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what is realtion between SAP GDS & GS1Net

Rathnakar CA
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Hi All,


I would like to know what is relationship between SAP GDS & GS1.Net... can anyone help me on this....if any documents is there please fwd to my mail id is rathnakar.ca@gmail.com..


if any company wants to go live for GS1net...then SAP GDS needs to be implemented????


Awaiting for reply....





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    Nitish Sharma
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    Hi Rathnakar


    GDS is a standardized process for the exchange of product data in the Global Data Synchronization Network(GDSN),built around the GS1 Global Registry .



    Yes, its need to be implemented.



    You can see the below relation....




    For more information, please follow following links.......

    1) complete working..........http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/events?rid=/library/uuid/fe19ee24-0b01-0010-77ae-d97fd1a3fe29&overridelayout=true




    3)  mdm and gds console working.........http://help.sap.com/saphelp_gds10/helpdata/en/46/b9b75b7a6e3c1ce10000000a155369/content.htm



    Please tell me if further guidance required.....



    Nitish Sharma

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    Tarun Sharma
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    I tried to explain GS1 and GDS in two segments below, hope this explanation will clear your doubts about GDS. Here we go...!!


    GS1Net: GS1net is GS1 Australia’s data synchronization solution for the Australian and New Zealand markets. GS1net lets you enter, validate, store and maintain all your product, pricing and other related trade information in a single location. You can then easily share this global standards-based information with the trading partners you work with, across all industry sectors, both in Australia and around the world.


    I did not explain GS1Net section, as I assumed that you are aware with GS1Net ...   


    Global Data Synchronization (GDS): is a process of synchronizing and harmonizing Trade Item master data between CPG (Consumer Packaged Groups) manufacturers and retailers using GDSN standards where GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network). Manufacturers publish their data as product catalogues to data pools. Retailers connect to these data pools and synchronize their data automatically.

    GDS Arch.jpeg



    Attached is the link to start with GDS: SAP MDM Global Data Synchronization


    This is SAP GDS portal link, where you can find all the information related to GDS like:

    • GDS Overview and Solution in Brief
    • GDS Functional Documentation
    • GDS Technical Documentation (SMP Login Required)
    • Colgate-Pamolive presentation about benefits of GDS


    Your Question: "if any company wants to go live for GS1net...then SAP GDS needs to be implemented????"

    Answer: After going through the overview/solution brief documents of GDS you would be able to decide, which company should go for GDS implementation.


    Hope, it will help you ..  ...!!


    Thanks/ -Tarun