    CX70   SAPMF271       Rollup

    CX71   FICSGN00       Generation of cons group sets

    CX72   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for set generation

    CX73   FICRUP00       Rollup batch processing

    CY00   MENUCY00       Engineering Menu

    CY38   SAPLCYPP05     Resource planning format

    CY39   SAPLCYPP05     Sort layout key maintenance

    CZ48_1 SAPMKES1       PS-CM: Create Planning Layout

    CZ48_2 SAPMKES1       PS-CM: Change Planning Layout

    CZ48_3 SAPMKES1       PS-CM: Display Planning Layout

    CZ48_4 KPCM_LAYOUT_TRATransport Planning Layouts

    CZ48_5 KPCM_LAYOUT_IMPImport Planning Layouts

    C000   MENUC000       Overhead Cost Controlling

    C2N2   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges master recipe

    C201   SAPLCPDI       Create Master Recipe

    C202   SAPLCPDI       Change Master Recipe

    C203   SAPLCPDI       Display Master Recipe

    C210   RCPPPI02       Delete Costing Ind. for Operations

    C211   RCPPPI03       Delete "Flexible Duration" Ind. Ope

    C223   R_TRANSACT_PRODMaintain Production Versions

    C223_D SAPLCMFV       Display Production Version

    C251   RCPDRK01       Print Master Recipes

    C252   RCPDRK02       Print Production Versions

    C260   RMPLAN00       Recipe Development on Time Basis

    C261   RCPCD001       Change Document Display Master Rec.

    C298   RPIREDE2       Delete Master Recipes

    DBCO   RSDBCONN       Database Connection Maintenance

    DB01   RSDB0001       Analyze exclusive lockwaits

    DB02   RSDB0002       Tables and Indexes Monitor

    DB03   RSDB0003       Parameter changes in database

    DB05   RSDB0005       Analysis of a table acc. to index

    DB11   RSSDBCON       Create Database Connection

    DB12   RSDBA850       DBA Backup Logs

    DB13   RSDBAADM       DBA Planning Calendar

    DB13C  RSDBAADM       Central DBA Planning Calendar

    DB14   RSDBASHX       Display DBA Operation Logs

    DB15   SAPLARCC       Data Archiving: Database Tables

    DB16   RSDBACHECK1    Display DB Check Results

    DB17   RSDBACHECK2    Configure DB Check

    DB2    RSDB0004       Select Database Activities

    DB2B   RSDB2BPT       DB2/390: Buffer pool tuning

    DB2C   RSDB2C00       DB2 Catalog Browser

    DB2D   RSDB2DLK       DB2 for OS/390 - Deadlock Monitor

    DB2J   SAPJCL00       Manage JCL Jobs for OS/390

    DB2T   RSDB2TIO       DB2/390 Timeout Monitor

    DB2U   RSDB2LUR       Long Running Units of Recovery

    DB2W   RSDB2WLM       Workload Manager Monitor

    DB2X   RSDB2CHK       DB2/390: database check

    DB20   SAPMSTRD       Update DB Statistics

    DB21   RSDBACBO       Configure DB Statistics

    DB24   XDB24NEW       Administrative Database Operations

    DB26   RSDBPROFILE    DB Profile:Monitor and Configuratio

    DB33   RSINFCK2       DB System check (configure; IFMX)

    DB34   RSINF_DBSPACE_EDbspace extension (IFMX)

    DB36   SAPLSDB6AL     DB6: Alert Configuration

    DB37   SAPLSDB6AL     DB6: Alert Message Log

    DB4DGN SAPLSDB4CCMS   Diagnostics

    DB4LCK SAPLSDB4CCMS   Lock Monitor

    DB50   RSADADBC       SAP DB Assistant

    DB50N  RSSDBDBC       Database Assistant

    DB59   RSSDBLST       SAP DB/liveCache Systems

    DB6CLP SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Command Line Processor

    DB6CST SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Analyze Cumulative SQL Trace

    DB6DBM SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Database Manager Configuration

    DB6DBP SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Database Configuration

    DB6DBS SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Analyze Database Snapshot

    DB6DLK SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Analyze Deadlocks

    DB6EXL SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Analyze Exclusive Lock Waits

    DB6FSC SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: File System Configuration

    DB6SQC SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Analyze SQL Cache

    DB6TAC SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Analyze Table Snapshot

    DB6TRC SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Trace Status

    DEXP   SAPLEXPD       Expediting

    DGA1   SAPTDGA1       DG: Activation DG Checks

    DGCI   SAPDGTXT       DG: Date Determination

    DGD3   SAPLDG62       Checkbox Struc. for T/O-T Materials

    DGE4   DGPDATP1       First database via DGP1

    DGE5   DGPDATCO       DG Filling from Spec. Management

    DGE6   DGPDATCO       DG Simul. of Filling from Spec. Mgm

    DGP0   MENUDGP0       Basic Data: Environment

    DGP1   SAPLDG01       Create Dangerous Goods Master

    DGP10  DGGENAWM       Generate Phrase Sets

    DGP2   SAPLDG01       Change Dangerous Goods Master

    DGP3   SAPLDG01       Display Dangerous Goods Master

    DGP5   DGPPUSHREP     Report for sending dangerous goods

    DGP5S  DGPPUSHREP     Report to Simulate Sending

    DGP7   DGPSHPR        Display import logs

    DGP8   DGPDEPR        Delete import logs

    DGP9   DGPPHRACT      Activate phrase library

    DGR1   DGPSHDG        Displaying DG master data

    DGR2   DGPCHDO        Dangerous goods: Change document

    DGR3   DGPSHPK        Displaying DG packaging data

    DGSD   RC1SDAPL       Display Report Logs

    DGTD   SAPLDG81       DG: Maintain mat-dependent texts

    DGTU   SAPLDG81       DG: Maintain mat-independent texts

    DGUC   DGPCNCMD       DG: Test refer. integrity regulatio

    DGUD   DGPCNCMD       DG: Test ref. integrity of C tables

    DGUM   DGPCNMMD       DG: Convert field LWDG to MasterDat

    DGU0   DGPCN000       DG: Conversion of Customizing Table

    DGU1   DGPCN063       DG: Conversion of DG Reg. tables

    DGU2   DGCONVERT      DG: Conversion Texts/Descriptions

    DGU3   DGPCN_PROPSHIPNDG: Converting the DG Descriptions

    DL10   SAPMV689       Download

    DL11   SAPMV689       Create download profile

    DL12   SAPMV689       Change condition download profile

    DL13   SAPMV689       Display condition download profile

    DMC    DMCGUI0        Start DMC Interface

    DMCAPP DMCGUI2        Maintain Applications in DMC Tool


    DMCISB DMCGUI3        Maintain Direct Input 2

    DMCWB  DMC_WORKBENCH  Workbench for DMC Development

    DMEE   SAPMDMEE       DMEE: Format Tree Maintenance Tool

    DMWB   DMWB_START     Document Modeling Workbench

    DNOTIF SAPLDNO_UI     Basic Notification

    DPRL   SAPMM03M       Change Material When Profile Delete

    DPRV   SAPMM03M       Change Material When Profile Change

    DP101  DPBPRESETFKSAF Reset Billing Plan Date

    DP60   RDPBEMOT10     Change Accounting Indicator in LI

    DP70   RDPFLOW00      Conversion of Individual Orders

    DP80   SAPLVPK_GUI_INTSM: Resource-Related Quotation

    DP81   SAPLVPK_GUI_INTPS: Sales Pricing

    DP82   SAPLVPK_GUI_INTPS: Sales Pricing Project

    DP90   SAPLVPK_GUI_INTCS: Resource-Related Billing Doc.

    DP91   SAPLVPK_GUI_INTSD: Resource-Related Billing Doc.

    DP93   RDPICB         Res.-Rel. Billing Btwn Comp. Codes

    DP95   RVPKMASS       Resource-Rel. Billing; Coll.Process

    DP96   RVPKMASS96     Res-Rel.Billing Collect.Proc - Sale

    DP97   RVPKMASS97     Res-Rel. Billing Collect. Proc.-Srv

    DP98   RDPDMRFLOW     Resource for Billing Request

    DP99A  RDPFLOWREPA    Doc.Flow Reporting - Res.-Rel. Bill

    DP99B  RDPFLOWREPB    Doc.Flow for Res.-Rel. Bill. - SD

    DP99C  RDPFLOWREPC    Doc.Flow for Res.-Rel. Bill.-Servic

    DRC1   SAPMV12A       Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipien

    DRC2   SAPMV12A       Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipien

    DRC3   SAPMV12A       Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipien

    DRPA   SAPMMDRP       Definition of DRP Planning Run

    DRPB   RDRPDEPB       Deployment: Background Processing

    DRPM   RDRPDEPM       Deployment for Material

    DRPO   RDRPDEPO       Deployment for Material

    DRPS   SAPMMDRP       Calculate Safety Stock

    DRPW   RDRPDEPW       Deployment for Plant

    DRP0   RDRPNET1       Network Graphic

    DRP4   RDRPNET1       Network Graphic/Quotas View

    DSA    RDSVAS_SESSADMIService Session Workbench

    DSAL   DS_LOG_DISPLAY Digital Signature Logs

    DSC1   SAPMV12A       Create CondTables: Derivation Sende

    DSC2   SAPMV12A       Create CondTables: Derivation Sende

    DSC3   SAPMV12A       Create CondTables: Derivation Sende

    DTR0   SAPLREDT       Enter Downtimes

    DVCO   SAPMV13R       Condition Records Via Bill of Mat.

    DVDC   RVBDRVDC       Delete Extended Batch Where-Used Ls

    DVDL   RVBDRVDL       Delete Derivation Log

    DVMAN  RVBBTREE       Perform Manual Derivation

    DVMO   RVBDRVMO       Monitor

    DVR1   SAPMV13R       Create Derivation Recipient Record

    DVR2   SAPMV13R       Change Derivation Recipient Record

    DVR3   SAPMV13R       Display Derivation Recipient Record

    DVSA   RVBDRVSA       Shipping Approval

    DVSP   SAPMOMBE       Set Up Derivation

    DVS1   SAPMV13R       Create Derivation Sender Record

    DVS2   SAPMV13R       Change Derivation Sender Record

    DVS3   SAPMV13R       Display Derivation Sender Record

    DWDM   SAPMSDM1       Development Workbench Demos

    DZ00   MENUDZ00       Introduction to decentr.systems

    ECOP   RSECOP01       Main Program for Entity Copier

    EC01   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Company Code

    EC02   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Plant

    EC03   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Controlling Area

    EC04   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Sales Organizatn

    EC05   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Distribution Chn

    EC06   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Division

    EC07   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Shipping Point

    EC08   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Shipping Point

    EC09   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Warehouse Number

    EC10   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Personnel Area

    EC11   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Personnel Subare

    EC12   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Employee Subgrou

    EC13   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Purchasing Org.

    EC14   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Storage Location

    EC15   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Material Type

    EC16   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Controlling Area

    EDIT   SAJTED13       Juergen's Editor

    EEAK   RPLEEAK0       Employment equity - Canada

    EEWB   OXT_NAVIGATOR  Easy Enhancement Workbench

    EFCC   EFG_FORM_MASS  Application Form Mass Processing

    EFCM   EFG_FORMCLASS_MPrint Workbench Form Class Processg

    EFCS   SAPLEFGC       Print Workbench: Form Class

    EFGM   EFG_FORM_MASS  Print Workbench Mass Processing

    EFGN   EFG_FORM_ACTIVAPrint Workbench: Mass Activation

    EFRM   SAPLEFGF       Print Workbench: Application Form

    EFTP   EFG_FORM_MASS  Application Form Mass Processing

    EFTR   EFG_CREATE_TRANPrint Workbench: Generate Trans.Lis

    EFTRSL SAPLEFTR       Print Wbench Trans. for Translation

    EFTT   EFG_MAINTAIN_WOPrint Workbench: Transl. Worklist

    EFUD   SAPLEFGF       Print Workbench: Application Form

    EHQL   EHQMP_DB_LOAD_LEH&S-QM: Display Logs

    EMAIL  SAPMSX02       SAPconnect Easy EMail

    EMU1   RFVDEMU1       Convert Loans to EURO

    EMU2   RFVDEMU2       Reset Conversion to EURO

    ENCO   SAPMV99E       Printing / Communication

    ENFO   SAPMV99E       Foreign Trade/Customs: Init. Screen

    ENGK   SAPMV52E       Legal control

    ENGR   SAPLV50G       Periodic Declarations

    ENLO   SAPMV86E       Documentary Payments

    ENPA   SAPLV50G       FT: Enjoy: Period-end Closings

    ENPR   SAPMV95E       Preference Handling

    ENSL   SAPLVFSM       Cockpit: Sanctioned Party List

    ENSV   SAPMV96E       Foreign Trade Data Maintenance

    ENZD   SAPMV98E       Customs Objects: Documentation/Info

    EN99   SAPMV99E       General Foreign Trade Processing

    EPAR   SAPRISU_PRINTACList Print Action Records

    EPA1   SAPLEEPA       Create Print Action Record

    EPA2   SAPLEEPA       Change Print Action Record

    EPA3   SAPLEEPA       Display Print Action Record

    EWA0   EWUCOOLI       EMU Conv: RE Load CO Objects

    EWA1   RAT08401       FI-AA: Analysis of assets w/errors

    EWA2   RAEWAS0B       FI-AA: Asset before&after compariso

    EWA3   RAEWUC0P       Reconcil. of critical FI-AA documts

    EWA7   EWURA001       AA Totals Record Reconciliation

    EWA8   EWURA001       AA Balances Reconciliation

    EWA9   EWURA001       AA Asset Status Reconciliation

    EWCF   EWUCONFM       Confirm Euro Currency Customizing

    EWCK   EWURA001       Currency Check BKPF; KONV

    EWCM   SAPMEWCM       Maintain Currency Tables for Euro

    EWCT   SAP1EWCT       Currency Test Converter

    EWC0   RKAABR01       RKAABR01: Order Settlement Analysis

    EWC1   EWURA001       CO-PA Reports Translation

    EWC2   RKACOFI2       CO Reconciliation Ledger

    EWC4   EWURA001       Reconciliation of Parked Docs FM

    EWFC   SAPLEWFC       IS-U Front Office Configuration

    EWFC0  SAPLEWFC       Action Box Configuration

    EWFC1  SAPLEWFC       Action Config. for HTML Operation

    EWFG   RGEURBAL       Add Up Totals Records

    EWFS   EWURA001       Check for Balances in Local Currenc

    EWF1   RFEWSBAL       Display FI/AA Adjustment Difference

    EWF2   RFEWSSOP       Display Open Item Total at Key Date

    EWF3   RFEWSDOC       Display Critical Documents

    EWF4   RFEWSSCA       Display Clearing Proced.Adjustment

    EWF7   EWURA001       Delete Table EWUFI_SOP

    EWF8   EWURA001       Compare Index w.Transaction Figures

    EWF9   EWURA001       Compare Index w.Transaction Figures

    EWG5   EWURA001       Consolidation Staging Ledger

    EWK0   EWUCU02A       Customer Development: Find Fields

    EWK1   EWUCU02B       Cust.Development: Curr.in Report Tx

    EWK2   EWUCU02C       Cust.Development: Curr.on Screen

    EWK3   EWUCU001       Customer Development: Assign Rule

    EWK4   EWUCU003       Customer Development: Save Selectio

    EWM1   EWURA001       MM Fill Fields in EBAN

    EWM3   EWUMMRTL_40    Match MM Sales Values

    EWM4   EWURA001       MM Purchase Order History Adjustmen

    EWM6   EWUMMPOB       Reconcile GR/IR Clearing Account

    EWR1   EWUTFV02       TR-IS Check Securities Customizing

    EWSH   SAPMEWWU       EMU Procedure Monitor

    EWS2   EWUARCH2       Evaluate Archived Data

    EWS3   EWUARCHI       List of Critical Archives

    EWTF   SAPMEWTF       Table Selection for RESTART/NO VIEW

    EWT0   EWUPLANJ       Change Plan Year for Chngover Pckge

    EWT1   EWUSETRS       Set Ability to be Restarted

    EWT2   EWUAKTIV       Activate a Changeover Package

    EWT3   EWUPROST       Start Forecast

    EWUD   SAPREWU6       EMU mass conversion in cust. master

    EWUL   SAPREWU5       Currency conversion vendors

    EWUO   SDEWUORD       Transaction data for EMU conversion

    EWUS   SAPMSIZE       Maintain Largest Tables

    EWUT   RFTBEUR00      EMU: TA currency changeover FX/MM/D

    EWWA   SAPMEWKE       Currency Select.f.Changeover Packag

    EWWB   SAPLEWKE       Determining Ratios & Exchange Rates

    EWZA   EWUSETPH       Confirm System Settings

    EWZ5   EWULKUSR       Lock Users

    EWZ6   EWULKUSR       Unlock System

    EW00   MENUEW00       Conversions for the Euro

    EW10   EWURA001       EMU: Load Organization Objects

    EW11   EWURA001       EMU: Load CO-PA Objects

    EW13   EWURA001       EMU: Load Conversion Info for LIS

    EW14   EWURA001       EMU: Load Conversion Info for EIS

    EW16   EWURA001       Records No. of Largest Tables

    EW17   EWURA001       Determine Required Database Memory

    EW18   EWURA001       EMU: Load Depreciation Areas

    EW28   EWURA001       EMU: Load CO Objects

    EW29   EWURA001       EMU: Load Tables for FI-SL

    EW3Z   SAPMEW4Z       Currency Select.f.Changeover Packag

    EW30   EWURA001       FI Previous Open Item Reconciliatio

    EW35   EWURA001       FI Previous Clearing Procedures

    EW36   EWURA001       FI Documents/Trans.Figures Analysis

    EW38   RM07MBST       EMU Conversion: MM Stock Value List

    EW39   EWURA001       FI Open Item Selection

    EW4Z   SAPMEW4Z       Currency Select.f.Changeover Packag

    EW45   EWURA001       FI D/C G/L Accts Analysis bef.Conv.

    EW46   EWURA001       MM Edit Contract Release Order Docu

    EW47   EWUMACOP       Create Standard Package

    EW48   EWUMEKAA       MM Display Archived Purchasing Docs

    EW49   EWURA001       MM MM --> FI Balance Comparison

    EW50   EWURA001       MM Post Adjustment Documents

    EW51   EWURA001       FI S/L-G/L Reconciliation Analysis

    EW53   EWURA001       FI Check Customizing

    EW55   EWURA001       FI Adjust D/C G/L Accounts

    EW57   EWUSTRNA       EMU Conv: Start Postprocess.Program

    EW58   EWUSTRUM       EMU Conv.: Conversion Programs Star

    EW59   EWUSTRVO       EMU Conv.: Start Preprocess.Program

    EW61   EWURA001       EMU Conv.: CO Credit w.Settl.Tables

    EW62   EWURA001       EMU Conv.: CO Settlmnt Tables Recon

    EW63   EWURA001       EMU Conv.: CO Commt Totals Structur

    EW64   EWURA001       EMU Conv.: CO Dwn Pmnt Totals Struc

    EW65   EWURA001       EMU: CO-AA Comparison for Investmnt

    EW67   EWURA001       EMU: AA Summary Records Selection

    EW68   EWURA001       EMU: AA Balance Adjustment

    EW69   EWURA001       AA Transaction Figure Reconciliatio

    EW72   EWURA001       FI Subsequent Open Item Selection

    EW73   EWURA001       Investment Programs Adjustment

    EW74   EWURA001       FI Subseq.Open Item Reconciliation

    EW75   EWURA001       FI Subsequent SL/GL Reconciliation

    EW76   EWURA001       FI Docs/Trans.Figures Reconciliatio

    EW77   EWURA001       FI Docs/Transaction Figures Adjustm

    EW80   EWURA001       MM Totals Comparison MBEW

    EW82   EWURA001       MM Stock Value List

    EW84   EWURA001       List MM Differences

    EW93   EWURA001       EMU: Load Conversion Info for FI-SL

    EW94   SAPMEWTF       EMU: Tables RESTART FLAG

    EXPD   REXPDSEL       Expediting

    F.0B   RFAWVZ40       G/L: Create Z2 to Z4

    F.01   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: Balance Sheet

    F.02   SAPMS38M       Compact Journal

    F.03   SAPMS38M       Reconciliation

    F.04   SAPMS38M       G/L: Create Foreign Trade Report

    F.06   SAPMS38M       Foreign Currency Valuation:G/L Asst

    F.07   SAPMS38M       G/L: Balance Carryforward

    F.08   SAPMS38M       G/L: Account Balances

    F.09   SAPMS38M       G/L: Account List

    F.1A   SAPF130P       Customer/Vendor Statistics

    F.1B   SAPF130Z       Head Office and Branch Index

    F.10   SAPMS38M       G/L: Chart of Accounts

    F.11   SAPMS38M       G/L: General Ledger from Doc.File

    F.12   SAPMS38M       Advance Tax Return

    F.13   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: Automatic Clearing

    F.14   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: Recurring Entries

    F.15   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: List Recurr.Entries

    F.16   SAPFGVTR       ABAP/4 Report: G/L Bal.Carryforward

    F.17   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: Cust.Bal.Confirmatio

    F.18   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: Vend.Bal.Confirmatio

