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Tables for Material + Batch + Class type + Class + Characteristics + Values

Ksheer Sagar
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Hello all,


Kindly let me know the tables where I can find these details:


Material + Batch + Class type + Class + Characteristics + Values



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    Jeevan Sagar
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    Material Master
    MARAGeneral Material Data
    MAKTMaterial Descriptions
    MARCPlant Data for Material
    MBEWMaterial Valuation
    MARDStorage Location Data for Material
    MARMUnits of Measure for Material
    MVKESales Data for Material
    MPOPForecast Parameters
    MPGD_MASSPlanning Data
    MLANTax Classification for Material
    MLGNMaterial Data for Each Warehouse Number
    MLGTMaterial Data for Each Storage Type


    Batch Tables
    MCH1Find batches (from 3.0)
    MCHAFind batches
    MCHBBatch Stocks
    MCHB_CHARGBatch View
    MCHBHBatch Stocks: History
    MCHBO1Appendix for Additional Quantities at Batch Leve
    MCHCLBatch Class Conversion
    MCHCL_MATMaterials for Batch Class Conversion
    MCHPBatch Record for a Batch
    MCHPVBatch Record: Versions
    MCHPVSBatch Record: Shadow Table for Link to Archive
    MCHPVTBatch Record: Long Text for Version
    MCHUWLUser-Specific Batch Worklist
    MCHUWTAssignment of User to Batch Worklist Type
    MCHWTBatch Worklist Types
    MCHWTTBatch Worklist Type Texts


    Char. Tables
    AUSPCharacteristic Values
    AUSPC_V1AUSP: for Char. Characteristics w/o ECH
    AUSPC_V2AUSP: for Char. Characteristics with ECH
    AUSPC_V3AUSP: for CHAR Characteristics with Tolerance
    AUSPN_V1AUSP: for Numeric 1-Value Characteristics Without ECH
    AUSPN_V2AUSP: for Numeric 1-Value Characteristics with ECH
    AUSPN_V3AUSP: for Numeric N-Value Characteristics Without ECH
    AUSPN_V4AUSP: for Numeric N-Value Characteristics with ECH


    Class tables
    KLAHClass Header Data
    KLATClasses: Long Texts
    KSSKAllocation Table: Object to Class
    KSSK_INOBView for Finding Objects
    KSSKAUSPView for Finding Objects in AUSP