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How to change Decimal places?

Qingbo Zheng
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We have an InfoObject called Unit Cost:

Type/Data Type = Amount

Data Type = CURR - Currency field, stored as DEC


I copyed this template in PSA. It displayed like this:

Field                    Desciption  Template       Data Type Lngth  Decimal Format

/BIC/USUNTCST   Unit Cost    USUNTCST   CURR       17        2         External


I need to see 0.1234 instead of 0.12. How to fix this?



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    Sachin Guptha
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    You can change the decimal places in the Infoobject maintenance (Business Explorer tab). Also, you can change the settings in the properties of the key figure (Unit Cost) in the query.



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    Paul Robert
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    You can change the data element on a key figure. a custom data element can have any number of decimal places.


    Create a data element in SE11, and use the info below to extend your infoobject.


    Changing the data element of a key figure.

    From OSS note 460652 Extending Key Figures in BW

    You can change the data element of a key figure and use your own domain. In principal, you can define the number of characters freely according to your requirements. The following restrictions apply:

    u2022     The domain MUST HAVE the same data type as the one that the system assigned to the key figure in the standard case. In other words: The data type must not be changed when you assign your own domain.

    u2022     For example: If the BW system provides the domain RSKYFAMO with the data type CURR for a key figure, you can only assign domains that also have the data type CURR.

    u2022     If you have already posted data for this key figure, you must convert the tables.

    u2022     In releases prior to BW 2.0B/2.1C, you must readjust the domain of the key figure after each transport and activation.

    u2022     For an amount key figure or a quantity key figure, you may only change the number of characters before the decimal point and not the number of decimal places.

    Procedure for Release BW 3.0 and higher

    Change the field DOMANM in the table RSDKYF and enter your own domain here. You then have to activate the key figure. The key figure can then be transported and is also generated in the target system with this domain. The prerequisite is, of course, that the domain exists in the target system.

    Correction option 2: Special handling for the key figures 0LATITUDE and 0LONGITUDE

    The two key figures 0LATITUDE and 0LONGITUDE use a specific domain: RSKYFGIS. If the problem described above occurs, you should enhance the domain directly using transaction SE11.

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      Simon Turnbull
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      I would be very careful when checking decimal places for currencies within any SAP table BW or not

      All SAP and BW tables hold decimals for currency fields  to 2 decimal places - BUT on output they use the TCURX table to reformat the output

      In ABAP this is achieved using a write currency statement - and in BW the standard Bex output tools via the OLAP BAPI will automatically do this

      eg 100.00 can be expressed in output as 10000 or 10.000 or 100.00 depending on whether the currency attached to it has a TCURX entry of 0, 3 or not exists... (ie if it doesnt exist in TCURX it is defaulted to 2 dp)