    F.19   SAPMS38M       G/L: Goods/Invoice Received Clearin

    F.2E   SAPMS38M       Reconciliation Btwn Affiliated Comp

    F.20   SAPMS38M       A/R: Account List

    F.21   SAPMS38M       A/R: Open Items

    F.22   SAPMS38M       A/R: Open Item Sorted List

    F.23   SAPMS38M       A/R: Account Balances

    F.24   SAPMS38M       A/R: Interest for Days Overdue

    F.25   SAPMS38M       Bill of Exchange List

    F.26   SAPMS38M       A/R: Balance Interest Calculation

    F.27   SAPMS38M       A/R: Periodic Account Statements

    F.28   SAPMS38M       Customers: Reset Credit Limit

    F.29   SAPMFKM0       A/R: Set Up Info System 1

    F.30   RFDRRANZ       A/R: Evaluate Info System

    F.35   RFDKLI41       Credit Master Sheet

    F.38   RFUMSV25       Transfer Posting of Deferred Tax

    F.40   SAPMS38M       A/P: Account List

    F.41   SAPMS38M       A/P: Open Items

    F.42   SAPMS38M       A/P: Account Balances

    F.44   SAPMS38M       A/P: Balance Interest Calculation

    F.45   SAPMFKM0       A/P: Set Up Info System 1

    F.46   RFKRRANZ       A/P: Evaluate Info System

    F.5D   SAPMS38M       G/L: Update Bal. Sheet Adjustment

    F.5E   SAPMS38M       G/L: Post Balance Sheet Adjustment

    F.5F   SAPMS38M       G/L: Balance Sheet Adjustment Log

    F.5G   SAPMF00H       G/L: Subseq.Adjustment(BA/PC) Sp.Er

    F.50   SAPF181        G/L: Profitability Segment Adjustmn

    F.51   SAPMS38M       G/L: Open Items

    F.52   SAPMS38M       G/L: Acct Bal.Interest Calculation

    F.53   SAPMS38M       G/L: Account Assignment Manual

    F.54   SAPMS38M       G/L: Structured Account Balances

    F.56   SAPMFKM0       Delete Recurring Document

    F.57   SAPMFKM0       G/L: Delete Sample Documents

    F.61   SAPMS38M       Correspondence: Print Requests

    F.62   SAPMS38M       Correspondence: Print Int.Documents

    F.63   SAPMS38M       Correspondence: Delete Requests

    F.64   SAPMS38M       Correspondence: Maintain Requests

    F.70   RFWMAN00       Bill/Exchange Pmnt Request Dunning

    F.71   RFWEDX00       DME with Disk: B/Excha. Presentatio

    F.75   RFWEKO01       Extended Bill/Exchange Information

    F.93   RFWOBL00       Maintain Bill Liability and Rem.Ris

    F.97   RKKBRPTR       General Ledger: Report Selection

    F.98   RKKBRPTR       Vendors: Report Selection

    F.99   RKKBRPTR       Customers: Report Selection

    F-01   SAPMF05A       Enter Sample Document

    F-02   SAPMF05A       Enter G/L Account Posting

    F-03   SAPMF05A       Clear G/L Account

    F-04   SAPMF05A       Post with Clearing

    F-05   SAPMF05A       Post Foreign Currency Valuation

    F-06   SAPMF05A       Post Incoming Payments

    F-07   SAPMF05A       Post Outgoing Payments

    F-19   SAPMF05A       Reverse Statistical Posting

    F-20   SAPMF05A       Reverse Bill Liability

    F-21   SAPMF05A       Enter Transfer Posting

    F-22   SAPMF05A       Enter Customer Invoice

    F-25   SAPMF05A       Reverse Check/Bill of Exch.

    F-26   SAPMF05A       Incoming Payments Fast Entry

    F-27   SAPMF05A       Enter Customer Credit Memo

    F-28   SAPMF05A       Post Incoming Payments

    F-29   SAPMF05A       Post Customer Down Payment

    F-30   SAPMF05A       Post with Clearing

    F-31   SAPMF05A       Post Outgoing Payments

    F-32   SAPMF05A       Clear Customer

    F-33   SAPMF05A       Post Bill of Exchange Usage

    F-34   SAPMF05A       Post Collection

    F-35   SAPMF05A       Post Forfaiting

    F-36   SAPMF05A       Bill of Exchange Payment

    F-37   SAPMF05A       Customer Down Payment Request

    F-38   SAPMF05A       Enter Statistical Posting

    F-39   SAPMF05A       Clear Customer Down Payment

    F-40   SAPMF05A       Bill of Exchange Payment

    F-41   SAPMF05A       Enter Vendor Credit Memo

    F-42   SAPMF05A       Enter Transfer Posting

    F-43   SAPMF05A       Enter Vendor Invoice

    F-44   SAPMF05A       Clear Vendor

    F-47   SAPMF05A       Down Payment Request

    F-48   SAPMF05A       Post Vendor Down Payment

    F-49   SAPMF05A       Customer Noted Item

    F-51   SAPMF05A       Post with Clearing

    F-52   SAPMF05A       Post Incoming Payments

    F-53   SAPMF05A       Post Outgoing Payments

    F-54   SAPMF05A       Clear Vendor Down Payment

    F-55   SAPMF05A       Enter Statistical Posting

    F-56   SAPMF05A       Reverse Statistical Posting

    F-57   SAPMF05A       Vendor Noted Item

    F-62   SAPMSTBM       Maintain Table: Exchange Rates

    F-63   SAPLF040       Park Vendor Invoice

    F-64   SAPLF040       Park Customer Invoice

    F-65   SAPLF040       Preliminary Posting

    F-66   SAPLF040       Park Vendor Credit Memo

    F-67   SAPLF040       Park Customer Credit Memo

    F-90   SAPMF05A       Acquisition from purchase w. vendor

    F-91   SAPMF05A       Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acc

    F-92   SAPMF05A       Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer

    F/LA   SAPMV14A       Create Pricing Report

    F/LB   SAPMV14A       Change pricing reports

    F/LC   SAPMV14A       Display pricing reports

    F/LD   SAPMV14A       Execute pricing reports

    F_71   RFWEDX00       DME with Disk: B/Excha. Presentatio

    F_72   RFWOBL00       Mass Bill/Exch.Liability Maintenanc

    F_75   RFWEKO01       Extended Bill/Exchange Information

    F_76   RFWEKO02       Extended Bill of Exchange List (ALV

    FAKA   SAPMFKA0       Config.: Show Display Format

    FAKP   SAPMFKA0       Config.: Maintain Display Format

    FARI   MENUFARI       AR Interface: Third-party applicatn

    FA39   SAPMFKM0       Call up report with report variant

    FBA1   SAPMF05A       Customer Down Payment Request

    FBA2   SAPMF05A       Post Customer Down Payment

    FBA3   SAPMF05A       Clear Customer Down Payment

    FBA6   SAPMF05A       Vendor Down Payment Request

    FBA7   SAPMF05A       Post Vendor Down Payment

    FBA8   SAPMF05A       Clear Vendor Down Payment

    FBBA   SAPMFKS0       Display Acct Determination Config.

    FBBCX  SAPMFCX1       Post Document with Currency Exchang

    FBBP   SAPMFKS0       Maintain Acct Determination Config.

    FBBRVO RFID_BR_VENDOP Vendor Operation

    FBB1   SAPMF05A       Post Foreign Currency Valn

    FBCJ   SAPMFCJ0       Cash Journal

    FBC80  RFFRCBIC80     French Central Bank Reporting

    FBDF   MENUFBDF       Menu Banque de France

    FBD1   SAPMF05A       Enter Recurring Entry

    FBD2   SAPMF05L       Change Recurring Entry

    FBD3   SAPMF05L       Display Recurring Entry

    FBD4   SAPMF01A       Display Recurring Entry Changes

    FBD5   SAPMF05A       Realize Recurring Entry

    FBD9   SAPMF05A       Enter Recurring Entry

    FBE1   SAPMF06A       Create Payment Advice

    FBE2   SAPMF06A       Change Payment Advice

    FBE3   SAPMF06A       Display Payment Advice

    FBE6   SAPMF06A       Delete Payment Advice

    FBE7   SAPMF06A       Add to Payment Advice Account

    FBFT   RFFR0TB0       Customizing BDF

    FBF1   RFFR0C01       C80 Reporting Minus Sp.G/L Ind.

    FBF2   RFFR0C02       Financial Transactions

    FBF3   RFFRLIST       Control Report

    FBF4   RFFRPCD1       Download Documents

    FBF5   RFFR2C01       Reports Minus Vendor Accounts

    FBF6   RFFRMOD1       Document Changes

    FBF7   RFFR1C01       C80 Reports Minus Sp.G/L Ind.

    FBF8   RFFR0E84       C84 Reports

    FBKA   SAPMFKB0       Display Accounting Configuration

    FBKF   SAPDFKB1       FBKP/Carry Out Function (Internal)

    FBKP   SAPMFKB0       Maintain Accounting Configuration

    FBL1   RFEPOS00       Display Vendor Line Items

    FBL1N  RFITEMAP       Vendor Line Items

    FBL2   RFEPOS00       Change Vendor Line Items

    FBL2N  RFITEMAP       Vendor Line Items

    FBL3   RFEPOS00       Display G/L Account Line Items

    FBL3N  RFITEMGL       G/L Account Line Items

    FBL4   RFEPOS00       Change G/L Account Line Items

    FBL4N  RFITEMGL       G/L Account Line Items

    FBL5   RFEPOS00       Display Customer Line Items

    FBL5N  RFITEMAR       Customer Line Items

    FBL6   RFEPOS00       Change Customer Line Items

    FBL6N  RFITEMAR       Customer Line Items

    FBMA   SAPMFKD0       Display Dunning Procedure

    FBME   MENUFBME       Banks

    FBMP   SAPMFKD0       Maintain Dunning Procedure

    FBM1   SAPMF05A       Enter Sample Document

    FBM2   SAPMF05L       Change Sample Document

    FBM3   SAPMF05L       Display Sample Document

    FBM4   SAPMF01A       Display Sample Document Changes

    FBN1   SAPMSNUM       Accounting Document Number Ranges

    FBN2   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FI_PYORD

    FBPM   SAPFPAYM       Payment medium program of PMW

    FBPM1  SAPFPAYM_MERGE Cross-Payment Run Payment Medium

    FBPM2  RFMPAY00       Status Report

    FBP1   SAPMF05A       Enter Payment Request

    FBRA   SAPMF05R       Reset Cleared Items

    FBRC   SAPLFCCR       Reset Cleared Items (Payment Cards)

    FBR1   SAPMF05A       Post with Reference Document

    FBR2   SAPMF05A       Post Document

    FBS1   SAPMF05A       Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc.

    FBTA   SAPMFKT0       Display Text Determin.Configuration

    FBTP   SAPMFKT0       Maintain Text Determin.Configuratio

    FBU2   SAPMF05L       Change Intercompany Document

    FBU3   SAPMF05L       Display Intercompany Document

    FBU8   SAPMF05U       Reverse Cross-Company Code Document

    FBVB   SAPMF05A       Post Parked Document

    FBV0   SAPMF05V       Post Parked Document

    FBV1   SAPMF05V       Park Document

    FBV2   SAPMF05V       Change Parked Document

    FBV3   SAPMF05V       Display Parked Document

    FBV4   SAPMF05V       Change Parked Document (Header)

    FBV5   SAPMF01A       Document Changes of Parked Document

    FBV6   SAPMF05V       Parked Document $

    FBWD   SAPMFBWD       Returned Bills of Exchange Payable

    FBWD2  SAPMFBWD       Parameter Transaction for FBWD

    FBWE   SAPMFBWE       Bill/Exch.Presentatn - Internationa

    FBWO   RFORBIANDISC00 Discounting of Orbian Credits

    FBW1   SAPMF05A       Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt Request

    FBW2   SAPMF05A       Post Bill of Exch.acc.to Pmt Reques

    FBW3   SAPMF05A       Post Bill of Exchange Usage

    FBW4   SAPMF05A       Reverse Bill Liability

    FBW5   SAPMF05A       Customer Check/Bill of Exchange

    FBW6   SAPMF05A       Vendor Check/Bill of Exchange

    FBW7   RFFBWD00       Bank file to file system (for FBWD)

    FBW8   RFFBWD10       File to Bank (for Transaction FBWD)

    FBZA   SAPLFBZP       Display Pmnt Program Configuration

    FBZG   SAPMFBZG       Failed Customer Payments

    FBZP   SAPLFBZP       Maintain Pmnt Program Configuration

    FBZ0   SAPF110O       Display/Edit Payment Proposal

    FBZ1   SAPMF05A       Post Incoming Payments

    FBZ2   SAPMF05A       Post Outgoing Payments

    FBZ3   SAPMF05A       Incoming Payments Fast Entry

    FBZ4   SAPMF05A       Payment with Printout

    FBZ5   SAPMFCHK       Print Check for Payment Document

    FBZ8   SAPF110O       Display Payment Run

    FB00   SAPMF05O       Accounting Editing Options

    FB01   SAPMF05A       Post Document

    FB02   SAPMF05L       Change Document

    FB03   SAPMF05L       Display Document

    FB03Z  SAPMF05L       Display Document/Payment Usage

    FB04   SAPMF01A       Document Changes

    FB05   SAPMF05A       Post with Clearing

    FB07   SAPMF05K       Control Totals

    FB08   SAPMF05A       Reverse Document

    FB09   SAPMF05L       Change Line Items

    FB09D  SAPMF05L       Display Line Items

    FB1D   SAPMF05A       Clear Customer

    FB1K   SAPMF05A       Clear Vendor

    FB1S   SAPMF05A       Clear G/L Account

    FB10   SAPMF05A       Invoice/Credit Fast Entry

    FB11   SAPMF05A       Post Held Document

    FB12   SAPMF05M       Request from Correspondence

    FB13   SAPMF05L       Release for Payments

    FB15   RFDECIDEOI     Assign Items

    FB16   RFDECIDEOI     Assign Items

    FB16EA RFDECIDEOI     Assign Items

    FB17   RFWORKON09     Open Item Assignmnt: Check from Lis

    FB18   RFMAIL01       Maintain Standard Mail Texts

    FB21   SAPMF05A       Enter Statistical Posting

    FB22   SAPMF05A       Reverse Statistical Posting

    FB31   SAPMF05A       Enter Noted Item

    FB41   SAPMF05A       Post Tax Payable

    FB50   SAPMF05A       G/L Acct Pstg: Single Screen Trans.

    FB60   SAPMF05A       Enter Incoming Invoices

    FB65   SAPMF05A       Enter Incoming Credit Memos

    FB70   SAPMF05A       Enter Outgoing Invoices

    FB75   SAPMF05A       Enter Outgoing Credit Memos

    FB99   SAPLFACU       Check if Documents can be Archived

    FCCR   SAPMFCCR       Payment Card Evaluations

    FCC1   SAPMS38M       Payment Cards: Settlement

    FCC2   SAPMS38M       Payment Cards: Repeat Settlement

    FCC3   SAPMS38M       Payment Cards: Delete Logs

    FCHA   RFCHKA00       Check archiving

    FCHB   RFCHKA20       Check retrieval

    FCHD   RFCHKD00       Delete Payment Run Check Informatio

    FCHE   RFCHKD10       Delete Voided Checks

    FCHF   RFCHKD20       Delete Manual Checks

    FCHG   RFCHKD30       Delete cashing/extract data

    FCHI   SAPMFCHI       Check Lots

    FCHK   MENUFCHK       Check Tracing Initial Menu

    FCHN   RFCHKN10       Check Register

    FCHR   SAPMFCHK       Online Cashed Checks

    FCHT   SAPMFCHK       Change Check/Payment Assignment

    FCHU   RFCHKU00       Create Reference for Check

    FCHX   RFCHKE00       Check Extract - Creation

    FCH1   SAPMFCHK       Display Check Information

    FCH2   SAPMFCHK       Display Payment Document Checks

    FCH3   SAPMFCHK       Void Checks

    FCH4   SAPMFCHK       Renumber Checks

    FCH5   SAPMFCHK       Create Check Information

    FCH6   SAPMFCHK       Change Check Information/Cash Check

    FCH7   SAPMFCHK       Reprint Check

    FCH8   SAPMFCHK       Reverse Check Payment

    FCH9   SAPMFCHK       Void Issued Check

    FCKR   RFEBCK00       International cashed checks

    FCMM   MENUFCMM       C FI  Preparations for consolidatio

    FCMN   MENUFCMN       FI   Initial Consolidation Menu

    FCODOC RFCODOCUMENT   Display Failure Cost Documents

    FCOEX  SAPLFCO_COCKPITStart Additional Expense Posting

    FCOST  SAPLFCO_COCKPITStart Failure Cost Processing

    FCRD   MENUFCRD       Credit Cards

    FC038  CACS_CASE_COMPACompare Test Groups

    FC039  CACS_ADHOC_CASEComparison by Selection Criteria

    FC10   RFBILA00       Financial Statements Comparison

    FC11   RGCMBU00       Data Extract for FI Transfer

    FC80   RFFRDDE0       Document C80

    FC82   RFFRDDE0       Document C82

    FD-1   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVD_RANL

    FDCU   MENUFDCU       Loans customizing menu

    FDFD   SAPMFFD1       Cash Management Implementation Tool

    FDIB   RKDBAT02       Background Processing

    FDIC   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type

    FDIK   RFBRFSIK       Maintain Key Figures

    FDIM   SAPMKCB9       Report Monitor

    FDIO   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports

    FDIP   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms

    FDIQ   RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000

    FDIR   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000

    FDIT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report

    FDIV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable

    FDIX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports

    FDIY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data

    FDIZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms

    FDI0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report

    FDI1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report

    FDI2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report

    FDI3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report

    FDI4   SAPMKES1       Create Form

    FDI5   SAPMKES1       Change Form

    FDI6   SAPMKES1       Display Form


    FDOO   RFVDORD0       Borrower's notes order overview

    FDTA   SAPMFDTA       TemSe/REGUT Data Administration

    FDTT   SAPMFTDT       Treasury Data Medium Administration


    FD01   SAPMF02D       Create Customer (Accounting)

    FD02   SAPMF02D       Change Customer (Accounting)

    FD03   SAPMF02D       Display Customer (Accounting)

    FD04   SAPMF01A       Customer Changes (Accounting)

    FD05   SAPMF02D       Block Customer (Accounting)

    FD06   SAPMF02D       Mark Customer for Deletion (Acctng)

    FD08   SAPMF02D       Confirm Customer Individually(Actng

    FD09   RFDCON00       Confirm Customer List (Accounting)

    FD10   SAPMF42B       Customer Account Balance

    FD10N  RFARBALANCE    Customer Balance Display

    FD10NA RFARBALANCE    Customer Bal. Display with Worklist

    FD11   SAPMF42B       Customer Account Analysis

    FD24   SAPMF01A       Credit Limit Changes

    FD32   SAPMF02C       Change Customer Credit Management

    FD33   SAPMF02C       Display Customer Credit Management

    FD37   SAPMF02C       Credit Management Mass Change

    FEBA   SAPMF40A       Postprocess Electronic Bank Statmt

    FEBAN  SAPLNEW_FEBA   Bank statement postprocessing

    FEBC   RFBASM00       Generate Multicash format

    FEBMSG OFX_MSG_SELECT_Display Internet Messages

    FEBOAS OFX_ACCOUNT_STMRequest Account Statement via OFX


    FEBP   RFEBKA30       Post Electronic Bank Statement

    FEBSTS SAPMF40M       Search String Search Simulation

    FECA   FERCA000       Customizing Archiving

    FECC   FERCVIEW       Control of messages by the user

    FECJ   FERCR310       Create job for multiple periods

    FECM   FERCC000       Online manual

    FECP   FERCT020       Copy regulatory parameters

    FEC6   FERCVIEW       Regulatory indicator assignment

    FEOD   FERCR220_OLD   Drill down (Old version)

    FEOT   FERCR210_OLD   Flow of cost trace  (Old version)

    FEP4   FERCC002       Plan versions

    FEP5   FERCC002       Fiscal year dep. version parameters

    FEP6   FERCC002       Plan versions

    FEP7   FERCC002       Fiscal year dep. version parameters

    FERC   MENUFERC       Regulatory reporting

    FERD   FERCR220       Drill down

    FERE   FERCT000       Transport periodic parameters

    FERH   FERCR200       Processing history

    FERN   FERCC000       Release notes

    FERQ   FERCM000       Process plan

    FERR   FERCR100       Reverse regulatory procedure

    FERS   FERCM000       Process actual

    FERT   FERCR210C      Flow of cost trace

    FERV   FERCR300       Validate regulatory configuration

    FER0   FERCR000       Standard cost adjustment

    FER1   FERCR010       Trace flow of primary costs

    FER2   FERCR020       Post primary costs

    FER3   FERCR030       Post variance allocations

    FER4   FERCR040       Direct postings

    FER5   FERCR050       Prepare drill down

    FESA   FERCR280       Summarized final objects

    FESR   RFESR000       Importing of POR File (Switzerland)

