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ESS payslip display on Payroll period exit ( ITS)

Jayesh Ghodge
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We have ESS salary slip displayed on Portal. I want the salary slip to be displayed to ES users only when payroll is complete I have read that this can be accomplished by using XSS_REM_INTERFACE Badi.


Has any one implemented the same ?  I would apprecaite if any pointers are provided.




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    Jun Wu
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    Hello Jayesh


    Regarding this case, You need to check the necessary settings for the

    service in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for the Salary Statement.

    Choose Personnel Management -> Employee Self-Service->Service-Specific

    Settings->Benefits and Payment -> Salary Statement. -> .. -> BAdI:

    Define settings in your ERP200X system.


    Please also see the documentation of BAdI:Define settings in IMG


    This Business Add-In allows you to control the output of your

    employees salary statements in ESS.


    - There is a method available called 'Restrict salary statements

    available in ESS'.


    You want to define availability based on the payment date. Proceed

    as follows:


    in your implmenetation, compare the payment date of the individual

    entries from table IM_IN_RGDIR with the current date


    If the current date is later than the payment date, transfer the

    entry to table EX_FILTERED_RGDIR


    Using this method you will be able to determine when to display

    the remuneration statement.


    - Also there is a method available called "define Selection List and

    Additional Info Functionality"


    This method determines which entries are offered for selection in the

    dropdown list box for the salary statement. Entries can include, for



    All Salary Statements

    3 Salary Statements

    6 Salary Statements

    For each entry available for selection, you must specify the sequence

    number of the oldest salary statement displayed in the hit list for



    As before, you define the standard selection for this selection list.


    Hope above infromation can help with this case.


    Thanks and best regards

    Jun Wu

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    David Keiser
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    I have very little BADi implementation experience, but have been asked to restrict when our paychecks can be displayed in ESS. Can someone please post a snippet of example code showing how to restrict the display date?