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Hi Friends,

raju surya
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I am new in HR ABAP. Could please help me .

I am trying to copy a zreport  to zreport1. Then Using TC:SE38 And then click on a copy button. Then i can give the new report name zreport1. And then mark as all variants and includes also. In old Report (Zreport) in this some of the includes are there, these includes are some of user defined and some of pre-defined.User-defined includes are Automatically copied to some other new names. After that i am trying to execute a new report, but there is some errors are raised.  What can i do.  That include as DBPNPCECOM.

could you please help me on this errors.




Could u please send the required answer to <was erased by moderator, please use the contact information that can be found in the business card>

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