    FEUB   RFVIBEPP       Adjust VIBEPP after EURO conversion

    FEVF6  FERCC010       Organizational assignment of object

    FEV1   FERCC010       Controlling area dependent paramete

    FEV10  FERCC010       Secondary cost elem. to be ignored

    FEV11  FERCC010       Regulatory indicator assignmnt fiel

    FEV13  FERCC010       Clearing cost elements

    FEV13A FERCC010       Cost element variants

    FEV2   FERCC010       Company code dependent parameters

    FEV3   FERCC010       Regulatory accounts for traced cost

    FEV3A  FERCC010       Regulatory indicator variants

    FEV4   FERCC010       Specific Std. Cost. Adj. assignment

    FEV5   FERCC010       Specific clearing COEl assignments

    FEV6   FERCC010       Regulatory indicator assignments

    FEV9   FERCC010       Regulatory accounts for direct post

    FF.5   RFBASM00       Import Electronic Bank Statement

    FF.6   RFBASM00       Display Electronic Bank Statement

    FF$L   RFTREY_TABLE_DIDisplay transmission information

    FF$S   RFTREY_TABLE_DIDisplay transmission information

    FF$3   RFTREY30       Send planning data to central syste

    FF$4   RFTREY40       Retrieve planning data

    FF$5   RFTREY50       Retrieve transmission results

    FF$6   RFTREY60       Check settings

    FF$7   RFTREY70       Check all external systems

    FF-9   RFFDIS35       Journal

    FF/3   SAPMF40F       Archive advices from bank statement

    FF/4   RFEBSC00       Import Electronic Check Deposit Lis

    FF/5   RFEBSC10       Post electronic check deposit list

    FF/6   RFFDIS70       Deposit/loan mgmt analysis/posting

    FF/7   RFFDIS72       Deposit/loan management int accrual

    FF_5   RFBASM00       Import Electronic Bank Statement

    FF_6   RFBASM00       Display Electronic Bank Statement

    FF:1   RFDEV310       Maintain exchange rates

    FFA1   RFFDIS47       Compare Advices with Bk.Stmt Advice

    FFB4   RFEBSC00       Import Electronic Check Deposit Lis

    FFB5   RFEBSC10       Post electronic check deposit list

    FFCD   SAPMFCD1       Cash deconcentration

    FFTL   RFFDTL00       Telephone list

    FFW1   RFEBWR00       Wire Authorization

    FF63   SAPMF40E       Create Planning Memo Record

    FF65   RFTS6500       List of Cash Management Memo Record

    FF67   SAPMF40K       Manual Bank Statement

    FF68   SAPMF40S       Manual Check Deposit Transaction

    FF69   RFFDSK00       Cash Mgmt: Totals Record Correction

    FF70   RFTS7000       Cash Mgmt Posit./Liquidity Forecast

    FF71   RFTS7099       Cash Position

    FF72   RFTS7099       Liquidity forecast

    FF73   SAPMF40C       Cash Concentration

    FF74   RFTS7300       Use Program to Access Cash Concntn

    FGIB   RKDBAT02       Background Processing

    FGIC   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type

    FGIK   RFBRFSIK       Maintain Key Figures

    FGIM   SAPMKCB9       Report Monitor

    FGIO   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports

    FGIP   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms

    FGIQ   RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000

    FGIR   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000

    FGIT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report

    FGIV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable

    FGIX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports

    FGIY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data

    FGIZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms

    FGI0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report

    FGI1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report

    FGI2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report

    FGI3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report

    FGI4   SAPMKES1       Create Form

    FGI5   SAPMKES1       Change Form

    FGI6   SAPMKES1       Display Form

    FGL6   RGVILIRF       IRE: One Time Posting - Gen. Contr

    FGM0   MENUFGM0       Special Purpose Ledger Menu

    FGRP   MENUFGRP       Report Painter

    FGRW   MENUFGRW       Report Writer Menu

    FG99   RKKBRPTR       Flexible G/L: Report Selection

    FIBF   SAPMOPFIIMG    Maintenance transaction BTE

    FIBHS  RFBLBC00       Display bank chains for house banks

    FIBHU  RFBLBC00       Maintain bank chains for house bank

    FIBPS  RFBLBC02       Display bank chians for partners

    FIBPU  RFBLBC02       Maintain bank chains for partner

    FIBS   SAPMFBSM       Input House Bank in Payment Request

    FIBTS  RFBLBC01       Dis. bank chains for acct carry fwd

    FIBTU  RFBLBC01       Main. bank chains for acctCarry ove

    FICD   SAPMFDEC       Cash deconcentration

    FICO   MAINTAIN_FICO_TTest Condition Maintenance

    FIEH01 FIEHLIST       Worklist of Contracts with Errors

    FIHB   MENUFIHB       In-house bank

    FIHBC  MENUFIHBC      Settings for In-House Bank

    FIHB0  SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance

    FIHB7  RFIHCPRQRVS    Reversal of IHC Payment Requests

    FIHB8  RFBKPOEX       Transfer Recipient Items

    FIHC   SAPMF02B       Create In-House Cash Center

    FIMA   SAPLFF50       Financial Calculations

    FINF   RFOPFI00       Info System Events

    FINP   RFOPFI01       Info System Processes

    FINT   RFINTITAR      Item Interest Calculation

    FINTAP RFINTITAP      Vendors Item Interest Calculation

    FIOA   RFVD_IOA_CALCULInterest on Arrears - Consumer Loan

    FIOR   SAPMF02B       Create Orbian Bank

    FIPOS  PS_CREATE_FIPOSCreate Commitment Items

    FIPRC3 FIPR_ATTRIBUTE_Maintain Attributes

    FIPRC4 FIPR_KEYPREFIX_Maintain Key Prefix

    FIPRC5 BUSVIEWS       Field Grouping Activity

    FIPRD1 BUSSTART       Create Product

    FIPRD2 BUSSTART       Change Product

    FIPRD3 BUSSTART       Display Product


    FI01   SAPMF02B       Create Bank

    FI02   SAPMF02B       Change Bank

    FI03   SAPMF02B       Display Bank

    FI04   SAPMF02A       Display Bank Changes

    FI06   SAPMF02B       Set Flag to Delete Bank

    FI07   SAPMF02B       Change Current Number Range Number

    FI08   RFBANK_ALE     Distribution of the Bank Master Dat

    FKIB   RKDBAT02       Background Processing

    FKIC   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type

    FKIK   RFBRFSIK       Maintain Key Figures

    FKIM   SAPMKCB9       Report Monitor

    FKIO   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports

    FKIP   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms

    FKIQ   RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000

    FKIR   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000

    FKIT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report

    FKIV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable

    FKIX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports

    FKIY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data

    FKIZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms

    FKI0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report

    FKI1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report

    FKI2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report

    FKI3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report

    FKI4   SAPMKES1       Create Form

    FKI5   SAPMKES1       Formular ändern

    FKI6   SAPMKES1       Display Form


    FKMT   SAPLFKMT       FI Acct Assignment Model Management

    FKR8   RFVWBUST       Report: Stock Transfer Tax

    FKR9   RFVWINIT       Initializing STT Position

    FK01   SAPMF02K       Create Vendor (Accounting)

    FK02   SAPMF02K       Change Vendor (Accounting)

    FK03   SAPMF02K       Display Vendor (Accounting)

    FK04   SAPMF01A       Vendor Changes (Accounting)

    FK05   SAPMF02K       Block Vendor (Accounting)

    FK06   SAPMF02K       Mark Vendor for Deletion (Acctng)

    FK08   SAPMF02K       Confirm Vendor Individually (Acctng

    FK09   RFKCON00       Confirm Vendor List (Accounting)

    FK10   SAPMF42B       Vendor Account Balance

    FK10N  RFAPBALANCE    Vendor Balance Display

    FK10NA RFAPBALANCE    Vendor Balance Display

    FLBP   RFEBLB30       Post Lockbox Data

    FLBPC1 SAPLFLBPC_MAINTBusiness Partner: Create from Vendo

    FLBPC2 SAPLFLBPC_MAINTBusiness Partner: Assign Vendor

    FLBPD1 SAPLFLBPD_MAINTBusiness Partner: Create from Cust.

    FLBPD2 SAPLFLBPD_MAINTBusiness Partner: Assign Customer

    FLB1   SAPMF40L       Postprocessing Lockbox Data

    FLB2   RFEBLB00       Import Lockbox File

    FLCC1  BUSSTART       Create customer

    FLCC2  BUSSTART       Change customer

    FLCC3  BUSSTART       Display customer

    FLCU1  BUSSTART       Create customer

    FLCU2  BUSSTART       Change Customer

    FLCU3  BUSSTART       Display customer

    FLOREO SAPFLOREO      Customizing of Logical Doc. Reorg.

    FLQAB  RFLQ_ASSIGN_BS Assignment from Bank Statement Info

    FLQAC  RFLQ_ASSIGN_FI Assignment from FI Information

    FLQAD  RFLQ_ASSIGN_REXAssignment from Invoices

    FLQAM  SAPMFLQMANUAL  Manual Assignment

    FLQC10 RFLQ_REBUILD   Regenerate Flow Data

    FLQC14 RFLQ_FICHAIN   FI Assignment Analysis

    FLQC9  RFLQ_DELETE    Delete Flow Data

    FLQLI  RFLQ_LISTIT    Line Item List

    FLQLQR RFLQ_LISTQR    List of Queries

    FLQLS  RFLQ_LISTSU    Totals List

    FLQQB1 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Edit Query (Bank Statement)

    FLQQB3 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Display Query (Bank Statement)

    FLQQB7 RFLQ_TEST_QUERYTest Request (Bank Statement)

    FLQQC1 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Edit Query (FI Information)

    FLQQC3 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Display Query (FI Information)

    FLQQC7 RFLQ_TEST_QUERYTest Query (FI Payment Document)

    FLQQD1 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Edit Query (Invoice Information)

    FLQQD3 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Display Query (Invoice Information)

    FLQQD7 RFLQ_TEST_QUERYTest Query (Other FI Document)

    FLQREP RFLQ_REPORT    Payment Report

    FLQT1  SAPMFLQTRANSFERCreate Transfer Posting

    FLQT2  SAPMFLQTRANSFERChange Transfer Posting

    FLQT3  SAPMFLQTRANSFERDisplay Transfer

    FLVN1  BUSSTART       Create vendor

    FLVN2  BUSSTART       Change Vendor

    FLVN3  BUSSTART       Display vendor

    FMAA   RFFMRC00       Matching: Line Items and Totals (FM

    FMAB   RFFMRC01       Matching: FI FM Line Items

    FMAD   RFFMRC03       Leveling: FI-FM Totals Records

    FMAF   RFFMRC04       Level Line Items and Totals Items

    FMAVC1 RFFM_CROSS_***_Prepare Cross Assignments Clearing

    FMA1   RFFMS100       Matching: Totals and Balances (CBM)

    FMA2   RFFMS002       Matching: CBM Line Items and Totals

    FMA3   RFFMS002       Matching: FI Line Items (CBM)

    FMA4   RFFMS160       Matching: FI Bank Line Items (CBM)

    FMBB   SAPLFMBWB      Budgeting Workbench

    FMBBC  SAPLFMBWB      Create Entry Document

    FMBELI RFFMBELI       Processing list

    FMBGCP RFFMBGCPY      Copy acc. assignment allocations

    FMBGD  RFFMBGDC       Cash Dis. and Backdated Tax Calculn

    FMBGJ  SAPLFMBGA      Execute Annual Adjustments

    FMBGM  SAPLFMBGA      Execute Monthly Adjustments

    FMBGU  SAPLFMBGA      Reset Input Tax Adjustment

    FMBGUL RFFMBGA        Sales Tax List PCOs

    FMBGV  RFFMVAQ        Calculate Input Tax Deduction Rate

    FMBG1  RFFMVCORM      Input tax adjustmnt(monthly) for PC

    FMBG2  RFFMVCORJ      Input tax adjustmnt (yearly) for PC

    FMBG3  RFFMVCORB      Display input tax adjustments

    FMBI   RFFMUD01       Posting Line-Based Budget Increase

    FMBPQV BPREP_CREATE_QUCreate Query Variant

    FMBSBO FMBS_OBJ_MAINT Change Budget Addresses

    FMBSPO FMBS_OBJ_MAINT Change Posting Addresses

    FMBV   BPINDX03       FM: Activate Availability Control

    FMB0   RFFMRP05       CO Document Transfer

    FMCB   RFFMCHAB       Reassignment: Document Selection

    FMCC   RFFMCHAC       Reassignment: FM-CO Assignment

    FMCCA  FMCC_DEFA      Def. of FM CC - Address based

    FMCCD  FMCC_DEFD      Def. of FM CC - Document based

    FMCD   RFFMCHAD       Reassignment: Delete Work List

    FMCG   RFFMCHAG       Reassignment: Overall Assignment

    FMCIA  SAPMFMCI       Edit Commitment Item

    FMCIC  SAPMFMCI       Display commitment item

    FMCID  SAPMFMCI       Change Commitment Item: Hierarchy

    FMCIE  SAPMFMCI       Display Commitment Item: Hierarchy

    FMCIH  SAPMFMCI       Commt Items: Alternative Hierarchy

    FMCJ   SAPLFMCABK     Maintain cash journal

    FMCN   RFFMCHAN       Reassignment: Supplement.Acct Assgt

    FMCR   RFFMCHAR       Reassignment: Display Work List

    FMCT   RFFMCHAT       Reassignment: Transfer

    FMDA   SAPMKBUD       FM: Change Budget Plan

    FMDB   SAPMKBUD       FM: Display Budget Plan

    FMDC   SAPMKBUD       FM: Change Collect. Expend. Plannin

    FMDD   SAPMKBUD       FM: Display Collect. Expnd. plannin

    FMDE   SAPMKBUD       FM: Loc. Auth.: Change Fin. Result

    FMDF   SAPMKBUD       FM: Loc. Auth.: Display Fin. Result

    FMDG   SAPMKBUD       FM: Loc. Auth.: Change FR in CE

    FMDH   SAPMKBUD       FM: Loc. Auth.: Display FR in CE

    FMDI   BPCOPY01       FM Loc. Auth.: Copy Budget Version

    FMDI01 RFFMDI10       Data Transfer in Direct Input

    FMDJ   BPFRES01       FM: Transfer Financial Result

    FMDK   SAPMKBUD       FM Loc. Auth.: Change Net Voting

    FMDL   SAPMKBUD       FM Loc. Auth.: Display Net Voting

    FMDM   RFFMCFM1       Monitor Closing Operations

    FMDN   RFFMBAL1       FM: Integration in Balance Hierarch

    FMDO   RFFMCPY1       FM: Loc. Auth.: Transfer Bdgt Value

    FMDO1  RFFMCPY2       FM: Revaluate Original Budget

    FMDO2  RFFMCPY3       FM: Revaluation of Supplement

    FMDS   RFFMCFC1       Copy Carryforward Rules

    FMDT   RFFMCFL1       Display Carryforward Rules

    FMDV   RFFMBI61       FM: Residual Budget Data Transfer

    FMDW   RFFMBI51       FM: Financ. Result CE Data Transfer

    FMDX   RFFMBI41       FM: Coll. Expend. Plan Data Transfe

    FMDY   RFFMBI31       FM: Financial Result Data Transfer

    FMDZ   RFFMBI21       FM: Budget Planning Data Transfer

    FMD1   SAPMFM10       FM: Change Carryforward Rules

    FMD2   SAPMFM10       FM: Display Carryforward Rules

    FMD7   SAPMKBUD       FM: Change Supplement Budget Plan

    FMD8   SAPMKBUD       FM: Display Supplement Budget Plan

    FMD9   SAPMKBUD       FM: Change Suppl. Coll. Expend. Pla

    FMEB   RKDBAT02       Structure Report Backgrnd Processin

    FMEDD  RFFMED_PRINT   Display Entry Document

    FMEDDW RFFMED_DRILLDOWDrilldown for Budget Entry Document

    FMEH   SAPMKXHI       SAP-EIS: Hierarchy maintenance

    FMEK   SAPMKCEE       FMCA: Create Drilldown Report

    FMEL   SAPMKCEE       FMCA: Change Drilldown Report

    FMEM   SAPMKCEE       FMCA: Display Drilldown Report

    FMEN   SAPMKES1       FMCA: Create Form

    FMEO   SAPMKES1       FMCA: Change Form

    FMEP   SAPMKES1       FMCA: Display Form

    FMEQ   SAPMKCEE       FMCA: Run Drilldown Report

    FMER   SAPMKCB9       FMCA: Drilldown Tool Test Monitor

    FMEV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable

    FME1   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000

    FME2   RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000

    FME3   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms

    FME4   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports

    FME5   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms

    FME6   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports

    FME7   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data

    FME8   RKPBATCH       Maintain Batch Variants

    FME9   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown

    FMFI   RFFMCJFI       Execute program RFFMCJFI

    FMF0   RFFMS200       Payment Selection

    FMF1   RFFMS220       Revenue Transfer

    FMGX   RFFMMDBI81     Commitment Item Issue to UNIX-File

    FMGY   RFFMMDBI85     Create Commitment Items via UNIX

    FMG1   SAPLFM3G       Create Budget Structure Template

    FMG2   SAPLFM3G       Change Budget Structure Template

    FMG3   SAPLFM3G       Display Budget Structure Template

    FMG4   SAPLFM3G       Delete Budget Structure Template

    FMG5   BPCARRG0       Generate BS Object from BS Template

    FMHC   SAPLFMHA       Check Bdgt Structure Elements in HR

    FMHG   SAPLFMHA       Generate Bdgt Struc Elements in HR

    FMHGG  RFFMHR01       Generate BS Elements f. Several Fnd

    FMHIST RFFMHIST       Apportion Document in FM

    FMHK   RFFMKT11       Copy Control Data

    FMHV   SAPLFMCK       Budget Memo Texts

    FMIA   RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AIndiv. Processing of Revs Incr. Bdg

    FMIB   RFFMUD01       Posting Line-Based Budget Increase

    FMIC   RFFMUD11       Generate Additional Budget Incr.Dat

    FMIK   RFFMKT12       Copy Rules for Revs Incr. the Budge

    FMIL   RFFMKT22       Delete Rules for Revs Incr. Budget

    FMIP   RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AEdit Revenues Increasing Bdgt Rules

    FMIPCT SAPLFMITPOMP   Payment Transfer: Customizing

    FMIS   SAPLFMAB       Display Rules for Revs.Incr.Budget

    FMIT   RFFMUD21       Totals-Based Distribution Procedure

    FMITPO SAPLFMITPOMP   Payment Transfer

    FMIU   SAPLFMAB       Maintain Rules for Revs.Incr.Budget

    FMJA   BPINDX05       Budget Year-End Closing: Prepare

    FMJB   RFFMCF25       Budget Year-End Closing: Determine

    FMJC   RFFMCF30       Budget Year-End Closing: Carry Fwd

    FMJD   RFFMCFRB       Reverse Fiscal Year Close: Budget

    FMJM   SAPMFM10       Maintain residual budget applicatio

    FMJN   SAPMFM10       Display residual budget application

    FMJO   SAPMFM10       Maintain residual budget approval

    FMJP   SAPMFM10       Display residual budget approval

    FMJ0   RFFMCCF0       Carry Forward General Requests

    FMJ2   RFFMCCF1       Year-End Closing: Carryfwd Cmmts

    FMJ2_D RFFMCCFD       Carryfwrd Cmmt Accrd. to Entry Date

    FMJ3   RFFMCCFR       Reverse Commitments Carryforward

    FMLD   SAPMGCU3       Ledger Deletion

    FMLID  RFFMLI_PRINT   Display Change Document

    FMLIDW RFFMLI_DRILLDOWDrilldown for Change Documents

    FML1   SAPMGCU0       Create FI-SL Customizing Ledger

    FML2   SAPMGCU0       Change FI-SL Customizing Ledger

    FML3   SAPMGCU0       Display FI-SL Customizing Ledger

    FML4   SAPMGCU0       Delete FI-SL Customizing Ledger

    FMMC   RFFMCCLS       FM Obligation Closeout

    FMME1  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Application

    FMME10 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Search Help

    FMME11 BUSVIEWS       FPC: Assign Screen Field to Databas

    FMME12 BUSVIEWS       FPC: Field Group Criteria

    FMME13 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control:  BP Roles

    FMME14 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Ctrl: BP Role Groupi

    FMME15 BUSVIEWS       FPC: Application Transaction

    FMME16 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Tables

    FMME17 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: External Ap

    FMME18 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Activities

    FMME19 BUSVIEWS       FPC: Function Module Activities

    FMME2  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Field Group

    FMME22 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Ctrl:  Cat. Fld Grp

    FMME23 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Data sets

    FMME24 BUSVIEWS       Funded Progr. Where used list defin

    FMME25 BUSVIEWS       Where used list - process to view

    FMME26 BUSVIEWS       FPC: Assign BAPI Flds to Field Grps

    FMME27 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program DI to Table fields

    FMME3  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Views

    FMME4  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Views

    FMME5  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Views

    FMME6  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program: Screen Sequence

    FMME7  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program: Events

    FMME8  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Ctrl: GUI Std Functi

    FMME9  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Ctrl: GUI Addl Func.

