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RFC Server program can't communicate when "Start on Front-End"

Case Ahr
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I've seen this question multiple times but there never seems to be an answer other than "Don't use the 'Start on Front-End Work Station' option, use the 'Registered Program' option."


Does anyone know why a .NET Connector application cannot be set up to execute and handle functions through an RFC Connection configured as "Start on Front-End Work Station?"  It works fine as a registered program, but this won't work, since if multiple users are running the program from their local machine all with the same ProgramID, the RFC connections will get confused -- am I right?


What I want to do is:


  • Execute a function module at a particular RFC destination
  • Launch the .NET program installed on the local machine for multiple users.
  • Do some stuff
  • Return back a value to the original function module.


Like I said, this scenario works fine as a registered program, but that's not entirely feasible.  Can anyone let me know if I should check something else to allow the program to launch on-demand, similar to SAPFTP or R3_WINDOWS_SERVER?