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which would be better doing MBA or  Sap consultant

Gagandeep Batra
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hi all,

I am gagan. i have done BE in IT and i started my career  as sap Pi consaultant  i have 1.4 year exp.

plz suggest me that

Should i join MBA course or continenue with sap Consultant.

which would be a batter option.



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    Nilanjan Chatterjee
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    Hi Gagan,


    This is something which depends on your personal preference.

    A degree of MBA definitely looks good on the profile. And if its from a reputed institute, nothing like that. Now, the question arises, what is your career goal? Would you like to remain in SAP as technical consultant or would like your career to move towards the management. MBA will definitely help you to move towards project management side. You can also choose to get into some functional module.

    But, in a nutshell, an additional degree is always a "good to have".


    Hope this helps.

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    Tuncay Karaca
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    Hi Gagandeep,


    You are at the beginning of journey. Enjoy your SAP consulting, get more experience, PI is a very good tool, get some PI related experiences too... Make yourself an expert on PI, then think about doing MBA. Some point you will feel that you must do some management (project management, being manager, etc) then do MBA.


    But don't postpone any intentions, just be careful about timing!

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    Thomas Dulaney
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    In my opinion, your PI hands on experience is going to be of greater benefit in your early career while your MBA is going to be of more benefit in your mid to late career. I say concentrate on learning/working with PI and start your MBA on nights/weekends in a few years. Just my two cents!

    Best regards,


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    arun kumar
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    Hi gagandeep

    If you are advancing within your company, an MBA may be unnecessary. It might also make sense to wait if you haven't been in the workforce for very long–firsthand experience can enhance your b–school education (and your application).

    There's no question that an MBA program can prove to be a valuable and worthwhile experience. The skills you acquire and the connections you make will impact your professional life for years to come. However, it is a large (and at times daunting) undertaking. You owe it to yourself to fully consider your options and weigh your concerns before leaping back into school.

    Certificate programs offer specialized training at a fraction of the time and the cost. These might be all you need to give your career a boost.

    You may be looking to accelerate your career at your current job, gain expertise in a new area or move into a new job or industry. Remember, while there's no correct answer you should be able to articulate solid reasons.

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    Hi Gagandeep,


    Good Day!


    I suggest you to do both! If I am there in your situation. I will join "MBA" Correspondence and continue working in SAP PI. During weekends you need to attend the class. If you joined distance education then I suggest you to go for weekend training in training institute which will help you to complete MBA and you will also get good experience in SAP PI simultaneously. I request you to think about this suggestion. If I am there in your situation. I am 100% sure that I will do both of them. I am not ready to waste my career and simply wasting two years. If you don't have Job, then I would have suggest you to go for MBA. Already you have good job and that's also in SAP PI. Thats why I suggest you to do both of them. All the best for your career growth, SAP PI (My favorite module) & MBA.



    Hari Suseelan

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    Lindas Bel
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    I am an SAP PI developer also. I have almost 2 years as experience. I was a JAVA developer but for the importance of SAP, I decided to move.


    I feel that I am in stable situation in my company. It's always the same tasks: implementing the inbound and the outbound channels. And that, because we didn't have other request. What's pity!! Because, in SAP PI there are many important things.


    I didn't know what can I do, since I couldn't find job in other company which demand experience.


    What do you advice me to do?


    Sometimes, I say what about do an MBA for example in CANADA or in other country.



    Please gibe me some advises, I need your help.


    Best regards,