    FMMI   RFFMIU01       Mass Maintenance of Open Intervals

    FMNA   SAPLFMKT       Display CBA Rules

    FMNB   RFFMSN81       CBA Budget Objects

    FMND   RFFMSN21       Actual Distribution in CBA

    FMNG   RFFMSN41       CE: Actual Distr. and Integration

    FMNI   RFFMSN31       Integration with the Budget

    FMNK   RFFMKT14       Copy Collective Expenditure

    FMNL   RFFMKT24       Delete Collective Expenditure Rules

    FMNM   RFFMSN11       Budget Transfer in CBA

    FMNP   SAPLFMKT       Maintain CBA Rules

    FMNS   SAPLFMKT       Display CBA Rules

    FMNSD  RFFMRP07       Rebuild FM Open Item of SD Orders

    FMNU   SAPLFMKT       Maintain CBA Rules

    FMNV   SAPLFMSN       Fast Data Entry Distribution Basis

    FMN0   RFFMRPFI       Subsequent Posting of FI Documents

    FMN3   RFFMRP34       Transfer Purchase Req. Documents

    FMN3N  RFFMRP34N      Reconstruction of Purch. Requisitio

    FMN4   RFFMRP02       Transfer Purchase Order Documents

    FMN4N  RFFMRP02N      Reconstruction of Purchase Orders

    FMN5   RFFMRP03       Transfer Funds Reservation Document

    FMN5N  RFFMRP03N      Reconstruction of Earmarked Funds

    FMN8   RFVDSO03       Simulation Lists Debit Position

    FMN9   RFVDSO04       Posted Debit Position List

    FMPAYD SAPLFMPD       Process Payment Distribution

    FMPLLC SAPMKES1       FI-FM Change Planning Layout

    FMPLLD SAPMKES1       FI-FM Display Planning Layout

    FMPLLI SAPMKES1       FI-FM Create Planning Layout

    FMPLUP G_FLEX_UPL     FI-SL: Excel Upload of Plan Data

    FMPO   RFFMPDOC       Payment Directives: Create

    FMP2   SAPMKBUD       Delete Financial Budget Version

    FMRA   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree

    FMRB   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree

    FMRC   RFFMPENT_ALV   Reason codes for penalties (report)

    FMRC21 RFFMRC21       Reconciliation of Earmarked Funds

    FMRC22 RFFMRC22       Reconciliation of Purchase Orders

    FMRC23 RFFMRC23       Reconciliation of Purch. Requisitio

    FMREW  SAPLFMREW      Earmarked Funds: Enhancement Wizard

    FMROD  RFMROPOST      Recurring Obligations Overdue Check

    FMROP  RFMROPOST      Post Recurring Obligations

    FMRP18 RFFMRP18       Clear Subsequent Postings

    FMRW   RFFMEP3B       Budget Entry Documents

    FMRY   RFFMEP1BX      Annual budget

    FMRZ   RFFMEP2BX      Overall Budget

    FMR0   RFFMRP04       Reconstruct Parked Documents

    FMR1   RFFMBEIO       Actual/Commitment Report

    FMR2   RFFMBEIOB      Actual/Commitment per Company Code

    FMR3   RFFMBEPI       Plan/Actual/Commitment Report

    FMR4   RFFMBEIOH      Plan/Commitment Report w.Hierarchy

    FMR5A  RFFMPLIST      12 Period Forecast: Actual and Plan

    FMR6A  RFFMPLISTQ     Three Period Display: Plan/Actual

    FMSA   SAPMFMFS       Create Funds Center in FM Area

    FMSB   SAPMFMFS       Change Funds Center in FM Area

    FMSC   SAPMFMFS       Display Funds Center in FM Area

    FMSD   SAPMFMFS       Change Funds Ctr/Hierarchy Variant

    FMSE   SAPMFMFS       Display Hierarchy Variant/Funds Ctr

    FMSK   RFFMMDC2       Commitment Item Check

    FMSL   RFFMSL         Change Cmmt Item: Mass Processing

    FMSS   SAPLFMS2       Display Status Assignment

    FMST   RFFMPENR_ALV   Statistical report for PPA

    FMSU   SAPLFMS2       Change Status Assignment

    FMSX   RFFMBI91       Output of Funds Center to UNIX file

    FMSY   RFFMBI95       Create Funds Center Using UNIX

    FMTB   RFFMTOBL       Transfer Totals from FM to FI-GL

    FMTEXT SAPLFMKU_TEXTS_Budget Text Organizer

    FMTR   RFFMBLTR       FM budgetary ledger trace

    FMVABD SAPLKBPT       Define Funds Management Validation

    FMVPM1 SAPLFMRS       Create Forecast of Rev. Value Adjmt

    FMVPM2 SAPLFMRS       Change Forecast of Rev. Value Adjmt

    FMVPM3 SAPLFMRS       Display Forecast of Rev. Value Adjm

    FMVPM4 SAPLFMRS       Approve forecast of rev. value adjm

    FMVT   SAPFMVTR       Fund Balance Carryforward

    FMV1   SAPLFMFR       Create Forecast of Revenue

    FMV2   SAPLFMFR       Change Forecast of Revenue

    FMV3   SAPLFMFR       Display Forecast of Revenue

    FMV4   SAPLFMFR       Approve Forecast of Revenue

    FMV5   SAPLFMFR       Change FM Acct Asst in Fcst of Rev.

    FMV6   SAPLFMFR       Reduce Forecast of Revenue Manually

    FMWA   SAPLFMFR       Create Funds Transfer

    FMWAZ  SAPMFMWAZ      Payment transfer

    FMWB   SAPLFMFR       Change Funds Transfer

    FMWC   SAPLFMFR       Display Funds Transfer

    FMWD   SAPLFMFR       Approve Funds Transfer

    FMWE   SAPLFMFR       Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Trsfr

    FMWPM1 SAPLFMRS       Create Fund Block for Value Adjustm

    FMWPM2 SAPLFMRS       Change Fund Block for Value Adjustm

    FMWPM3 SAPLFMRS       Display Funds Block for Value Adjst

    FMWPM4 SAPLFMRS       Approve Fund Block for Value Adjust

    FMW1   SAPLFMFR       Create Funds Block

    FMW2   SAPLFMFR       Change Funds Block

    FMW3   SAPLFMFR       Display Funds Block

    FMW4   SAPLFMFR       Approve Funds Blocking

    FMW5   SAPLFMFR       Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Blkg

    FMXPM1 SAPLFMRS       Funds Reservation: Create Value Adj

    FMXPM2 SAPLFMRS       Funds Reservation: Change Value Adj

    FMXPM3 SAPLFMRS       Funds Reservation: Displ. Value Adj

    FMXPM4 SAPLFMRS       Funds Reserv.: Approve Value Adjust

    FMX1   SAPLFMFR       Create Funds Reservation

    FMX2   SAPLFMFR       Change Funds Reservation

    FMX3   SAPLFMFR       Display Funds Reservation

    FMX4   SAPLFMFR       Approve Funds Reservation

    FMX5   SAPLFMFR       Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Resvn

    FMX6   SAPLFMFR       Funds Reservation: Manual Reduction

    FMYPM1 SAPLFMRS       Funds Precmmt: Create Value Adjust.

    FMYPM2 SAPLFMRS       Funds Precmmt: Change Value Adjust.

    FMYPM3 SAPLFMRS       Funds precmmt: Display value adjust

    FMYPM4 SAPLFMRS       Funds Precmmt: Approve Value Adjust

    FMY1   SAPLFMFR       Create Funds Commitment

    FMY2   SAPLFMFR       Change Funds Commitment

    FMY3   SAPLFMFR       Display Funds Precommitment

    FMY4   SAPLFMFR       Approve Funds Precommitment

    FMY5   SAPLFMFR       Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Prcmmt

    FMY6   SAPLFMFR       Reduce Funds Precommitment Manually

    FMZBVT RFFMZBVT       Carry Forward Balance

    FMZPM1 SAPLFMRS       Funds commit.: Create value adjust.

    FMZPM2 SAPLFMRS       Funds commit.: Change value adjust.

    FMZPM3 SAPLFMRS       Funds Cmmt: Display Value Adjustmen

    FMZPM4 SAPLFMRS       Funds commit: Approve value adjust.

    FMZZ   RFFMBW00       Revalue Funds Commitments

    FMZ1   SAPLFMFR       Create Funds Commitment

    FMZ2   SAPLFMFR       Change Funds Commitment

    FMZ3   SAPLFMFR       Display Funds Commitment

    FMZ4   SAPLFMFR       Approve Funds Commitment

    FMZ5   SAPLFMFR       Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Commt

    FMZ6   SAPLFMFR       Reduce Funds Commitment Manually

    FM03   SAPMFM03       Display FM Document

    FM03A  SAPMFM03       Display FM Document with Archive

    FM2E   SAPMKBUB       FM: Change Budget Document

    FM2F   SAPMKBUB       FM: Display Budget Document

    FM2G   SAPMFM3M       Field Contents in Funds Centers

    FM2M   RFFMFS02       Index of Funds Centers

    FM3G   SAPMFM3M       Commitment Item Hierarchy

    FM3M   RFFMFP02       Index of Commitment Items

    FM3N   RFFMFK02       Commitment Items for G/L Accounts

    FM4G   SAPMFM3M       Budget Structure Element Hierarchy

    FM48   PP_PSZ_RUN_T   Change Financial Budget: Initial Sc

    FM48_1 SAPMKES1       PS-CM: Create Planning Layout

    FM48_2 SAPMKES1       PS-CM: Change Planning Layout

    FM48_3 SAPMKES1       PS-CM: Display Planning Layout

    FM49   PP_PSZ_RUN_T   Display Financial Budget: Init.Scrn

    FM5I   SAPLFM52       FIFM: Create Fund

    FM5M   RFFMFC02       Index of Funds

    FM5S   SAPLFM52       FIFM: Display Fund

    FM5U   SAPLFM52       FIFM: Change Fund

    FM6I   SAPLFM62       FIFM: Create Application of Funds

    FM6M   RFFMFV02       Index of Application of Funds

    FM6S   SAPLFM62       FIFM: Display Application of Funds

    FM6U   SAPLFM62       FIFM: Change Application of Funds

    FM7A   RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AIndiv. Processing of CE Rules

    FM7B   RFFMKT50       Flag FMAA as Eligible for Cover

    FM7C   RFFMSC01       Generate Cover Pools from Rules

    FM7K   RFFMKT13       Copy Cover Eligibility Rules

    FM7K_N RFFMDRFI       Copy Cover Pools with Funds Centers

    FM7L   RFFMKT23       Delete Cover Eligibility Rules

    FM7P   RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AIndiv. Processing of Assgt to Cvr E

    FM7S   SAPLFMAB       MassMaintenac. Rules-CoverEligibilt

    FM7U   SAPLFMAB       Multiple Processing of Assgts to CE

    FM71   SAPLFMDK       Maintain Cover Pool

    FM72   SAPLFMDK       Assign FM Acct Asst to Cover Pool

    FM73   RFFMSN99       Create Cust. for Distr.inCollec.Exp

    FM78   SAPLFMDK       Charact.Groups for Cover Pools

    FM79   SAPLFMDK       Grouping Chars for Cover Pool

    FM80   SAPMFCD0       Budget Incr. Rev. Maint. - Display

    FM81   SAPMFCD0       Budget Incr. Rev. Maint. - Update

    FM9B   BPCOPY00       FM: Copy Budget Version

    FM9C   RFFMCOPI       Plan Data Transfer from CO

    FM9D   SAPMKBUD       FM: Block Budget Version

    FM9E   SAPMKBUD       FM: Unblock Budget Version

    FM9K   SAPMKBUC       FIFM: Change Budget Structure

    FM9L   SAPMKBUC       FM: Display Budget Structure

    FM9M   BPCARRT0       FM: Delete Budget Structure

    FM9N   BPCARR00       FM: Generate Budget Object

    FM9O   BPCOPY02       Copy Supplement Budget

    FM9P   BPDIST01       Reconstruct Budget Distrbtd Values

    FM9Q   BPDIST02       FM: Total Up Budget

    FM9R   BPCARRD0       Loc.Auth.: Change Budget Structure

    FM9S   BPCARRB0       HHM: Generate Net Vote Objects

    FM9T   BPCARRC0       Check Assignment Object

    FM9U   BPDIST04       FM: Checking Budget Consistency

    FM9W   RBPEWU1M       Adjust Funds Management Budget

    FM9X   RFFMBUD2       FM: Delete Budget 1 Commitment Item

    FM9Y   BPCARRY02      FM: Copy BS - Year-Dependent StD.

    FM9Z   BPCARRY01      FM: Transfer Budget Structure

    FN-1   SAPMSNUM       No.range: FVVD_RANL (Loan number)

    FN-4   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVD_PNNR

    FN-5   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVD_SNBN

    FN-6   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVD_RPNR

    FNAA   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted mortgage applic.

    FNAB   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted mortg. int.party

    FNAC   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted mortgage contrac

    FNAD   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted policy applicat.

    FNAE   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted policy contract

    FNAG   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted other loan appli

    FNAH   SAPMF67A       Reactivate del. other loan int.part

    FNAI   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted other loan cntrc

    FNAK   SAPMF67U       Select file character

    FNAL   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted BNL contract

    FNAM   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted policy contract

    FNASL  RFVDASL0       Loans: Account Analysis

    FNA0   SAPMF67A       Policy application in contract

    FNA1   SAPMF67A       Create Mortgage Offer

    FNA2   SAPMF67A       Change Mortgage Offer

    FNA3   SAPMF67A       Display Mortgage Loan Offer

    FNA4   SAPMF67A       Mortgage Application Rescission

    FNA5   SAPMF67A       Mortgage application in contract

    FNA6   SAPMF67A       Create policy application

    FNA7   SAPMF67A       Change policy application

    FNA8   SAPMF67A       Display policy application

    FNA9   SAPMF67A       Policy Application Rescission

    FNBD   RFVDBES0       Loans-Automatic bal.sheet transfer

    FNBG   RFVDBGE0       Guarantee charges list

    FNBT   RFVDBSTR       Balance Sheet Transfer

    FNBU   MENUFNBU       DARWIN- Loans accounting menu

    FNB1   SAPMF67B       Transfer to a Loan

    FNB2   SAPMF67B       Transfer from a Loan

    FNB3   SAPMF68V       Document Reversal - Loans

    FNB8   SAPMF69N       BAV Information

    FNB9   SAPMF69N       BAV transfer

    FNCD   RFVDOFIDUN1    Transfer Customizing for Dunning

    FNCL   SAPLFVD_MD_VIEWConsumer Loan

    FNCNCL RFVDCNCLFD     Delete Cancellation Indicator

    FNCP1  RFVD_CHGPTR_CREGenerate Change Pointers Manually

    FNCP3  RFVD_CHGPTR_DISDisplay change pointers

    FNCP4  RFVD_CHGPTR_DELReorganize change pointers

    FNDD   RFVDDUNNDATE   Convert Dunning Data in Dunn.Histor

    FNEN   RFVD_ENTER     Create Loan

    FNEXP  RFVD_LOAN_DISTRExport Interface Loans

    FNFO   SAPMF67F       ISIS: Create file

    FNFP   SAPMF67F       ISIS: Change file

    FNFQ   SAPMF67F       ISIS: Display file

    FNFR   RFVDPSF0       ISIS: Fill file

    FNFT   RFVDPA03       Rollover: File evaluation

    FNFU   RFVDPA02       Rollover: Update file

    FNF1   SAPMF67F       Rollover: Create file

    FNF2   SAPMF67F       Rollover: Change file

    FNF3   SAPMF67F       Rollover: Display file

    FNF9   RFVDPA01       Rollover: Evaluations

    FNG2   SAPMF67G       Total Loan Commitment

    FNG3   RFVD_EVAL_PARTNLoan Commitment

    FNIA   SAPMF67I       Create inquiry

    FNIB   SAPMF67I       Change inquiry

    FNIC   SAPMF67I       Display Inquiry

    FNID   SAPMF67I       Deactivate Interested Party

    FNIE   SAPMF67I       Reactivate Interested Party

    FNIH   SAPMF67H       Decision-making

    FNIJ   SAPMF67J       Create credit standing

    FNIK   SAPMF67J       Change credit standing

    FNIL   SAPMF67J       Display credit standing

    FNIN   SAPMF67J       Create collateral value

    FNIO   SAPMF67J       Change collateral value

    FNIP   SAPMF67J       Display collateral value

    FNI1   SAPMF67A       Create mortgage application

    FNI2   SAPMF67A       Change mortgage application

    FNI3   SAPMF67A       Display Mortgage Loan Application

    FNI4   SAPMF67A       Mortgage Application Rescission

    FNI5   SAPMF67A       Mortgage application to offer

    FNI6   SAPMF67A       Mortgage application in contract

    FNK0   RFVDKWGO       Multimillion Loan Display (GBA14)

    FNK1   RFVDORG2       Loans to Managers (GBA15)

    FNMA   MENUFNMA       Partner data: Settings menu

    FNMD   MENUFNMD       Submenu General Loans

    FNME   MENUFNME       Loans management menu

    FNMEC  MENUFNMEC      Loans Management Menu

    FNMH   MENUFNMH       Loans management menu

    FNMI   MENUFNMI       Loans information system

    FNMO   MENUFNMO       Loans Menu Policy Loans

    FNMP   MENUFNMP       Rollover

    FNMS   MENUFNMS       Loans Menu Borrower's Notes

    FNM1   RFVSOLD2       Automatic Posting

    FNM1S  RFVSOLD2       Automatic Posting - Single

    FNM2   SAPMF68U       Balance sheet transfer

    FNM3   SAPMF68S       Loans reversal module

    FNM4   SAPMF68U       Undisclosed assignment

    FNM5   RFVSOLD3       Automatic debit position simulation

    FNM6   RFVD_INT_ON_ARRPost Interest on Arrears

    FNN4   SAPMF67P       Display general file

    FNN5   SAPMF67P       Edit general file

    FNN6   SAPMF67P       Display general main file

    FNN7   SAPMF67P       Edit general main file

    FNN8   SAPMF67P       Display general main file

    FNN9   SAPMF67P       Edit general overall file

    FNO1   SAPMF68O       Create Object

    FNO2   SAPMF68O       Change Object

    FNO3   SAPMF68O       Display Object

    FNO5   SAPMF68L       Create collateral

    FNO6   SAPMF68L       Change collateral

    FNO7   SAPMF68L       Display collateral

    FNO8   RFVOBJ01       Create Objects from File

    FNO9   RFVSIC01       Create Collateral from File

    FNP0   SAPMF67A       Edit rollover manually

    FNP4   SAPMF67P       Rollover: Display file

    FNP5   SAPMF67P       Rollover: Edit File

    FNP6   SAPMF67P       Rollover: Display main file

    FNP7   SAPMF67P       Rollover: Edit main file

    FNP8   SAPMF67P       Rollover: Display overall file

    FNP9   SAPMF67P       Rollover: Edit overall file

    FNQF   RFVDZACH       Swiss interest adjustment run

    FNQG   RFVDCHSZ       Swiss special interest run

    FNQ2   RFVDNGS0       New Business Statistics

    FNQ5   RFVDTAB0       Transact.type - Acct determinat.adj

    FNQ6   RFVDTAB0       Compare Flow Type/Account Determin.

    FNQ7   RFVDTAB1       Generate flow type

    FNQ8   RFVDMAU1       Automatic Clearing for Overpayments

    FNQ9   RFVDZAP0       Int. adjustment run

    FNRA   RFVDABG0       Other accruals/deferrals

    FNRB   RFVDBEP0       Memo record update

    FNRC   RFVDABG1       Accruals/deferrals reset

    FNRD   RFVDAZE0       Display incoming payments

    FNRE   RFVDSZE0       DO NOT USE:Reverse Incoming Payment

    FNRI   RFVDABG7       Portfolio Analysis Discount/Premium

    FNRLZ  RFVD_RLZ_LOAN  Statement of Remaining Terms

    FNRS   RFVDABG2       Reversal Accrual/Deferral

    FNR0   RFVDBJR2       Loans: Posting Journal

    FNR6   RFVDBST0       Insur.prtfolio trends - NEW

    FNR7   RFVDSLD0       Totals and Balance List

    FNR8   RFVDKAU1       Account Statement

    FNR9   RFVDDIS0       Planning List

    FNSA   RFVDREV0       Foreign currency valuation

    FNSB   RFVDSTDA       Master data summary

    FNSL   RFVDSALC       Balance reconciliation list

    FNSTA  RFVD_LC_LOANCHAProcessing Characteristics

    FNS1   SAPMSNUM       Collateral number range

    FNT0   RFVDCH92       Loan correspondence (Switzerland)

    FNT1   RFVDWDV1       Autom. deadline monitoring

    FNT2   RFVDMCTX       Copy text modules to client

    FNUB   MENUFNUB       Treasury transfer

    FNVA   SAPMF67A       Create paid off contracts

    FNVD   SAPMF67A       Disburse Contract

    FNVI   RFVDFAVI       Loans: General Overview

    FNVM   SAPMF67A       Change Contract

    FNVR   SAPMF67A       Reactivate Contract

    FNVS   SAPMF67A       Display Contract

    FNVW   SAPMF67A       Rescind Contract

    FNV0   SAPMF67A       Payoff policy contract

    FNV1   SAPMF67A       Create mortgage contract

    FNV2   SAPMF67A       Change mortgage contract

    FNV3   SAPMF67A       Display mortgage contract

    FNV4   SAPMF67A       Mortgage Contract Rescission

    FNV5   SAPMF67A       Disburse Contract

    FNV6   SAPMF67A       Create policy contract

    FNV7   SAPMF67A       Change policy contract

    FNV8   SAPMF67A       Display policy contract

    FNV9   SAPMF67A       Policy Contract Rescission

    FNWF   RFVZFWF_CONFIRMWF Loans Release: List of Work Item

    FNWO   RFVDFAWO       Loans: Fast Processing

    FNWS   RFVDWBS1       Housing statistics

    FNXD   RFVUBDOC       TR-EDT: Documentation

    FNXG   RFVUBGP1       List of Bus. Partners Transferred

    FNXU   RFVUBDAS       List of Imported Loans

    FNX1   SAPMF67X       Rollover: Create Table

    FNX2   SAPMF67X       Rollover: Change Table

    FNX3   SAPMF67X       Rollover: Display Table

    FNX6   SAPMF67X       Rollover: Delete Table

    FNX7   SAPMF67X       Rollover: Deactivate Table

    FNX8   SAPMF67X       Rollover: Print Table

    FNY1   SAPMF67X       New Business: Create Table

    FNY2   SAPMF67X       New Business: Change Table

    FNY3   SAPMF67X       New Business: Display Table

    FNY6   SAPMF67X       New Business: Delete Table

    FNY7   SAPMF67X       New Business: Deactivate Table

    FNY8   SAPMF67X       New Business: Print Table

    FNZA   RFVKONTM       Account Determination Customizing

    FN09   SAPMF68A       Create Borrower's Note Order

    FN1A   SAPMF67A       Create other loan contract

    FN1V   SAPMF67A       Create other loan contract

    FN11   SAPMF68A       Change borrower's note order

    FN12   SAPMF68A       Display borrower's note order

    FN13   SAPMF68A       Delete borrower's note order

    FN15   SAPMF67A       Create borrower's note contract

    FN16   SAPMF67A       Change borrower's note contract

    FN17   SAPMF67A       Display borrower's note contract

    FN18   SAPMF67A       Payoff borrower's note contract

    FN19   SAPMF67A       Rescind Borrower's Note Contract

    FN2A   SAPMF67A       Change other loan application

    FN2V   SAPMF67A       Change other loan contract

    FN20   SAPMF68A       Create borrower's note offer

    FN21   SAPMF68A       Change borrower's note offer

    FN22   SAPMF68A       Display borrower's note offer

    FN23   SAPMF68A       Delete borrower's note offer

    FN24   SAPMF68A       Activate borrower's note offer

    FN3A   SAPMF67A       Display other loan application

    FN3V   SAPMF67A       Display other loan contract

    FN30   SAPMF67A       Create policy interested party

    FN31   SAPMF67A       Change policy interested party

    FN32   SAPMF67A       Display policy interested party

    FN33   SAPMF67A       Delete policy interested party

    FN34   SAPMF67A       Policy interested party in applic.

