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Help on installing preconfigured Smartforms

Lande Santos da Silva
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Hello all.


I want to install the SAP preconfigured smartforms and the relevant print

programs (name range /SMB40/*). Note 595812 directs me to download area

http://service.sap.com/installations. I have downloaded CD 51032147 as

directed by the instructions. Everythning is downloaded and ready. In

transaction SAINT it is now visible the Add-on BP-ERP05 600V4. We are

now in doubt about what will be installed if we continue and install

this Add-on. File ADDONINS.PDF (page 2), which is part of the CD, shows

the contents of the CD. It mentions several Baselines Add-ons, but

there is nothing mentioned about the the preconfigured forms.


We are affraid of installing Add-on BP-ERP05 600V4 and risk getting all

kinds of unwanted features and no preconfigured smartform at all.


Would anyone have any experience with that? I am only interested in the forms and the print programs, nothing else. We are running mySAP ERP 2005 (ECC 600).




Lande S. da Silva