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Change of Baseline date

Bharath Jaladi
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Hello All,


Currently, we have the baseline date as Billing date. But the customer wants to change it to the Invoice date. But from 4.6c it seems that SAP has removed the change of the baseline date from Billing date via payment terms.


Is there any other way to achieve the same. Request your inputs.




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    Hi Bharath ,


    The setting for determination of baseline date is in the definition of payment term itself (check transaction OBB8).  You can specify whether the baseline date should be posting date, document date, entry date or it should not be defaulted at all in the posting.


    When you change the payment term, it doesn't always change the baseline date.  For example, you have two different payment terms (A and B) and in both of them, the radio button 'entry date' is selected as default for baseline date.  In the posting, when you change the payment term from A (default) to B, the baseline will not change.  It is standard SAP process that baseline always gets determined / redetermined from the payment term.  Moreover, the baseline date just gets 'defaulted' in the posting, depending on what you have set up in the payment term - it can be 'changed' manually by the user.


    For pure GL entries, there will not be a baseline date.  It is applicable only for postings on customers or vendors where a due date determination is important - and due date again gets determined from the baseline date (depending on the terms of payment - OBB8).  No other fields determine baseline date, except the radio button chosen on the payment term in OBB8.  Please also keep in mind that payment term in your AR or AP document may be getting defaulted from Customer or Vendor master resply.

    Note 542237 - FV60: cancel derivation of baseline date for payment

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      Bharath Jaladi
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      Hello Ramesh,


      As per SAP, this functionality is no more supported.


      I got a reply from as below.


      in the standard the billing date (VBRK-FKDAT) is set as baseline date

      in FI. With note #180344 following coding has been introduced:




      form clear_terms_of_payment.


        clear: xaccit-zterm,







      endform.                               " CLEAR_TERMS_OF_PAYMENT


      it means that only the base line date is taken over from SD to FI and

      the payment terms will not be copied anymore.

      You cannot specify terms of payment.

      Therefore,no terms of payment must be transferred from SD.

      Only the baseline date for payment (ZFBDT) is transferred to FI. In

      general, this is the billing date.


      However, you can influence the calculation of the baseline date in

      transaction OBB8 'Change view "Terms of payment"' as follows:


      - specify a fixed day

      specify additional months

      The terms of payment are deleted in the SD/FI interface.


      Please check the following note:


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      G Lakshmipathi
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