    FN35   SAPMF67A       Policy interested party in contract

    FN4A   SAPMF67A       Rescind Other Loan Application

    FN4V   SAPMF67A       Rescind Other Loan Contract

    FN40   SAPMF67A       Create other loan interested party

    FN41   SAPMF67A       Change other loan interested party

    FN42   SAPMF67A       Display other loan interested party

    FN43   SAPMF67A       Delete other loan interested party

    FN44   SAPMF67A       Other loan interest.party in applic

    FN45   SAPMF67A       Other loan interested prty in cntrc

    FN5A   SAPMF67A       Other loan application in contract

    FN5V   SAPMF67A       Payoff other loan contract

    FN61   SAPMF67Q       Create collateral value

    FN62   SAPMF67Q       Change collateral value

    FN63   SAPMF67Q       Display collateral value

    FN8A   RFVDBUSINESS_OPManual Entry: Unscheduled Repayment

    FN8B   RFVDBUSINESS_OPManual Entry: Other Bus. Operations

    FN8C   RFVDBUSINESS_OPEnter Single Postings

    FN8D   RFVDBUSINESS_OPPost Planned Records

    FN8X   RFVDBUSINESS_OPBusiness Operations: Workplace

    FN80   SAPMF67K       Enter manual debit position

    FN81   SAPMF67K       Change manual debit position

    FN82   SAPMF67K       Display manual debit position

    FN84   SAPMF67K       Change waiver

    FN85   SAPMF67K       Display Waiver

    FN87   SAPMF67K       Change Write-Off Debit Position

    FN88   SAPMF67K       Display Write-Off Debit Position

    FO/E   SAPMMCY1       Create exception real estate

    FO/F   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception real estate

    FO/G   SAPMMCY1       Display exception real estate

    FO/H   SAPMMCY1       Create groups except. real estate

    FO/I   SAPMMCY1       Change groups except. real estate

    FO/J   SAPMMCY1       Display groups except. real estate

    FOAA   RFVIMACO       Calculate rent adj.: Comp.apartment

    FOAB   RFVIMAVZ       Assign RU to comparative group

    FOABG  RFVIRECNAD0    General contract accrual/deferral

    FOAC   RFVIMAEA       Activate rent adjustment: Comp.aprt

    FOAD   RFVIMAEA       Display rent adjustment: Comp.apart

    FOAE   RFVIMACO       Simulate rent adjust.: Comp.apartmn

    FOAF   RFVIWV01       Comparative rnt rnt. adj. coll.prin

    FOAH   RFVIMACO       Calculate rent adj.: Free adj.

    FOAI   RFVIMAEA       Activate rent adj.: Free adjustment

    FOAJ   RFVIMAEA       Display rent adj.: Free adjustment

    FOAK   RFVIFG01       Rent adjustment letter: Free adj.

    FOAM   RFVIMACO       Simulate rent adjustment: Free adj.

    FOAN   RFVIMAEA       Activate rent adjustment: All methd

    FOAO   RFVIMAEA       Reverse rent adjustment: All method

    FOAP   RFVIMAZP       Display rent adjustment logs

    FOAQ   RFVIMACO       Calculate rent adj.: Rep. rent list

    FOAR   RFVIMACO       Simulate rent adj.: Rep. rent list

    FOARBW SAPMSNUM       Rental Request Number Range

    FOAROF SAPMSNUM       Offer Number Range

    FOART0 SAPLFVAO01     RE: REsearch RE Market Place

    FOART1 SAPLFVAO05     REsearch: Concordance Eval. Test

    FOART2 SAPLFVAO04     REsearch: Administration Web-User

    FOAR0A BUSSTART       Create Rental Request

    FOAR0B BUSSTART       Change Rental Request

    FOAR0C BUSSTART       Display Rental Request

    FOAR00 MENUFOAR00     Business Partner Configuration Menu

    FOAR01 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Applications

    FOAR02 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Field Groups

    FOAR03 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Views

    FOAR04 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Sections

    FOAR05 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Pictures

    FOAR06 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Screen Sequences

    FOAR07 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Events

    FOAR08 BUSVIEWS       REAR: GUI Standard Functions

    FOAR09 BUSVIEWS       REAR: GUI Additional Functions

    FOAR1A RFVISAD0       Transfer Rental Units into Offers

    FOAR1B RFVISADS       Offer Overview

    FOAR1C RFVISADD       Overview of Requests

    FOAR12 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Field Modification Criteria

    FOAR13 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Activities

    FOAR14 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Field Assignment Screen->DB

    FOAR15 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Application Transactions

    FOAR16 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Tables

    FOAR18 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Activity Field Modification

    FOAR2A RFVISAD4       Rental Request -> Find Offer Object

    FOAR2B RFVISAD5       Offer Object -> Find Rental Request

    FOAR25 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Authorization Types

    FOAR26 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Field Groups for Authorizatio

    FOAR27 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Search

    FOAS   RFVIMAEA       Activate RLR Rent Adjustment

    FOAT   RFVIMAEA       Display Active RLR Rent Adjustment

    FOAU   RFVIWE01       Rep.rnt list rnt increase coll.prin

    FOAW   RFVIWN01       Print apartment valuatn Netherlands

    FOAY   RFVISAL1       Balance List by Real Estate Object

    FOAZ   RFVIMAEA       Display Active Rent Adj. ALL

    FOA0   RFVIMACO       Simulate Index Rent Adjustment

    FOA1   RFVIMACO       Calculate rent adjustment: Index

    FOA3   RFVIMACO       Calculate rent adjustment: CH

    FOA4   RFVIMAEA       Rent Adjustment - Reserved

    FOA5   RFVIMAEA       Activate rent adjustment: Index

    FOA6   RFVIMI01       Rent adjustment letter: Index

    FOA8   RFVIMAEA       Dispay rent adjustments: Index

    FOBB   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print CGP

    FOBC   RFVICLBW       Real estate: Delete transaction dat

    FOBC72 RFVIBPNOTE00   Business partner: Notes (role)

    FOBC73 RFVIBPNOTE01   bc73

    FOBD   RFVIMACO       Rent Adj. - Simulate Amount Transfe

    FOBE   RFVIMACO       Rent Adj. - Calculate Amount Transf

    FOBF   RFVIMAEA       Rent Adj. - Activate Amount Transf.

    FOBG   RFVIMAEA       Rent Adj. - Reverse Amount Transfer

    FOBH   RFVIMAEA       Rent Adj. - Display Amount Transfer

    FOBJ   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print RLR

    FOBK   RFVIBKCP       Copy real estate company codes

    FOBL   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print EXP

    FOBM   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print CEA

    FOBN   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print MOD

    FOBO   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print IND

    FOBP   RFVIRNBP       Properties: Usage type acc. dev.pla

    FOBT   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print FAC

    FOBW   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print SCS

    FOBX   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print FAR

    FOBY   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print GAR

    FOBZ   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print ACO

    FOB0   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance:FVVI_SOID

    FOB1   SAPMF60M       Lease-Out One-Time Postings

    FOB4   RFVDTAB0       Check Real Estate Acct Determinatio

    FOB9   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print ALL

    FOCNOI RFVICPOI_IMG   Real Estate: BDN - CN Templates

    FOCPTL RFVICPTL       Overview of Letters and Text Module

    FODA   SAPMF60F       Cust.darwinRealEst:Chnge ac.sttl.va

    FODB   SAPMF60F       Cust.darwinRealEst: Disp.ac.sttl.va

    FODC   SAPMF60F       Cust.darwinRealEst:Delete ac.stl.va

    FOD9   SAPMF60F       CustDarwinRealEst:Create ac.sttl.va

    FOEBKA RFEBKAP0       Display account statement

    FOEBL1 RFEBLBR1       Lockbox total report

    FOED   RKES0101       Maintain global variable

    FOEU   SAPMKES1       Create form for real estate report

    FOEV   SAPMKES1       Change form for real estate report

    FOEW   SAPMKES1       Display form for real estate report

    FOE1   SAPLFV7E       Create: Rental Unit

    FOE2   SAPLFV7E       Change: Rental Unit

    FOE3   SAPLFV7E       Display: Rental Unit

    FOE5   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: MIETEINH

    FOE6   SAPMKCEE       Run drilldown report

    FOE7   SAPMKCEE       Create drilldown report

    FOE8   SAPMKCEE       Change drilldown report

    FOE9   SAPMKCEE       Display drilldown report

    FOFI   MENUFOFI       Real Estate Management master data

    FOFO   RFVIFROB       Mass release

    FOFV   MENUFOFV       Real estate third-party mgmnt

    FOF9   RFVIRTFI       VIFI report tree

    FOGEDI RFVIGEDI       Building: Direct Input

    FOGEGN RFVIGEGN       Building: Generate Data File

    FOGESH RFVIGESH       Building: Change Data File

    FOGH   SAPLFV7V       Transfer offer to commer.lease-out

    FOGRDI RFVIGRDI       Property: Direct Input

    FOGRGN RFVIGRGN       Property: Generate Data File

    FOGRSH RFVIGRSH       Property: Change Data File

    FOGS   SAPMF60O       Property

    FOG1   SAPLFV7V       Create Provis. Agreement

    FOG2   SAPLFV7V       Change Provis. Agreement

    FOG3   SAPLFV7V       Display Provis. Agreement

    FOG4   SAPLFV7V       Supplement Provis. Agreement

    FOG8   RFVIAKT0       Sign provisional agreements

    FOG9   RFVIAKT0       Activate Commercial Lease-Outs

    FOHA   RFVIHKAR       Import A-tape

    FOHB   RFVIHKAB       Post external acct sttlmnt result

    FOHD   RFVIHKDR       Import D-tape

    FOHL   RFVIHKMW       Write M/L-tape

    FOHS   RFVIHKAB       Simulate Settlement Result

    FOHX   RFVIHKST       Overview of Extern. Heating Expense

    FOH1   SAPMF61H       Create Heating System

    FOH2   SAPMF61H       Change Heating System

    FOH3   SAPMF61H       Display Heating System

    FOH9   RFVIVWHL       Management contract: Fee list

    FOIA   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Matchcodes

    FOIB   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Field Assignm. Screen->DB

    FOIC   MENUFOIC       Real Estate Management master data

    FOIE   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Field Modif. Criteria

    FOIF   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Application Transactions

    FOIG   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Tables

    FOIH   BUSVIEWS       RECN-Cust: Field Modification Activ

    FOIJ   RFVIRECNFILED  RECN-BDT: Generate Test File (DI)

    FOIK   RFVIRECNDARK   RECN-BDT: Update w/o Dialog

    FOIL   RFVIRS00       RE Contract: Resubmission

    FOIM   RFVIRECNSTART  RE Contract: Create

    FOIO   RFVIRECNSTART  RE Contract: Change

    FOIP   RFVIRECNSTART  RE Contract: Display

    FOIQ   RFVICN00       RE Contract: Periodic Postings

    FOIR   RFVIRECNVIEWS  RECN Cust: Screen Configurations

    FOIS   MENUFOIS       Information system

    FOIT   RFVKONTM       Acct Assign. for RE General Contrac

    FOIW   BUSVIEWS       RECN Cust: Authorization Types

    FOIW21 SAPLIQS0       Create PM Notifications in RE

    FOIZ   BUSVIEWS       RECN Cust: Field Groups for Author.

    FOI0   MENUFOI0       RE Contract: Development Menu

    FOI1   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Applications

    FOI10  BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Search Help

    FOI2   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Field groups

    FOI3   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Views

    FOI4   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Sections

    FOI5   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Screens

    FOI6   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Screen Sequences

    FOI7   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Times

    FOI8   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: GUI Standard Functions

    FOI9   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: GUI Additional Functions

    FOJA   SAPLFVMH       Maintain participation ID

    FOJB   SAPLFVMH       Display participation ID

    FOJE   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Activities

    FOJG   SAPMF60M       RE Contract One-Time Posting

    FOJP   RFVICN60       RECN-BDT: BDT Data Client Copy

    FOJQ   RFVICN61       RE Contract: Create CN (Legacy Data

    FOJR   RFVICN03       RE Contract: Periodic Postings Log

    FOJT   RFVIRN00       RE Customer: Renewal

    FOJU   SAPMF60U       RE Contract: Maintain Sales Reports

    FOJUN  SAPMF60UN_VICN0RE Contract: Maintain Sales Reports

    FOJUNS SAPMF60UN_VICN0Enter Sales with Condition Types

    FOJV   RFVIRECNSTART  RE Contract: Create Defaults

    FOJW   SAPMF60U       RE Contract: Display Sales Reports

    FOJWN  SAPMF60UN_VICN0RE Contract: Display Sales Reports

    FOJWNS SAPMF60UN_VICN0Display Sales with Condition Types

    FOJX   RFVIRECNSTART  RE Contract: Change Defaults

    FOJY   RFVIRECNSTART  RE Contract: Display Defaults

    FOJZ   RFVICN50       RE Contract: Contract Data Reportin

    FOJ0   MENUFOJ0       Contract: Application Menu

    FOJ1   SAPMF60J       Maintain Comparative Group

    FOJ2   SAPMF60J       Display Comparative Group of Apartm

    FOJ4   RFVICN70       Cash Flow Generator General Contrac

    FOJ5   RFVICN80       Display Contingencies

    FOJ6   RFVISL73       Correction of VISLID Entries

    FOJ7   RFVISL72       Correction of T033F Entries

    FOJ8   RFVIRECNVIEWS  RECN-Cust: Object Part

    FOKA   RFVIPTR7       RE: Import Planning Layout

    FOKB   RFVIPTR6       RE: Transport Planning Layouts

    FOKC   SAPMKES1       Create Cost Element Planning Layout

    FOKD   SAPMKES1       Change Cost Element Planning Layout

    FOKE   SAPMKES1       Display Cost Element Planning Layou

    FOKF   SAPMKES1       Create Stat. KF Planning Layout

    FOKFP  RFVIPL01       Copy Cash Flow to Plan Version

    FOKG   SAPMKES1       Change Stat. KF Planning Layout

    FOKH   SAPMKES1       Display Stat. KF Planning Layout

    FOKIP  SAPMKPT4       Copy Actual->Plan for Real Estate

    FOKN   RFVIMPLN       RE: Displ.Planning Stat.Key Figs

    FOKO   RFVICUP0       Check conditions/flow types

    FOKOBA RFVIKOBA       Acct Determination for Cond.Type

    FOKP   RFVIMPLN       RE: Change Plan.Cost El./Act.Inpt

    FOKPP  SAPMKPT4       Copy Plan->Plan for Real Estate

    FOKQ   RFVIMPLN       RE: Displ.Plan.Cost Elem/Act.Inpt

    FOKR   RFVIMPLN       RE: Change Plan.Prim.Cost Elements

    FOKS   RFVIMPLN       RE: Displ.Plan.Primary Cost Element

    FOKT   RFVIMPLN       RE: Change Planning Activ.Input

    FOKU   RFVIMPLN       RE: Display Planning Activ.Input

    FOKV   RFVIMPLN       RE: Change Plan.Revenue Elements

    FOKW   RFVIMPLN       RE: Display Plan.Revenue Elements

    FOKX   RFVIMPLN       RE: Change Plan.Stat.Key Figures

    FOKY   RFVIMPLN       RE: Display Plan.Stat.Key Figures

    FOKZ   RFVIMPLN       RE: Change Plan.Stat.Key Figures

    FOK0   RKDKENNZ       Maintain key figures

    FOK1   SAPMF61K       Notice of rental agreement

    FOK2   SAPMF61O       Edit Rental Deposit Release

    FOK3   SAPMF61O       Display rental deposit release

    FOK4   SAPMF61O       Edit rental unit inspection

    FOK5   SAPMF61O       Display rental unit inspection

    FOK6   RFVIFK01       Print sec.dep.sttl. for dep.release

    FOK7   RFVIMASSREV    Mass Notice on Lease-Out

    FOLA   RFVIWM01       Bulk Print. Resid.Lease-Out

    FOLB   RFVIBB01       Mass Print. Bank Guarantee for LO

    FOLC   RFVIGA01       Mass Print. Garage LO Correspondenc

    FOLD   RFVIGM01       Bulk Print. Garage Lease-Out

    FOLE   RFVIPB01       Bulk Print. LO Personal Guarantee

    FOLF   RFVIWA01       Bulk print. resid.RA-correspondence

    FOLG   RFVIWB01       Bulk print.adv.notice of const.chng

    FOLH   RFVIWC01       Bulk print.rnt incr.due const.chngs

    FOLI   RFVIMV00       Resid. and Garage LO Bulk Printing

    FOLJ   RFVIVD00       FVVI Pop-up for rntl agrmnt printin

    FOLK   RFVIVD00       FVVI Pop-up for addit.letter print.

    FOLL   RFVIVD00       FVVI Pop-up for print of oth.letter

    FOLM   RFVIVD00       Cust. FVVI letters

    FOLN   RFVIVD00       Cust.FVVI letter-module relationshi

    FOLQ   RFVIVD00       FVVI RA-Connect.to optical archive

    FOLR   RFVIVD00       FVVI Client copy text modules

    FOLS   RFVIVD00       FVVI Maintain text objects

    FOLT   RFVIVD00       FVVI Maintain text ID's

    FOLW   RFVITX02       Allocate application/corr.activity

    FOLX   RFVITX01       Real estate Alloc. CA -> Letter/rol





    FOL6   RFVILIRF       IRE: one-time postings lease-out

    FOL7   RFVILIRS       IRE: Change record indicator

    FOMA   SAPMF61M       Create modernization measure

    FOMAFC RFVIMAFCST     RE:Rent Adj.-Index Contract Forecas

    FOMASS SAPSNUM        Number Range for Mass Changes

    FOMB   SAPMF61M       Change modernization measure

    FOMC   SAPMF61M       Display modernization measuer

    FOMC_1 RFVIMULTI01    Electr. Account Statement: Test Dat

    FOMC_2 RFVIMULTI02    Electr. Acct Statement: Gen. File

    FOMD   SAPMF61M       Delete modernization measure

    FOME   SAPMF60O       Rntl unit attribute selection (cust

    FOMF   RFVIOPWE       OI list by business entity

    FOMG   RFVIRE10       Repeat run invoice printout

    FOMH   RFVIRE20       Evaluation log invoice printout

    FOMKB  RFVIMK10       Tenant Account Sheet

    FOMS   RFVICHMS       Swiss representative rent list

    FOMU   RFVIUBMV00     OI Transfer Posting on Tenant Chang

    FOMY   SAPMF61Y       REst. manual incom.pmnt fast entry

    FOMZ   SAPMF61Z       Real Estate Incoming Payments

    FOM1   SAPMF60H       Maintain Repr. List of Rents

    FOM2   SAPMF60H       Display Repr. List of Rents

    FOM3   SAPMF60H       Change representative list of rents

    FOM4   SAPMF61F       Maintain rent reaductios

    FOM5   SAPMF61M       Display rent reductions

    FONA   MENUFONA       Real Estate Management master data

    FONH   RFVIKA05       Reverse External Heating Exp. Sett.

    FONK   SAPMSNUM       Number range for SC settlement

    FONN   RFVINA01       Correspondence SCS/Rntl Agreement

    FONU   RFVINKAS       Serv.charge stt. apportionable cost

    FONZ   SAPMF61Z       Tenant account maintenance

    FON1   RFVINKAS       Simulate full acct settlement: OC

    FON2   RFVINKAS       Execute service charge settlement:O

    FON3   RFVINKAS       Execute full acct settlement: HC

    FON4   RFVINKAS       Execute full acct settlement: OC+HC

    FON5   RFVINKAS       Simulate full acct settlement: HC

    FON6   RFVINKAS       Simulate full acct settlement: OC+H

    FON7   RFVIKA03       Reverse full acct settlement: OC

    FON8   RFVIKA03       Reverse full acct settlement: HC

    FON9   RFVIKA03       Reverse full acct settlement: OC+HC

    FOOA1  SAPLFVOA01     Change Object Availability

    FOOA2  SAPLFVOA01     Display Object Availability

    FOOA3  RFVIOAXX02     Object Availability - Mass Change

    FOOF   RFVIVS02       Reverse debit pos.management contr.

