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changing item category in sales order

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Dear sd gurus good mng and have a nice day

                               i have small doubt we changing item category( in vov4) in third party business process ,here my doubt is if we are not changing item category what will happen ,what is exact need of changing  item category

i searched in the forum also before posting.

thank a lot

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  • Re: changing item category in sales order
    TW Typewriter
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    we changing item category( in vov4) in

    Please understand your above sentence is incorrect.

    Changing of item category is done in the sales order (in VA01 / 2). This is done by the enduser and is a "transaction related activity".

    Configuring MltCa ("alternate item category") and DfltC ("Default item category") is done in VOV4. Configuring this is done by a SD consultant and not by an enduser.


    Thus we don't change item category in VOV4, we change item category in VA01/2.

    Important: To change item category in VA01/2, first the relevant configuration has to be done in VOV4.


    How and what a consultant conveys to his/her clients is very important. That is the reason why I share this post with you.