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Activation of intgration model error

sunil patil
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I am in trying to cif the material from ecc to apo in development system.


As soon as i active the intgration model and start activation in cfm2, the apo logon screen appears.  as soon as i exiting from the screen i found following message 'queue for current data transferred is deregistered'.


I ignore that queue then next message is


Text:    Name or password is incorrect (repeat logon)


I checked cif seeting found ok.


I am trying unblock the queue in om17 i am getting the error.


Please help.



Sunil patil

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    Pawan Pathak
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    Hi Sunil,


    Go to /n/sapapo/cq, select all the options and run the t-code.

    I guess in the next screen you should see some blocked queues in R/3 outbound which should say that there is some issue with user ID or password.


    You need to ask your Basis team to go to SM59 in R/3, and check that the RFC connection from R/3 to APO is setup properly with a RFC user and RFC password. They would also do a check from SM59 if the connection is working fine. If RFC user or passowrd is not maintained correctly, then you security team and basis team need to take relevant actions to have an active RFC user created and then maintained in SM59.


    Apart from this, also check in SMQR in APO, that the queue named CF* is not showing up as red.


    Thanks - Pawan

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    Swetha A
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    Please check the CIF settings also RFC connections for APO and ERP system

    Transaction SM59 for checking RFC.


    For OM17 check if there is an dependency issue or check the Live cache status.



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    Babu Kilari
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    Hi Sunil,


    Please check the following settings


    1) Transaction code :- CFC1 - Make sure that you have an entry for the target system

    2) Transaction code :- SM59 - Find out the RFC connection that is being used to CIF the data, go to the logon and security tab and see if the password is maintained. If it is initial, get the security folks and get it resolved

    3) Transaction code : SMQS - Look for the entry that has got the target logical system (APO) and see if the queues are registered (R). If it is already de-registered (U), try to register it and get back to us

    Thank you


    Babu Kilari

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    Peter Kerkhof
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    Dear all


    I have the same issue. When I try to activate an integration model in transaction CFM2. I get error message: ´Name or password is incorrect (repeat logon)´. I am on EHP3 FOR SAP SCM 7.0.


    I checked all the proposed settings, but the issue is not solved.