    FOOG   RFVIVW02       Reverse settl.management contract

    FOOH   RFVIEA00       Invoice / Credit memo owner

    FOOZ   SAPMF61Z       Incoming Pymnts with Residual Items

    FOO1   SAPMF61C       Reassign Correction Items

    FOO7   SAPMF60Y       Cust.heat.costs data medium exchang

    FOPA   RFVIEPCD0      OI Clearing on Rental Agreements

    FOPB   RFVICUP2       Condition types with acc./def. ID

    FOPD   RFVICUP3       Check acc./def. reference flow type

    FOPE   RFVICP01       Copy reference flow types

    FOPF   RFVICUP4       List of reference flow types

    FOP2   RFVIPLN0       Change Real Estate planning

    FOP3   RFVIPLN0       Display Real Estate planning

    FOP5   RFVIPA01       Simulate flat-rate adjustment

    FOP6   RFVIPA01       Calculate flat-rate adjustment

    FOP7   RFVIPA04       Activate flat-rate adjustment

    FOP8   RFVIPA02       Flat-rate adjustment correspondence

    FOQA   RFVIMACO       RE: Calculate GAR rent adj.

    FOQB   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate GAR rent adj.

    FOQC   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display active GAR rent adj.

    FOQD   RFVIAG01       Free garage adj.:Tenant letter

    FOQF   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate GAR rent adj.

    FOQG   RFVIAP01       Print rent adjustment Switzerland

    FOQH   RFVIMACO       RE: Calculate FAR rent adj.

    FOQI   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate FAR rent adj.

    FOQJ   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display active FAR rent adj.

    FOQK   RFVIFW01       Free resid. adj.: Letter to tenant

    FOQM   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate FAR rent adj.

    FOQN   RFVIMACO       RE: Calculate rent adj. AnyCond.

    FOQO   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate rent adj. Any.Cond.

    FOQP   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display act.rent adj.AnyCond.

    FOQQ   RFVIFZ01       Adj. surcharges: Letter to tenant

    FOQS   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate rent adj. AnyCond.

    FOQU   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate MOD rent adj.

    FOQV   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate MOD rent adj.

    FOQW   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display active MOD rent adj.

    FOQY   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse MOD rent adj.

    FOQZ   RFVIMACO       RE: Calculate MOD rent adj.

    FOQ0   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: VERGLWOHN

    FOQ1   SAPMF60Q       FVVI: Create Ext. Compara. Apartmen

    FOQ2   SAPMF60Q       FVVI: Change Ext. Compara. Apartmen

    FOQ3   SAPMF60Q       FVVI: Display Ext. Compara.Apartmen

    FOQ4   SAPMF60Q       FVVI: Delete Ext. Compara. Apartmen

    FOQ5   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate CH rent adj.

    FOQ6   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate CH rent adjustment

    FOQ7   RFVIMARS       Real estate: CH rent adj: Disp.res.

    FOQ9   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - display CH

    FORA   RFVIMACO       RE: Rent adj. - Calc.expert opin.

    FORB   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate EXOP rent adj.

    FORC   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display act.EXOP rent adj.

    FORE   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate EXOP rent adj.

    FORF   RFVIGU01       Rnt adj. as res.of exp.rep.corresp.

    FORG   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse EXOP rent adj.

    FORH   RFVIMACO       RE: Rent adj. - Simulate CEA

    FORI   RFVIMACO       RE: Rent adj. - Calculate CEA

    FORJ   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - Activate CEA

    FORK   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - Reverse CEA

    FORL   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - Display CEA

    FORN   RFVIAN01       Rent Adj. - Print CEA

    FORN1  SAPLFVRN01     Change Renewal Option for Contract

    FORN2  SAPLFVRN01     RE: Change CN Renewal Option

    FOROZ  RFVIRT01       VI01 reporting tree (IPD)

    FORQ   RFVIMACO       RE: Rent adj. - Simulate area

    FORS   RFVIMACO       RE: Rent adj. - Calculate area

    FORS1  SAPLFVRS01     Maintain Resubmission

    FORS2  SAPLFVRS01     Display Resubmission

    FORS3  RFVIRS10       RE: Generate Resubmission Dates

    FORT   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - Activate area

    FORV   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - Reverse area

    FORW   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - Display area

    FORY   RFVIAN01       RE: Rent adj. - Print area

    FOR1   SAPMF60R       Rooms: Maintain

    FOR2   SAPMF60R       Rooms: Display

    FOR3   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance:FVVI_SRAUM

    FOR5   SAPMF60R       Maintain common rooms in building

    FOR6   SAPMF60R       Display common rooms in building

    FOR7   SAPMF60R       Maintain rooms in RU via building

    FOR8   SAPMF60R       Display rooms in RU via building

    FOSA   RFVISL10       Execute debit position

    FOSB   RFVISL12       Debit position simulation

    FOSC   RFVISL70       Debit position reversal

    FOSE   RFVICUP6       Account determination list

    FOSF   SAPMFKD0       Maintain Dunning Procedure

    FOSG   SAPMFKD0       Display Dunning Procedure

    FOSH   RFVISL41       Vacancy debit position

    FOSI   RFVISL41       Debit pos. unoccup.status simulatio

    FOSJ   RFVISL70       RU-Unoccupied:Reverse debit positio

    FOSK   RFVISL03       Vacancy Debit Position - Log

    FOSL   RFVISL04       General Real Estate Posting Log

    FOSM   RFVISL05       General Real Estate Posting Log

    FOSN   RFVISL00       Real Estate - Posting

    FOSO   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_RWIN

    FOSR   RFVIESR0       Replaced by transaction FVIESR

    FOST   MENUFOST       Real Estate Management master data

    FOS1   RFVISLB0       Internal document entry

    FOS8   RFVISLB8       Single Document Reversal

    FOTA   RFVIMEGN       Rental units: Create data file

    FOTB   RFVIMESH       Change data file rental units

    FOTC   RFVIMEDI       Direct input rental units

    FOTD   RFVIMVGN       Lease-outs: Create data file

    FOTE   RFVIMVSH       Change data file lease-outs

    FOTF   RFVIMVDI       Direct input lease-outs


    FOTI0A BUSSTART       Tenant Information

    FOTI00 MENUFOTI00     Tenant Information - Config. Menu

    FOTI01 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Activities

    FOTI02 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Applications

    FOTI03 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Screen Layout Field Groups

    FOTI04 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Screen Layout Views

    FOTI05 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Screen Layout Sections

    FOTI06 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Screen Layout Screens

    FOTI07 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Screen Sequence

    FOTI08 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Times

    FOTI09 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Tables

    FOTI10 BUSVIEWS       RETI: GUI Functions - Standard

    FOTI11 BUSVIEWS       RETI: GUI Functions - Additional

    FOTI12 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Matchcode ID's

    FOTI13 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Assign Screen->DB Field

    FOTI14 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Field Modifications - Criteri

    FOTI15 BUSVIEWS       RETI:  ApplicTransactions

    FOTI16 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Field Modification Activity

    FOTI17 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Authorizations-Author.Groups

    FOTI18 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Field Group Authorization

    FOTY   RIVMES00       Error Message

    FOT1   RIVMES00       Current Vacancies

    FOUA   RFVIDUV1       Calculate sales settlement

    FOUAN  RFVIDUV3N      Calculate Sales Settlement

    FOUB   RFVIDUV2       Display sales settlement history

    FOUBN  RFVIDUV2N      Display Sales Settlement History

    FOUC   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate sales-based rent adj

    FOUD   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display act.sales-based rnt adj

    FOUE   RFVIDUV3       Simulate sales settlement

    FOUEN  RFVIDUV3N      Simulate Sales Settlement

    FOUF   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate USER rent adj.

    FOUG   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse USER rent adj.

    FOUH   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display active USER rent adj.

    FOUI   RFVIURSE       RFVI: Simulate Rent Adjustment USER

    FOUJ   RFVIURSE       RFVI: Calculate rent adjustment USR

    FOUK   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate Meth.Comp. rent adj.

    FOUL   RFVIMACO       RE: Calculate Meth.Comp. rent adj

    FOUM   RFVIMSUM       Convers. of rep.list of rents texts

    FOUP   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse CH rent adj.

    FOUQ   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse IND rent adj.

    FOUR   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse CGP rent adj.

    FOUS   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse FAC rent adj.

    FOUT   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse RLR rent adj.

    FOUU   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse GAR rent adj.

    FOUV   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse FAR rent adj.

    FOUW   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse rent adj. AnyCond

    FOUX   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse sales-based rent adj.

    FOU1   RFVIMAEU       RFVI: Rent adj. due to EURO Convers

    FOU2   SAPMF60U       Maintain sales reports

    FOU2N  SAPMF60UN      Maintain Sales Reports

    FOU2NS SAPMF60UN      Enter Sales with Condition Types

    FOU3   SAPMF60U       Display sales reports

    FOU3N  SAPMF60UN      Display sales reports

    FOU3NS SAPMF60UN      Display Sales with Condition Types

    FOU4   RFVIDUVS       Reverse sales-based settlement

    FOU4N  RFVIDUV_STORNO_Reverse Sales-Based Settlement

    FOU5   RFVIDUVA       Sales settlement selection

    FOU6   RIMUMSAJ       List of sales reports per year

    FOU7   RIMUMSAM       List of sales reports per month

    FOU8   RFVIDUV_SALES  Overview of Missing Sales Reports

    FOVA   RIVOPTER       Determination of option rates

    FOVB   RFVICF00       Real Est.: Update of LO Cash Flow

    FOVC   RFVIVST9       Manual input tax treatment

    FOVD   RFVIVST7       Input tax trtmnt: Monthly postings

    FOVE   SAPLFV7V       Create Lease-Out Offer

    FOVF   SAPLFV7V       Change Lease-Out Offer

    FOVG   SAPLFV7V       Display Lease-Out Offer

    FOVH   SAPLFV7V       Transfer offer to lease-out

    FOVI   RFVIBAGA       Post trivial amnts to prior period

    FOVJ   RFVISTOR       Reverse input tax treatment run

    FOVK   RFVIAN01       Print general rent adjustment

    FOVL   RFVIMVHD       Overview of Lease-Outs

    FOVN   RFVIRE41       Invoice (CH) on basis of cash flow

    FOVO   RFVIOS01       Print owner settlement

    FOVP   RFVIRE46       Repeat invoice (cash flow)

    FOVQ   RFVIRE30       OIs from FI already invoiced

    FOVS   RFVIERMV       Assign Collective LO for Act. LO

    FOVU   RFVIUA01       Print sales settlement

    FOVV   RFVIMVVL       Lease-out renewal

    FOVX   RFVIAPRT       Mass Processing of Offers

    FOVZ   SAPMSNUM       Rental Agreement Offer Number Range

    FOV0   SAPMSNUM       Rental agreement number range

    FOV1   SAPLFV7V       Create Lease-Out

    FOV2   SAPLFV7V       Change Lease-Out: Master Data

    FOV3   SAPLFV7V       Display Lease-Out

    FOV4   SAPLFV7V       Supplement Lease-Out

    FOV6   RFVIPA04       Activate advance payment adjustment

    FOV7   SAPLFV7V       Call Lease-Out

    FOV8   RFVIAKT0       Activate Residential Lease-Outs

    FOV9   RFVIAKT0       Activate Provisional Agreements

    FOWB92 RFVIWI01       Rent Adj.acc. to CEA: Correspondenc

    FOWE   SAPMF60O       Business entity

    FOWEDI RFVIWEDI       BE: Direct Input

    FOWEGN RFVIWEGN       BE: Generate Data File

    FOWESH RFVIWESH       BE: Change Data File

    FOWU   SAPMF62W       Display simplif.cost effic.analysis

    FOWV   SAPMF62W       Change Simplif.Cost Effic.Analysis

    FOWW   SAPMF62W       Create simplif.cost effic.analysis

    FOWX   SAPMF62W       Create Cost Efficiency Analysis

    FOWY   SAPMF62W       Change Cost Efficiency Analysis

    FOWZ   SAPMF62W       Displ.Cost Efficiency Analysis

    FOW0   SAPMSNUM       Real Estate application number rang

    FOW1   SAPMF63W       Real est. comm. application: Create

    FOW2   SAPMF63W       Real est. comm. application: Change

    FOW3   SAPMF63W       Real est. comm. application: Displa

    FOW4   SAPMF63W       Real est. priv. application: Create

    FOW5   SAPMF63W       Real est. priv. application: Change

    FOW6   SAPMF63W       Real est. priv. application: Displa

    FOW7   RFVISBW1       Overview of Rental Requests

    FOW8   RFVISBW1       Rent requests evaluation

    FOXA   SAPMF69P       Create broker

    FOXB   SAPMF69P       Change broker

    FOXC   SAPMF69P       Display broker

    FOXD   SAPMF69P       Create owner

    FOXE   SAPMF69P       Change owner

    FOXF   SAPMF69P       Display owner

    FOXG   SAPMF69P       Create tenant

    FOXH   SAPMF69P       Change tenant

    FOXI   SAPMF69P       Display tenant

    FOXJ   SAPMF69P       Create

    FOXK   SAPMF69P       Change

    FOXL   SAPMF69P       Display

    FOYA   RFVIKA02       Real Estate IXS Incid.Expens.Sttlmn

    FOYB   RFVIIN01       Invoice for Rent: First Print

    FOYC   RFVIIR01       Invoice for Rent: Repeat Print

    FOYS   RFVISTIF       Status- and transaction control

    FOZA   RFVKONTM       Acct determ. for LO

    FOZB   RFVKONTM       Customiz.Real Est.post.interface

    FOZC   RFVKONTM       Customizing post.interface REstMgmt

    FOZD   RFVIZWT10      Change Payment Method; Bank Details

    FOZ0   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_ZAEH

    FOZ1   SAPMF60Z       Rental unit: Applications allocatio

    FOZ2   SAPMF60Z       Rent request allocation

    FO01   MENUFO01       Real estate management leasing

    FO03   MENUFO03

    FO04   MENUFO04

    FO05   MENUFO05

    FO08   RFVIVST5       Reversal input tax distribution

    FO1B   SAPMF60G       Create expert report

    FO1C   SAPMF60G       Change expert report

    FO1D   SAPMF60G       Display expert report

    FO1E   RFVIEA00       Owner Settlement

    FO1F   RFVIEA01       Owner Account Settlement Reversal

    FO1G   SAPMF600       Correction Items Retirement

    FO1I   RFVIMG00       Post-generate settlement particip.

    FO1J   SAPMF601       Corr.item transfer within asset

    FO1K   SAPMF602       Reverse CI transfer within asset

    FO1L   RFVIRUEK       Repost Input Tax Adjustments

    FO10   MENUFO10       Reserved for real estate

    FO11   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: Land reg.

    FO12   SAPL0VIC       Field status: Management contract

    FO13   RFVIGN01       Activate Settlement Unit

    FO13U  RFVIGN01       Activate Settlement Unit

    FO14   SAPMF60A       Land register: Display

    FO15   SAPMF60A       Land register: Change

    FO16   SAPMF60A       Land register: Create

    FO18   SAPMF60A       Land register: Parameters via MEM I

    FO19   SAPMF60A       Land register: Parameter trnsfr tes

    FO20   MENUFO20       Reserved for real estate

    FO21   SAPMF60B       Create business entity

    FO22   SAPMF60B       Change business entity

    FO23   SAPMF60B       Display business entity

    FO24   RFVIZEN0       Follow-up post. inc.pmnt rejections

    FO25   SAPSNUM        Number Range for Business Entity

    FO27   SAPSNUM        Number Range for Property

    FO28   SAPSNUM        Number Range for Building

    FO29   RFVISPF0       Reset transaction block

    FO3C   SAPLKO71       Real estate CO settlement

    FO3K   SAPMFKM0       Maintain automatic postings account

    FO3L   RFVIAR37       Read lease-out flow archive

    FO30   SAPLFV7V       Maintain lease-out

    FO31   SAPMF60C       Create property

    FO32   SAPMF60C       Change property

    FO33   SAPMF60C       Display property

    FO35   SAPMF60D       Create building

    FO36   SAPMF60D       Change building

    FO37   SAPMF60D       Display building

    FO38   SAPMF61F       Change RA: Conds of Active Contract

    FO4B   SAPMMCSC       Stand.settings rental agreemnt anal

    FO4C   SAPMMCSC       Stand.settings rental agreemnt anal

    FO4D   SAPMMCSC       Stand.Settings Bus.Entity Analysis

    FO4E   SAPMMCSC       Standard settings property analysis

    FO4F   SAPMMCSC       Standard settings building analysis

    FO4G   RFVIRT12       Reporting tree VI12

    FO4H   RFVIRT13       Reporting tree VI13

    FO4I   RFVIRT14       Reporting tree VI14

    FO4J   RFVIRT15       Reporting tree VI15

    FO4K   RFVIRT16       VI16 report tree

    FO4L   SAPMKCC0       Mainten.curr.conversion type TMR

    FO4M   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report

    FO4N   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: RE_INVOICE

    FO4O   SAPMMCSC       Stand.settings partner analysis

    FO4P   RFVI4010       Partner analysis-new selection

    FO4Q   SAPMMCSC       Std settings land register analysis

    FO4W   SAPMKCB9       Test monitor - Real Estate reports

    FO4Y   RFVIAR47       Read lease-out archive

    FO40   MENUFO40       Reserved for real estate

    FO49   RFVIIDX0       Check index for real estate

    FO5O   RKKBJBIN       Import reports

    FO5P   RKKBBGEN       Generate reports

    FO5Q   RFVI4060       Rental Units Standard Analysis

    FO5T   RFVI4070       Lease-Out Analysis: New Selection

    FO5V   RFVIIS01       Print New LO Number Correspondence

    FO6A   SAPMF60Y       Real estate field status applicatio

    FO6B   SAPMF60Y       Display real est. applic.fld select

    FO6D   SAPMF61A       Set delete flag for CU

    FO6E   SAPMF60Y       Change co-applicant field selection

    FO6F   SAPMF60Y       Display co-applicant field selectio

    FO6G   SAPMSNUM       No.range maintenance: FVVI_VWVTR

    FO6I   RFVIRT11       Reporting tree VI11

    FO6J   SAPMKKB5       Maintain Real Estate Report Tree

    FO60   MENUFO60       Reserved for real estate

    FO61   SAPMF61A       Create settlement unit

    FO61U  SAPMF61A       Create Master Settlement Unit

    FO62   SAPMF61A       Change settlement unit

    FO62U  SAPMF61A       Change Master Settlement Unit

    FO63   SAPMF61A       Display settlement unit

    FO63U  SAPMF61A       Display Master Settlement Unit

    FO65   RIVAEP05       Overview of Settlement Units

    FO66   RFVIGN01       Overview cost collectors for SU

    FO67   RFVIAE06       SU Overview for Rental Unit

    FO7P   RFVI4040       Property Standard Analysis

    FO7Q   RFVI4050       Buildings Standard Analysis

    FO7R   RFVIRT10       Reporting tree VI10

    FO7S   RKDBAT02       Maintain Batch Variants

    FO7T   SAPMMCSC       Rental unit analysis user settings

    FO7U   SAPMMCSC       Rntl agrmnt analysis user settings

    FO7V   RFVI4080       Standard analysis land register

    FO7Y   RFVIMK01       Tenant acct evaluation

    FO70   MENUFO70       Reserved for real estate

    FO77   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_NKSE

    FO79   SAPMF61U       Maintain Rent Adjustm.History

    FO8A   RFVISLA0       Real est. trans.records accr./defer

    FO8B   RFVISLA7       RealEstate accr./defer.- Reversal

    FO8C   SAPLKO71       Real Estate CO Indiv. Settlement

    FO8D   RFVIVST4       Report: Displ.inp.tax distributions

    FO8DA  RFVIIM00       Input Tax Distribution

    FO8DB  RFVIIM00       Input Tax Distribution Posting

    FO8DM  RFVIIM00       Input Tax Distribution Reversal

    FO8DN  RFVIIM00       Input Tax Distribution Log

    FO8E   SAPMF62E       Create admin.contract event

    FO8F   SAPMF62E       Change admin.contract event

    FO8G   SAPMF62E       Display admin.contract event

    FO8H   RFVIVW01       Admin.costs acct sttlmnt simulation

    FO8I   RFVIVW01       Management Costs Settlement

    FO8J   SAPMSNUM       No.range maintenance:FVVI_VWEVT

    FO8K   RFVISLA0       Carry out real estate accr./defer.

    FO8L   RFVIBE01       Changed Option Rate Ratios

    FO8N   RFVIBE03       OptRte-Relevant Changes RU / LO

    FO8P   RFVIHZ10       Reset D tape data

    FO8Q   RFVIZL01       Incoming payments by posting date

    FO8R   SAPMF61A       Reset delete flag for SU

    FO8S   RFVIPM00       Create measurement doc.

