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Campaign description not showing

nagaraju nalle
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Hi Experts,


I have just Switched  Browser language from DE to EN and then wanted to search existing Campaigns based on the campaign description but in the search results the description column is showing empty.Therefore i can't find my campaigns.


Also i have checked my campaign Id & descriptions in the tables(cgpl_project & cgpl_text) in se16 TCODE but i can able to see my campaigns in CGPL_TEXT table with DE language not EN language


Can Anyone help me how can i get my campaign descriptions in EN language in search results.


Thanks in advance




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    Evgeny Liznev
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    Hello Nagaraju

    I have resolved same issue in my system very simply. I have searched objects by ID (when logoned in new language) and then for required ID's enter description in new language in blank field... Don't know if it helps you, bot for me it resolved issue.

    Regards, EL

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    Andrei Vishnevsky
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    Hello, Nagaraju.


    Your issue exists because description maintained in particular language (so there is a pair 'description - its language') in a campaign. To be able to search for a campaign in different languages with a discription criteria you have to maintain its description in appropriate language prior the search.


    E.g. if you and your users work in different languages (for instance, English and German) then during the creation of a campaign you should maintain both descriptions. There is a field 'Description's language' available for this in WebUI.