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Upload data into main table consisting of a lookup field

Vignesh Perumal
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I am new to MDM and i am struggling with how to proceed with the below scenario

I have a main product table(Shown below) with COO as a lookup field.I want to import this import this information into the repository.


Given product table with data to be imported

ProductProduct description
AProduct AUS
BProduct BIN
CProduct CIN
DProduct DUS
EProduct EUS


Since MDM uses parametric inport, I want to store the distinct values of the COO in a lookup table as shown below.


Lookup table

COO description
USUnited states


When performing data import using the import manager, I first have to fill the lookup table.

Then I have to import the values in the main table ?

If this is the case, how can I link the COO already stored in the look up tables to the products in the main table?

Please help.