    FO8T   RFVIPM00       Change Measurement Document

    FO8U   RFVIPM00       Display Measurement Document

    FO8V   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments

    FO8W   RIIMR020       Change Measurement Documents

    FO8X   RIIMR020       Display Measurement Documents

    FO8Y   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments

    FO8Z   RIIMR020       Change Measurement Documents

    FO80   RFVISL03       RA debit positions - Log

    FO81   SAPMF61U       Display Rent Adjustm.History

    FO82   SAPMF62M       Create Management Contract

    FO83   SAPMF62M       Change Management Contract

    FO84   SAPMF62M       Display management contract

    FO85   RFVIVS01       Simulate debit position/man.contrac

    FO86   SAPMF62M       Change active admin.contract fees

    FO87   SAPMF61F       Change cond.act.cntrcts for bckgrnd

    FO88   RFVIVS01       Management contract debit position

    FO9A   RIIMR020       Display Measurement Documents

    FO9B   RFVIPM00       Create measurement doc.

    FO9C   RFVIPM00       Change Measurement Document

    FO9D   RFVIPM00       Display Measurement Document

    FO9E   RFVIPM01       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments

    FO9F   RFVIRT01       Call reporting tree VI01

    FO9G   RFVIRT02       Call reporting tree VI02

    FO9H   RFVIRT03       Call reporting tree VI03

    FO9I   RFVIRT04       Call reporting tree VI04

    FO9J   RFVIRT05       Call reporting tree VI05

    FO9K   RFVIRBIM       Import Reports from Client

    FO9L   RFVIRFIM       Import Forms from Client 000

    FO9M   RKCOBTR2       Transport reports

    FO9N   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms

    FO9O   RKDREOBE       Overview of Reports

    FO9P   SAPMMCSV       Real estate: Create select.version

    FO9Q   SAPMMCSV       Real estate: Change select. version

    FO9R   SAPMMCSV       Real estate: Display select.version

    FO9S   SAPMMCSV       Real estate: Schedule select.versio

    FO9T   RMCSSLVS       Selection Version Tree Real Estate

    FO9U   RMCSSLVS       User-Spec. Sel.Vers.Tree Real Estat

    FO9V   RFVIRT06       Reporting tree VI06

    FO9W   RFVIRT07       Reporting tree VI07

    FO9X   RKKBRPTR       Maintain report selection

    FO9Y   RFVI4020       Business Entities Standard Analysis

    FO9Z   RFVIRT09       Reporting tree VI09

    FO91   RFVIRTCP       VICP report tree

    FO94   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance:FVVI_BEBE

    FO95   SAPMF61C       Create correction items

    FO96   SAPMF61C       Change correction items

    FO97   SAPMF61C       Display correction items

    FO98   SAPMF61C       Delete correction items

    FPS3   RFEBKA40       Intraday Statment

    FQUD   RFQUER01       Customer Queries

    FQUK   RFQUER01       Vendor Queries

    FQUS   RFQUER01       G/L Account Queries

    FRCA   SAPMF08A       Settlement calendar

    FRC0   SAPLFRC1       Display Profit Center -> FM AcctAss

    FRC1   SAPLFRC1       Maintain Cost Element -> FM Act Asg

    FRC2   SAPLFRC1       Display Cost Element -> FM Acct Asg

    FRC3   SAPLFRC1       Maintain Cost Center -> FM Act Asgm

    FRC4   SAPLFRC1       Display Cost Center -> FM Acct Asgm

    FRC5   SAPLFRC1       Maintain Order -> FM Acct Assgmnt

    FRC6   SAPLFRC1       Display Order -> FM Acct Assgmnt

    FRC7   SAPLFRC1       Maintain WBS Element -> FM Act Asgm

    FRC8   SAPLFRC1       Display WBS Element -> FM Acct Asgm

    FRC9   SAPLFRC1       Maintain Profit Center -> FM ActAsg

    FRD1   SAPLFRC1       Maintain G/L Account -> Commt Item

    FRD2   SAPLFRC1       Display G/L Account -> Commt Item

    FRFT   RFIBLFPAY      Rapid Entry with Repetitive Code

    FRFT_B FIBL_FRFT      Repetitive Codes: Payment to Banks

    FRFT2  RFEBRFT2       Repetitive fast entry form

    FRHU2  SAPLVHUDIAL    Random creation of HUs

    FRH1   SAPLKBPH       Loc.Auth.: Enter Budget Release

    FRH2   SAPLKBPH       Loc.Auth.: Enter Local Block

    FRH5   SAPLKBPB       No longer used

    FRH7   RFFMCOVTRANS   Transfer of Residl Bdgts from Cover

    FRML02 RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Edit Formula

    FRML03 RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Display Formula

    FRML04 RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Formula Information System

    FRMN   MENUFRMN       Credit Management

    FR01   SAPMKBUD       Change original commitments

    FR02   SAPMKBUD       Display original commitments

    FR04   SAPMKBUD       Change original payments

    FR05   SAPMKBUD       Display original payments

    FR07   SAPMKBUD       Change Release for Commitment Bdgt

    FR08   SAPMKBUD       Display Release Commitments

    FR10   SAPMKBUD       Change Release for Payment Bdgt

    FR11   SAPMKBUD       Display Release Payments

    FR15   SAPMKBUD       Change Supplement Commitments

    FR16   SAPMKBUD       Display Supplement Commitments

    FR19   SAPMKBUD       Change Supplement Payments

    FR20   SAPMKBUD       Display Supplement Payments

    FR23   SAPMKBUD       Change Return Commitments

    FR24   SAPMKBUD       Display Return Commitments

    FR27   SAPMKBUD       Change Return Payments

    FR28   SAPMKBUD       Display Return Payments

    FR50   RFFMISPS       Enter Original Budget

    FR51   RFFMISPS       Enter Release

    FR52   RFFMISPS       Enter Supplement

    FR53   RFFMISPS       Enter Return

    FR54   RFFMISPS       Distribute Original Budget

    FR55   RFFMISPS       Distribute Release

    FR56   RFFMISPS       Distribute Supplement

    FR57   RFFMISPS       Distribute Return

    FR58   RFFMISPS       Post

    FR59   RFFMISPS       Change document

    FR60   RFFMISPS       Display Document

    FR61   RFFMISPS       Park Original Budget

    FR62   RFFMISPS       Park Release

    FR63   RFFMISPS       Park Supplement

    FR64   RFFMISPS       Park Return

    FR65   RFFMISPS       Park Original Budget Distribution

    FR66   RFFMISPS       Park Release Distribution

    FR67   RFFMISPS       Park Supplement Distribution

    FR68   RFFMISPS       Park Return Distribution

    FR69   RFFMISPS       Park Transfer

    FR70   RFFMISPS       Post Parked Document

    FR71   RFFMISPS       Cancel Parked Document

    FR72   RFFMISPS       Display Parked Document

    FR73   RFFMISPS       Change Parked Document

    FR81   RFFMISPS       Loc.Auth.: Budget Reduction

    FR86   RFFMISPS       Loc.Auth.: Enter Residual Budget

    FR87   RFFMISPS       Distribute Budget Types with Releas

    FR88   RFFMREL1       FM: Loc.Auth.: Mass Release

    FR89   RFFMISPS       Reverse Document

    FR90   RFFMISPS       Loc.auth: Distribute budget types

    FR91   RFFMISPS       Loc.Auth.: Transfer with auto. rel.

    FR92   RFFMREL2       Reconstruction of Release Groups

    FSCD   CHDOC_LIST     Change Document List

    FSE2   RFGSBSTR       Change Financial Statement Version

    FSE3   RFGSBSTR       Display Financial Statement Version

    FSE4   SAPMF02E       Planning Preparation

    FSE5   SAPMF02E       Maintain Planning

    FSE5N  SAPMF02E       Maintain Planning

    FSE6   SAPMF02E       Display Planning

    FSE6N  SAPMF02E       Display Planning

    FSE7   SAPMF02E       Maint.Fin.Statemnt Forgn Lang.Texts

    FSE8   SAPMF02E       Display Forgn Lang Fin.Statmnt Text

    FSE9   SAPMF02E       Automatic Financial Statement Form

    FSF1   SAPMF08A       Financial Calendar

    FSIB   RKDBAT02       Background processing

    FSIC   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type

    FSIG   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEBalance Sheet Reports Criteria Grou

    FSIK   RFBRFSIK       Maintain Key Figures

    FSIM   SAPMKCB9       Report Monitor

    FSIO   RKCOBTR2       Transport reports

    FSIP   RKCOBTR4       Transport forms

    FSIQ   RKCOBTR3       Import reports from client 000

    FSIR   RKCOBTR5       Import forms from client 000

    FSIT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report

    FSIV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable

    FSIX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports

    FSIY   RKDREODA       Reorganize report data

    FSIZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize forms

    FSI0   SAPMKCEE       Execute report

    FSI1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report

    FSI2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report

    FSI3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report

    FSI4   SAPMKES1       Create Form

    FSI5   SAPMKES1       Change Form

    FSI6   SAPMKES1       Display Form


    FSM1   SAPMF02H       Create Sample Account

    FSM2   SAPMF02H       Change Sample Account

    FSM3   SAPMF02H       Display Sample Account

    FSM4   SAPMF01A       Sample Account Changes

    FSM5   SAPF053R       Delete Sample Account

    FSO2   SAPMF02E       Change Finan.Statement Vers. (old)

    FSO3   SAPMF02E       Display Finan.Statement Vers. (Old)

    FSP0   SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MG/L acct master record in chrt/acct

    FSP1   SAPMF02H       Create Master Record in Chart/Accts

    FSP2   SAPMF02H       Change Master Record in Chart/Accts

    FSP3   SAPMF02H       Display Master Record in Chart/Acct

    FSP4   SAPMF01A       G/L Account Changes in Chart/Accts

    FSP5   SAPMF02H       Block Master Record in Chart/Accts

    FSP6   SAPMF02H       Mark Mast.Rec.for Del.in Chart/Acct

    FSRD   RFVDCH01       Loans       Regulatory Reporting CH

    FSRG   RFTBCH01       Money Mkt   Regulatory Reporting CH

    FSRW   RFVWCH01       Securities  Regulatory Reporting CH

    FSSA   SAPF130        Display Bal.Confirmatns Sel.Criteri

    FSSP   SAPF130        Change Bal.Confirmatns Sel.Criteria

    FSS0   SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MG/L account master record in co cod

    FSS1   SAPMF02H       Create Master Record in Company Cod

    FSS2   SAPMF02H       Change Master Record in Company Cod

    FSS3   SAPMF02H       Display Master Record in Comp.Code

    FSS4   SAPMF01A       G/L Account Changes in Company Code

    FST2   SAPMF02H       Maintain Account Name

    FST3   SAPMF02H       Display Account Name

    FS00   SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MG/L acct master record maintenance

    FS01   SAPMF02H       Create Master Record

    FS02   SAPMF02H       Change Master Record

    FS03   SAPMF02H       Display Master Record

    FS04   SAPMF01A       G/L Account Changes (Centrally)

    FS05   SAPMF02H       Block Master Record

    FS06   SAPMF02H       Mark Master Record for Deletion

    FS10   SAPMF42B       G/L Account Balance

    FS10N  RFGLBALANCE    Balance Display

    FS10NA RFGLBALANCE    Display Balances

    FTBP1  BUSSTART       Create business partner

    FTBP2  BUSSTART       Create business partner

    FTBP3  BUSSTART       Create business partner

    FTEX   RVFTFTEX       Exp.bill.doc.analysis

    FTGR   RVFTFTWE       Import Gds Receipt Analysis

    FTIM   RVFTFTIM       Import Order Analysis

    FTR_00 RFTR_COLLECTIVECollective Processing

    FTRCL  RFIDTRCLACCL7  Closing of Expense Accounts

    FTR01  SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Ranges

    FTR02  RFIDTRWEKO     Bill of Exchange List

    FTR03  RFIDTRBOE1     Bill of Exchange Transactions

    FTR04  RFIDTRBOE2     Reversal of Bill Transactions

    FTR05  RFTR_BOE_REPRINPrintout of Transaction Records

    FTR06  RFIDTRINFL     Inflation Adj. of Monetary Items

    FTUS   RVFTUSER       Foreign Trade: Maintain User Data

    FTWA   RTXWCF01       Extract data

    FTWB   RTXWCF10       Retrieve archived data

    FTWC   RTXWMG01       Merge extracts

    FTWCF  RTXWCATF       Field catalog

    FTWCS  RTXWCATS       Segment catalog

    FTWD   RTXWCHK2       Verify data extract checksums

    FTWE   RTXWCHK11      Verify control totals (FI documents

    FTWE1  RTXWCHK4       Verify all FI control totals

    FTWF   RTXWQU01       Data extract browser

    FTWH   RTXWQU03       Data view queries

    FTWI   RTXWBTCH       Create background job

    FTWJ   RTXWDROP       Clear data retrieved from archives

    FTWK   RTXWDELF       Delete extracts

    FTWL   RTXWLOG2       Display extract log

    FTWM   RTXWCF05       Rebuild data extract

    FTWN   RTXWVWL2       Display view query log

    FTWP   SAPMTXWC       Settings for data extraction

    FTWQ   RTXWSEGS       Configure data file data segments

    FTWR   RTXWSIZE       File size worksheet

    FTWS   RTXWTASK       Transport configuration and logs

    FTWW   RTXWLS01       List segment information

    FTWY   SAPMTXWV       Maintain data file view

    FTW0   MENUFTW0       Tax data retention and reporting

    FTW1A  RTXWCF02       Extract Data

    FTXA   SAPMF82T       Display Tax Code

    FTXP   SAPMF82T       Maintain Tax Code

    FVBTEP RFVIBTEP       BTE Process Text Module for RE

    FVCP   RPRFVCPY       Copy Program for Form Variants

    FVE3   RFVWBEW1       Foreign Exchange Valuation

    FVE4   RFVWNWUM       Quotation Currency Conversion

    FVE7   RFVWBWS1       Reverse Forex Valuation

    FVIESR RFVIESR0       RE: Import POR data (Switzerland)

    FVIQ   RFVIMISB       Legacy data transfer of compos.rate

    FVIR   RF66IDEL       Legcy Data Trnsfr:Reset Option Rate

    FVI5   RFVIKA00       Electronic rent collection

    FVOE   RF66EDTD       Edit Transfer Table. Opt.Rates

    FVOI   RF66IMPD       Create Transfer Table Opt.Rates

    FVOP   RF66PUTD       Transfer Opt.Rates to Prod.System

    FVVC   RF66VSTC       Transfer input tax correct.values

    FVVD   RF66VSTM       Lgcy Data Reset Inp.Tax.Correct.Val

    FVVE   RFVIMISA       Data Transfer Input Tax Correction

    FVZA   RFVVZAL1       Inflow/outflow list report

    FV02   RFVIVST2       Reversal of Correction Items

    FV08   RFVIVST8       Reverse input tax treatment run

    FV11   SAPMV13A       Create condition

    FV12   SAPMV13A       Change condition

    FV13   SAPMV13A       Display condition

    FV50   SAPMF05A       Park G/L Account Items

    FV53   SAPMF05A       Display Parked G/L Account Document

    FV60   SAPMF05A       Park Incoming Invoices

    FV63   SAPMF05A       Displayed Parked Vendor Document

    FV65   SAPMF05A       Park Incoming Invoices

    FV70   SAPMF05A       Enter Outgoing Invoices

    FV73   SAPMF05A       Display Parked Customer Document

    FV75   SAPMF05A       Park Outgoing Credit Notes

    FW     MENUFW00       FW.. reserved for VV-Securities

    FW-1   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_ANLA

    FW-2   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_BEKI

    FW-3   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: FVVW_ORDER

    FW-4   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_PNNR

    FW-5   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVW_KMNR

    FW-6   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVW_KMNR

    FW-7   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_PODO

    FW-8   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVW_KOBJ

    FWAA   RFPM_AMORTIZED_Execute Amortization

    FWAB   RFVWABG0       Securities accruals/deferrals

    FWACR  RFPM_REVERSE_AMReverse Amortization

    FWAR   RFVWABG1       Securities accr/defer. reset

    FWAS   RFVWABG4       Reverse accrual/deferral

    FWBA   SAPMF69N       BAV Transfer/Securities Init. Scree

    FWBC   SAPMF69N       BAV Info. - Securities Init. Screen

    FWBJ   RFVWPOJR       Posting journal

    FWBK   SAPMF64H       Balance sheet transfer

    FWBS   SAPMF64Z       Manual posting

    FWCP   CALCULATE_POSITCalculate Position

    FWDG   RZKLGAT1       Class information

    FWDP   RFVWDPR0       Securities account list

    FWDS   TRS_SEC_ACC_TRAReverse Securities Account Transfer

    FWDU   TRS_SEC_ACC_TRASecurities Transfer

    FWER   SAPLFVER       Exercise Security Rights

    FWIK   RFVWDEP0       Create Securities Account Statement

    FWIW   RFVWINF2       Securities information

    FWKB   RFVWKMBU_NEU   Post corporate action

    FWKS   RFVWKMST_NEU   Reverse corporate action

    FWK0   SAPMF64R       Edit corporate action

    FWLL   TPM_LEGAL_LIMITProportion of Equity and Voting Rep

    FWMY   MENUFWMY       Securities management

    FWOA   SAPMF64O       Execute order

    FWOB   SAPMF64O       Settle order execution

    FWOC   SAPMF64O       Settle order

    FWOE   SAPMF64Z       Reverse Posting

    FWOEZ  TRS_ZE_REVERSE Reverse Debit Position

    FWOF   SAPMF64O       Change transaction

    FWOG   SAPMF64O       Display transaction

    FWOH   SAPMF64O       Settle transaction

    FWOI   SAPMF64O       Display posted order settlement

    FWOK   SAPMF64O       Display reversed settlement

    FWOP   SAPMF64S       Update Flows from Oper. Valn Area

    FWOS   SAPMF64O       Reverse order settlement

    FWO0   SAPMF64S       Display Flows from Oper. Valn Area

    FWO1   SAPMF64O       Create order

    FWO2   SAPMF64O       Change order

    FWO3   SAPMF64O       Display order

    FWO4   SAPMF64O       Create order execution

    FWO5   SAPMF64O       Change order execution

    FWO6   SAPMF64O       Display order execution

    FWO7   SAPMF64O       Create order settlement

    FWO8   SAPMF64O       Change order settlement

    FWO9   SAPMF64O       Display order settlement

    FWPA   RFVWPAB2       Period-end closing

    FWPL   RFPM_PERIOD_ENDDisplay Last Period-End Closing

    FWPR   RFPM_PA_RESET  Reset Period-End Closing

    FWRZ   RFVWRLZ0       Remaining Term Statistics

    FWR1   SAPLFVVL       Customizing Acct Assignm. Refer.(Mo

    FWSB   RFVWBEW0       Rate/price valn

    FWSO   RTPM_TRS_POST_AAutomatic debit position

    FWSS   RFVWBWS0       Reverse Rate/Price Valuation

    FWSU   SAPMF64H       Reverse Balance Sheet Transfer

    FWTU   RFVWWDV1       Securities Deadline Monitoring

    FWUP   RTPM_TRS_UPDATEUpdate Planned Records

    FWZA   RFTBBC00       TR Securities: Account Determinatio

    FWZB   RFTBBC00       Treasury: Acct Deter. SEC Transact.

