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ST-A/PI 01N_700ECC: error with /BDL/SAPLBDL3

Benoît Schmid
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I have updated Addon ST-A/PI 01N_700ECC as recommended for sdccn.

Each night I have error messages do to the following:


ABAP Programm: /BDL/SAPLBDL3 (Transaction: )

User: SMTMSSM (Client: 200)

Destination: SDCC_OSS (handle: 2, , {4FA50E2A-920E-4CC9-E100-00000AC20A13})

SERVER> RFC Server Session (handle: 1, 62658210, {4FA527D8-AE1C-30ED-E100-00000A


SERVER> Caller host:

SERVER> Caller transaction code:  (Caller Program: CL_DWSP_SD_CONNECTIONS=======


SERVER> Called function module: /BDL/_SERVER_PING

Error RFCIO_ERROR_SYSERROR in abrfcpic.c : 2803

CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPOCMINIT' : cmRc=17 thRc=223

Liaison avec un programme CPI-C interrompue (lecture impossible)        



SERV =sapdp01

GWHOST =/H/xxx/S/3298/H/

GWSERV =3301



SDCC_OSS rfc destination works fine, from what I have tested this morning.

Would you know how I could fix this side effect?


Thanks inadvance for your answer.