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How to hide the selection screen fields of LDB in the report?

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Hi All,

I am using LDB PSJ in my Report and this LDB has the selection screen. I want to hide certain fields(Proj-Pspid,Prps_r-posid,aufk-aufnr and act01-vornr) of this LDB's selection screen,how to go about it?

I have read the earlier posts and also tried using AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT  waala funda but to no avail.

Where do we have to write this AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT -

in report or the Selections of the LDB???


One more thing----Can I change SAP standard LDB? If yes,how?

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    Tomasz Kozerski
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    Check this link and get familiar with paragraph 'Selections' :


    perhaps it can help you...

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    varaprasad bhagavatula
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    To display or change the structure of a logical database, choose Selections from the initial screen of the Logical Database Builder, or navigate to the selection include from another component.


    The name of the selection include is DB<ldb>SEL, where <ldb> is the name of the logical database. You must not incorporate this include program in the database program using an INCLUDE statement. Instead, the runtime environment includes the selection include in the database program and the corresponding programs when it generates the logical database.


    If you try to edit the selections but no selection include yet exists, the system generates one. This includes SELECT-OPTIONS statements for all of the database tables in the structure (nodes with type T). For each database table, the system proposes selection criteria for all of the fields in its primary key.


    The SELECT-OPTIONS statements are commented out, and contain question marks instead of the names of the selection criteria. For each selection criterion that you want to use, you must enter the name and delete the comment character (*).


    If a search help is specified for the logical database, the system also generates a corresponding PARAMETERS statement with the addition AS SEARCH PATTERN. A group box entitled Selection using search help then appears on the selection screen with input fields for the search help ID and the search string. There is also a pushbutton for complex search helps. If you choose this function, you can enter multiple selections for each field.


    Finally, SELECTION-SCREEN statements are generated for dynamic selections and field selections for nodes with type T or S (if this is allowed by the structure definition).


    Click the link below to know more about Editing the Selection Screen of a LDB






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    Hi Guys,

    I have gone through all the documents that you have mentioned but to no avail.

    See my question or problem is :

    I have an existing report -

    "Project Purchasing Report with Line item history" and it uses the LDB "PSJ".The input field in that report is "Project Definition" and in the LDB it has been defined as the Mandatory field and if you do not put any input in it , it throws an Error message.

    My requirement is to prepare a similar report with the same output data but on the basis of "Cost Center" input field.


    Now, What are the possible options for me?

    Can I use the same LDB PSJ and prepare my report? But then how do I remove the error popping up  from the Project definition field in the already exisiting LDB?


    Or can I prepare the report with the help of Select queries?


    Do help me.......