    FWZE   SAPMF64Z       Manual debit position

    FWZZ   SECURITY_START Maintain class master data

    FW17   SAPMF64P       Maintain security price

    FW18   SAPMF64P       Display security price

    FW20   SAPMF64L       Create sec.acct

    FW21   SAPMF64L       Display securities account

    FW22   SAPMF64B       Create CoCd Position Indicators

    FW22A  SAPMF64B       Create Sec. Acct Position Indicator

    FW23   SAPMF64B       Change CoCd Position Indicators

    FW23A  SAPMF64B       Change Sec. Acct Position Indicator

    FW24   SAPMF64B       Display CoCd Position Indicators

    FW24A  SAPMF64B       Display Sec.Acct Position Indicator

    FW26   SAPMF64L       Change sec.acct

    FXIB   RKDBAT02       Background Processing

    FXIC   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type

    FXIK   RFBRFSIK       Maintain Key Figures

    FXIM   SAPMKCB9       Report Monitor

    FXIO   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports

    FXIP   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms

    FXIQ   RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000

    FXIR   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000

    FXIT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report

    FXIV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable

    FXIX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports

    FXIY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data

    FXIZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms

    FXI0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report

    FXI1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report

    FXI2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report

    FXI3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report

    FXI4   SAPMKES1       Create Form

    FXI5   SAPMKES1       Change Form

    FXI6   SAPMKES1       Display Form

    FXMN   SAPMOPFI       Call Additional Components (FDMN)

    FYMN   SAPMOPFI       Call Additional Components (IMG)

    FZ-1   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVV_DEBIT

    FZ-2   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVV_PARTN

    FZ-3   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVV_VORG

    FZ-4   SAPMSNUM       No.range maintenance:FVV_ADRNR

    FZ-5   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVV_OBJNR

    FZ-6   SAPMSNUM       No.range maintenance:FVV_PARTID

    FZBA   SAPL0B6D       Transact. types relationship tab.-D

    FZBB   SAPL0B06       Transact.types relationship tab.-DW

    FZBC   SAPL0B06       Transact types relationship tab. -D

    FZBD   SAPL0BBB       Alloc. prog. transaction types - DD

    FZBE   SAPL0BBB       Alloc. prog. transaction types - DW

    FZBG   SAPL0CUR       Ratio Table for For.Exch Rate Conve

    FZBH   SAPL0CUR       Exchange Rate Calculation Indicator

    FZBI   RFVZBAV0_CORE  BAV Reporting - Real Estate

    FZBK   SAPL0BL2       Debit form type  FVV/DD

    FZBL   SAPL0DBL       Form Line Items FVV/DD

    FZBM   SAPL0V5A       Darwin Real Estate Objects FVV

    FZBN   SAPL0Z21       BAV Control of Cost Elements

    FZBO   SAPL0Z24       Classification of Contracting Party

    FZBP   SAPL0Z2B       Contracting Party/Class Relatnships

    FZBU   SAPL037M       Customizing Status Transfer

    FZBV   SAPL0PB3       Selection for status transfers - DD

    FZBW   SAPL0PB3       Selection for status transfers - DW

    FZBY   SAPL0PB3       Selection for status transfers - DI

    FZBZ   RFVZBAV0       BAV Stat.reporting PRF-12

    FZB4   RFVZBAV0       List of trustees

    FZB5   RFVZBAV0       Statements

    FZB6   RFVZBAV0       Control Parameters for BAV Statemen

    FZB7   RFVZBAV0_CORE  Statements

    FZB8   RFVZBAV0       BAV-Lists Securities Control

    FZB9   RFVZBAV0       Control prem.reserve fund lists DA

    FZCA   SAPL0ZBA       Maintain Ownership Share

    FZCB   SAPL0ZBB       Flow types relationship keys

    FZCC   SAPL0C37       Maintain VV Status Definition

    FZCD   SAPL0M37       Maintain Int. Status Delivery Matri

    FZCE   SAPL0WP1       Maintain Condition Type (DW)

    FZCF   SAPL0K01       Maintain Condition Type (DD)

    FZCG   SAPL0WP1       Maintain Condition Group (DW)

    FZCJ   SAPL0PAD       Maintain Product Types-DD (Gen.data

    FZCK   SAPL0PBD       Maintain Product Types-DD(CoCd Data

    FZCU   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Initial Transaction

    FZCY   RFVSOZI0       Determine Special Interest

    FZC4   SAPL0Z01       Maintain Ratings

    FZC5   SAPL0Z02       Maintain Legal Entity

    FZC6   SAPL0PAW       Maintain Product Types-DW (Gen.data

    FZC7   SAPL0PBW       Maintain Product Types-DW(CoCd data

    FZC8   SAPL0Z12       Maintain Changes in Net Assets

    FZC9   SAPL0B03       Maintain Valuation Types

    FZD4   SAPLSVIM       VV Plausibility Checks

    FZID   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVZ_IDEN

    FZKB   RFVDABBG       Clear Trivial Amnts for Cons. Loans

    FZKL   RFVDKOGL       Account Clearing Loans

    FZLR   RFVLST10       VV Returned debit memos

    FZMN   MENUFZMN       Treasury Management basic functions

    FZM4   MENUFZM4       Treasury Mgmt information system

    FZNB   RFVDZNB1       Payment Postprocessing

    FZPA   SAPMF69P       Create Partner in Role

    FZPB   SAPMF69P       Change Partner in Role

    FZPC   SAPMF69P       Display Partner in Role

    FZPD   SAPMF69X       Edit bus.partner in role

    FZPE   SAPMF69X       Change customer (hidden)

    FZPF   RFVDSBT0       Partner payment details


    FZP1   SAPMF69P       Create Natural Person

    FZP2   SAPMF69P       Create Legal Person

    FZP3   SAPMF69P       Change Partner

    FZP4   SAPMF69P       Display Partner

    FZP5   SAPMF69X       Choose Partner

    FZP6   SAPMF69X       Create Legal Person

    FZR1   SAPMF67P       Create Rating Agency

    FZR2   SAPMF67P       Change Rating Agency

    FZR3   SAPMF67P       Display Rating Agency

    FZUA   RFVDMAZNB      Auto. Process Unscheduled Repayment

    FZW1   SAPMF69W       Create Messages / MAILS

    FZW2   SAPMF69W       Change Messages / MAIL

    FZW3   SAPMF69W       Display Messages / MAIL

    FZW4   SAPMF69W       Delete Messages / MAIL

    FZW7   RFVVWD01       Dates Overview

    FZXR   MSTTZB08       Flow types per posting application

    FZ02   SAPLFVVZ       BAV Data ANL; AEN; ANZ

    FZ03   SAPLFVVZ       BAV Data ANL; AEN; ANZ Real Estate

    FZ04   RFVZISIS       IS-IS: Display Current ISIS Version

    FZ10   RFVZBAV0       Loans: Circular R5/97

    FZ11   RFVZBAV0       Securities: Circular R5/97

    FZ12   RFVZBAV0_CORE  Circular R5/95 Real Estate

    FZ13   RFVZBAV0       Money Market: Circular R5/97

    FZ14   RFVZBAV0       Access PRF-0 for Eq.-Linked Life.In

    FZ19   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Release Object Active I

    FZ41   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Internal Partner Role

    FZ45   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Partner Install. Param.

    FZ5A   RFVZ5AWV       AWV statement Z5 and Z5a page 1

    FZ59   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 101 (Secur.)

    FZ60   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 101 (Loans)

    FZ61   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 101 (Real Est

    FZ63   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 102 (Secur.)

    FZ64   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 102 (Real Est

    FZ66   RFVVVIEW       Customizing PRF number (Real est.)

    FZ67   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Sub-section (Securit.)

    FZ68   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Sub-section (Real Est.)

    FZ69   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 501 (Loans)

    FZ70   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 501 (Secur.)

    FZ71   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 501 (Real Est

    FZ75   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 201 (Loans)

    FZ76   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 201 (Secur.)

    FZ77   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 201 (Real Est

    FZ78   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group R11/76 (Loans

    FZ79   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 11/76 (Secur.

    FZ80   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Grp R11/76 (RealEst

    FZ81   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group R2/87 (Loans)

    FZ82   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group R2/87 (Secur.

    FZ83   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Grp R2/87 (Real Est

    FZ85   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Asset Type DV3/DV8 (Sec

    FZ86   RFVVVIEW       Cust. Asset Type DV3/DV8 (Real Est)

    FZ92   RFVVVIEW       Customizing default-ProdTyp/CoCd(DW

    FZ93   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Default-ProdTyp/CoCd(DI

    FZ94   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Default Value PART (DD)

    FZ95   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Default Value PART (DW)

    FZ96   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Default Value PART (DI)

    F00    RSSOSO00       SAPoffice: Short Message

    F000   MENUF000       Accounting

    F01N   RFVISL71       Debit Position LO Single Reversal

    F01O   RFVISL71       Vacancy RU single reversal

    F01P   RFVISL71       Accruals/deferrals single reversal

    F01Q   RFVISL71       Debit position MC single reversal

    F01R   RFVISL71       MC settlement single reversal

    F01S   RFVISL71       Reversal of Periodic Postings

    F01T   RFVISL71       Reverse General Contract Accr./Def.

    F010   SAPF010        ABAP/4 Reporting: Fiscal Year Chang

    F04N   SAPF100        Vendor Foreign Currency Valuation

    F05N   SAPF100        Customer Foreign Currency Valuation

    F06N   SAPF100        Foreign Currency Val. (G/L Accounts

    F101   SAPF101        ABAP/4 Reporting: Balance Sheet Adj

    F103   SAPF103        ABAP/4 Reporting: Transfer Receivbl

    F104   SAPF104        ABAP/4 Reporting: Receivbls Provisn

    F107   SAPF107V       FI Valuation Run

    F11CS  SAPLF11Y       Config.TR Display Payment Program

    F11CU  SAPLF11Y       Config.TR Maintain Payment Program

    F110   SAPF110V       Parameters for Automatic Payment

    F110S  SAPMS38M       Automatic Scheduling of Payment Pro

    F111   SAPF111V       Parameters for Payment of PRequest

    F13E   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: Automatic Clearing

    F15    MENUF15        F15 Interface

    F150   SAPF150V       Dunning Run

    F8BH   RFFMB001       Inconsistencies T042I and T042Y

    F8BS   RFPRQSHD       Detail display of payment requests

    F8BT   RFPRQSHW       Display Payment Requests

    F8BU   RFPRQZLP       Create payment runs automatically

    F8BV   RFPRQRVS       Reversal of Bank-to-Bank Transfers

    F8BW   RFPRQUCL       Reset Cleared Items: Payt Requests

    F8BX   RFPRQPAY       Online Payment

    F8BZ   MENUF8BZ       F111 Customizing

    F8M1   RFFMINTCALC    Calculate Penalty Surcharge

    F8O0   RFFMKWO1       Delete Assignment Cust./Obj/Rev.Typ

    F8O1   RFFMKWO2       Master Data Objects: Delete Data

    F8O7   RFFMPSO6       Prepare Archiving of Temp. Waiver

    F8P0   RFFMKWD0       Spplt Dnng Proc. Assgt to Dnng Area

    F8P1   RFFMKWD1       Change Dnng Proc. Asst to Dnng Area

    F8P2   RFFMKWD2       Dunning Block in Customer Line Item

    F8P3   RFFMKWO3       Delete Assignment Cust./Rev.Type

    F8P4   RFFMKWO4       Delete Customer Execution Data

    F8P5   RFFMKWO5       Delete Subldgr Account Preprocessin

    F8P6   RFFMPSOIS      Assign SL acct to SL prep. program

    F8Q1   RFFMPSO1       Create Recurring Payment Request

    F8Q2   RFFMPSO1       Create Recurring Acceptance Request

    F8Q3   RFFMPSO1       Change Standing Request

    F8Q4   RFFMPSO1       Display Standing Request

    F8Q5   RFFMPSO1       Release Standing Request

    F8Q6   RFFMKG02       Delete Standing Request

    F8Q7   RFFMPSO2       Post Standing Request

    F8Q8   RFFMKG01       Create Posting Documents

    F8Q9   RFFMKG03       Requests from Down Payments

    F8REL  RFIBLOPAYREL   Release of Payment Requests

    F8REV  RFIBLOPAYREV   Cancellation of Payment Requests

    F8V1   RFEXBLK0       Export execution data

    F801   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Create Payment Request

    F802   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Change Payment Request

    F803   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Display Payment Request

    F804   SAPMF01A       Changes to Payment Requests

    F805   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Delete Payment Request

    F807   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Change Posted Payment Request

    F808   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Post Payment Request

    F809   RFKDF000       Post exchange rate differences

    F811   SAPLF0PO       Create Collective Payment Request

    F812   SAPLF0PO       Change Collective Payment Request

    F813   SAPLF0PO       Delete Collective Payment Request

    F814   SAPLF0PO       Reverse Collective Payment Request

    F815   SAPLF0PO       Display Collective Payment Request

    F816   SAPLF0PO       Reset Reversal Coll. Payt Request

    F817   SAPMF0PO       Release Collective Payment Request

    F824   RFFMPSO4       Print Request

    F831   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Create Recovery Request

    F832   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Change Recovery Request

    F833   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Display Recovery Request

    F835   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Delete Recovery Request

    F837   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Change Posted Recovery Request

    F840   RFFMKWOB       Display Object

    F841   RFFMKWOB       Change Object

    F842   RFFMKWOB       Create Object

    F845   RFFMFITABS     Close Posting Day

    F870   RFFMPSO2       Posting a Parked Request

    F871   RFFMPSO1       Create Payment Request (Local Auth.

    F872   RFFMPSO1       Change Payment Request

    F873   RFFMPSO1       Display Payment Request

    F874   RFFMPSO1       Release Payment Request

    F875   RFFMPSO1       Delete Payment Request

    F879   RFFMPSO1       Create Payment Deduction Request

    F880   RFFMPSO1       Reverse Deferral

    F881   RFFMPSO1       Create Acceptance Request

    F882   RFFMPSO1       Change Acceptance Request

    F883   RFFMPSO1       Display Acceptance Request

    F884   RFFMPSO1       Release Acceptance Request

    F885   RFFMPSO1       Delete Acceptance Request

    F886   RFFMKG05       Defer Acceptance Request

    F887   RFFMKG05       Waive Acceptance Order Temporarily

    F888   RFFMKG05       Waive Acceptance Request

    F889   RFFMPSO1       Create Acceptance Deduction Request

    F890   RFFMPSO1       Reverse Temporary Waiver

    F891   RFFMPSO1       Create Clearing Request

    F892   RFFMPSO1       Change Clearing Request

    F893   RFFMPSO1       Display Clearing Request

    F894   RFFMPSO1       Release Clearing Request

    F895   RFFMPSO1       Delete Clearing Request

    F896   RFFMPSO1       Create Blanket Remainder Clean Up

    F899   RFFMPSO3       Bundle Requests

    F899R  RFFMBUND       Bundle FI Documents to Request

    F9A0   SAPLFBA8       BCA: Block Checks

    F9A1   SAPLFBA8       Create Check

    F9A10  SAPLFBA8       Edit Block

    F9A11  SAPLFBA8       Delete Check

    F9A12  SAPLFBA8       Creat Check Stack

    F9A13  SAPLFBA8       Request Check Stack (Customer)

    F9A16  SAPLFBA8       BCA: Delete Stack Creation

    F9A18  SAPLFBA8       BCA: Request Checks from Location

    F9A19  SAPLFBA8       BCA: Release Check Stack

    F9A20  SAPLFBA8       Display Check Stack

    F9A21  SAPLFBA8       BCA: Block Check Stack

    F9A23  SAPLFBA8       Lift Block

    F9A25  SAPLFBA8       BCA: Location Maintenance Pos. Mgmt

    F9A26  SAPLFBA8       BCA: Stack Location Settings

    F9A4   SAPLFBA8       BCA: Request Check

    F9A50  SAPLFBA8       Change Check Status

    F9A7   SAPLFBA8       BCA: Revoke Check Block

    F9A8   RFBKCHQ1       Check Locks

    F9A9   SAPLFBA8       BCA: Display Checks

    F9B1   RFBKPDAT       BCA: Posting cut-off paym. transact

    F9B2   RFBKPDT2       Posting Cut-Off Pay. Trans. Batch

    F9B3   RFBKCHACLOG    User Log Currency Changeover

    F9B4   RFBKCHACCUR    BCA: Report Currency Conversion

    F9C{   BUSVIEWS       Authorization Types Payment Items

    F9C[   BUSVIEWS       Authorization Types for Condiitons

    F9CC1  BUSVIEWS       Authorizations for Field Groups

    F9CC2  BUSVIEWS       Screen Configuration

    F9C}   BUSVIEWS       Authorization Types Payment Orders

    F9CSOB BUSVIEWS       SO Ctrl: Assig. ScrnFld->DBfld

    F9CSOC BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Field Modificat.Criteri

    F9CSOD BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Products

    F9CSOE BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Product Group

    F9CSOF BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Applic. Transactions

    F9CSOH BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Tables

    F9CSOI BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Activities

    F9CSOJ BUSVIEWS       SO Control: FM per Activity

    F9CSO1 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Applications

    F9CSO2 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Field Groups

    F9CSO3 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Views

    F9CSO4 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Sections

    F9CSO5 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Screens

    F9CSO6 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Screen Sequence

    F9CSO7 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Events

    F9CSO8 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: CUA Standard Functions

    F9CSO9 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: CUA Additional Function

    F9C4   BUSVIEWS       Authorization types

    F9C6   BUSVIEWS       BCA: Field Modification Account Typ

    F9C7   BUSVIEWS       BCA: Field Modification Activity

    F9C]   BUSVIEWS       Position: Authorization Types

    F9DDCC RFBKDIRDEBCHCURCurrency Conversion Dir. Debit Orde

    F9GA   BUSSTART       Create Bank Statement Recipient

    F9GB   BUSSTART       Change Bank Statement Recipient

    F9GC   BUSSTART       Dispaly Bank Statement Recipient

    F9GL   RFBK_BUPA_SHOW_Display All BP Roles

    F9G1   BUSSTART       Create acct holder

    F9G2   BUSSTART       Change acct holder

    F9G3   BUSSTART       Display Account Holder

    F9G4   BUSSTART       Create Authorized Drawer

    F9G5   BUSSTART       Change Authorized Drawer

    F9G6   BUSSTART       Display Authorized Drawer

    F9G7   BUSSTART       Create Account Holder

    F9G8   BUSSTART       Change Account Holder

    F9G9   BUSSTART       Display Account Holder

    F9HI   RFBKGL01       Transfer BCA - GL

    F9HL   RFBKGLBSPREP   Bal.Sheet Prep. BCA - GL

    F9HO   RFBKGLDI_FIKEY GL Control for Legacy Data

    F9HRVA RFBKGL_VA_CALC_Post Individual Value Adjustment

    F9H0   RFBKKH00       Account Hierarchy Change History

    F9H1   RFBKKH00       Create Account Hierarchy

    F9H2   RFBKKH00       Change Account Hierarchy

    F9H3   RFBKKH00       Display Account Hierarchy

    F9H4   RFBKKC00       Cash Concentration: Single Run

    F9H5   RFBKKC00       Cash Concentration: Restart

    F9H6   RFBKKC20       Cash Concentration: Mass Run

    F9IA   RFBKIZO1       Release Payment Order

    F9IB   RFBKIZI1       Release Payment Item

    F9IC   RFBKPO01       Create Payment Order Former Account

    F9ID   RFBKIZI3       BCA: CpD Editing of Payment Item

    F9IE   RFBKPI01       Create Payment Item Former Account

    F9IF   RFBKIZI3       BCA: CpD Display of Payment Item

    F9IG   RFBKIZI2       Reverse Payment Item

    F9II   RFBKIZI2       Return Payment Item

    F9IJ   RFBKIZI2       Edit Payment Item

    F9IK   RFBKPO01       Create Return Payment Order

    F9IL   RFBKPI01       Create Planned Item

    F9IM   RFBKPI02       Delete Planned Item

    F9IN   RFBKFUT        Display Planned Items

    F9IO   RFBKTMP1       Post Planned item

    F9IP   RFBKTMP1LOG    Planned items

    F9I1   RFBKPO01       Create Payment Order - External

    F9I2   RFBKPO01       Create Payment Order - Internal

    F9I3   RFBKIZO1       Display Payment Order

    F9I4   RFBKPI01       Create Payment Item

    F9I7   RFBKIZI2       Display Payment Item

    F9I8   RFBKIZI1       Postprocess Payment Item

    F9I9   RFBKIZO1       Edit Payment Order (General)

    F9J0   RFBKAPLG       Display Application Log

    F9J1   RFBKCOOR       Reconcile with Legacy System

    F9KAC  RFBK_ACCNT_CLOSRelease Account Closure

    F9KD   RFBKACCL       Account Closure

    F9KE   RFBKACLG       Application Log Account Closure

    F9KG   RFBKLIRL       Release Limits

    F9KH   RFBKRELCHCUR   Release Currency Changeovers

    F9KMOC RFBKMAINOFFICCHChange business partner

    F9KY   RFBKCLSE       Close Account

    F9K1   BUSSTART       Create Account

    F9K2   BUSSTART       Change account

    F9K3   BUSSTART       Display Account

    F9L;   MENUF9L;       Master Data Settings

    F9LBDT MENUF9LBDT     Development in BDT Environment


    F9L0   MENUF9L0       Settings for Additional Development

    F9L4   RFBKCLED       Posting Date for Closing in Dialog

    F9MN   MENUF9MN       Bank Customer Accounts

    F9M1   MENUF9M1       Bank Customer Accounts: Settings

    F9M2   MENUF9M2       Business Partner: Settings

    F9M3   MENUF9M3       Relationships: Settings

    F9M4   MENUF9M4       Settings Payment Transactions

    F9M5   MENUF9M5       Condition Settings

    F9NTC4 RFBK_NOTICE_RELAmount Notice: Mass Release

    F9N1   RFBKBSST       Create Bank Statements

    F9N10  RFBKCHAINOVR   Overview End of Day Processing

    F9N11  RFBKCHAINSTART Start End-of-Day Processing

    F9N12  RFBKPARUNOVR   Overview of Current Mass Runs

    F9N13  RFBKACCBSINGLE Accts. Blocked by Single Balancing

    F9N14  RFBKBANKSTATDUPDuplicate Creation Bk.State. Restar

    F9N15  RFBKBSSG_DUPL  Duplicate Creation Single Run

    F9N16  RFBKBALNOT     Balance Notification Mass Run

    F9N17  RFBKBALNOT_SINGBalance Notification Single Run

    F9N18  RFBKBALNOT_RESTRestart Balance Notification

    F9N19  RFBALNOTLOG    Balance Notification Application Lo

    F9N3   RFBKBSLG       Application Log Bank Statement

    F9N4   RFBKBSRE       Restart - Bank Statement

    F9N6   RFBKCLEB       Posting Date for Balancing as Batch

    F9N7   RFBKBSSG       Bank Statement - Single Account

    F9N8   RFBKACCINPROC  List of Accounts in End of Day Proc

    F9N9   RFBKBANKSTATDUPBank Statement - Duplicate Creation

    F9OA   RFBKSOLG       Standing Order: Display Applic. Log

    F9OF   RFBKPO01       Create Foreign Payment Order

    F9OG   RFBKSOCR       Post Standing Order

    F9OH   RFBKIZO1       Postprocess Pa







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    K V K R
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    sorry friends,


    I think i shouldn't have done the pasting of all the transaction codes.


    I thought this will be the ready reference.


    But, this created a problem i think as i can not see all the transaction codes here


    Sorry all if i have done a mistake



  • Re: need tcodes for fi
    Bahaa Yaseen
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    Transaction : SE93 then F4  ---> Search by Application then

    Financial Accounting transacrions