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Yves K
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I have the following problem on a solman 7.1 SP04 in the system preparation steps.

I've searched SMP & SCN but I did not find any usefull info

I've an OSS message open on that point since almost a month !

The customer is trying to put some pressure on SAP support but I did not get any answer yet.


I  get an error at step 6.3


SOAP:1.007 SRT: Unsupported xstream found: ("HTTP Code 404 : Not Found")

Web service invocation problem on host fr-erps01.knet.intra and port

8000 protocol : http logical port name : LP_WS_SMDAGENT_MONITORING


I did not get any error in all the previous steps (step 5.3 logical port creation did run without problem).

I've checked in SOAMANAGER and the port is not there.


Idid perform the check from OSS note 1659135 Web service invocation problem on the Solman 7.1

but I fail pinging Web services associated with consumer proxy CO_E2E_MAI_CONFIGURATION.

The errror is :

Web service ping failed (RC=404). Service Ping ERROR: Not Found


The customer will just use solution manager to perform Early Watch alert and Maintenance Optimizer Session.

Can I skip configuration step 6.3 and jump directly to "Basic Configuration steps" ?


Thanks in advance for your help !