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System status to user Status

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Hi All,


How can we configure the system status and link them Uses status in CRM business transactions?


User status linking to system status in CRM business transactions?


Eg: On the User Status New, I want the system status to be Open

     On the User Status Finished , I want to link it to system status complete.

Please help how it could be achieved.




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    Bruno Garcia
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    Hi CP,


    First, you can map the user status with a 'transaction follow up action', at:

    SPRO » IMG » CRM » Transaction » Basic Settings » Status Management » Define status profile for user status


    Then, you can set the desired system status for a 'transaction follow up action', at t-code BS33.



    Check standard status profile CRMACTIV.

    - You'll check that the first status is mapped with transaction follow up action OPEN

    - At BS33, double-click on OPEN entry, and you'll check the system status that will be setted.


    Kind regards,


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    Reetu Varma
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    Hi ,


    1, create your status profile having status 'new'

    2. for your perticular status (new) , go to last column (b,transaction), enter here your transaction for eg.INPR

    3. go to BS33 (tcode)--  open b.transaction INPR ---> go to system status 'OPEN' and set there radio button under column SET.

    4. go to crmd_order--> create  your transaction which is containing your status profile ,

    now see user status -- new , and go to tab "status" see user status is 'new' and system status is 'OPEN'.