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How to add new fields to RE-FX report logical database dynamic selections

Marius de Wet
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Hi All,


This is related to SAP ECC 6.0. I have a requirement to add additional fields to the dynamic selections of a logical databases used within a few RE-FX std reports. So far I've managed to identify the logical databases being used as well as the technical names of the field’s to be added.


The 2 logical databases is REBD & RECN but after enabling the fields by following steps as explained by many “how to” guides etc. the fields do not appear on the dynamic selections. There is obviously something I’m missing & therefore need help.


This is what I did to add the fields:



Tran SE36 -->Extras --> Selection views --> Origin of view: CUS --> Change --> Double click on Table/Node: BUILPROP --> Enter "01" next to fields KOSTL & PRCTR --> Save --> Tick Preselect box next to each field --> Save --> Run transaction REISBU --> Click on Dynamic selections --> Fields do not display at all.


Note: I have tried adding the fields to all Functional groups yet they still do not display.


For RECN  -

Tran SE36 --> Extras --> Selection views --> Origin of view: CUS --> Change --> Double click on Table/Node: RENTALOBJECT --> Enter "01" next to field ZZR016(this is a custom field) --> Save --> Tick Preselect box next to the field --> Save --> Run transaction REISCNOA --> Click on Dynamic selections --> Field do display at all.


My understanding was that if I can see the field listed within a Table/Node within a logical database then the field can be used as a dynamic selection.


3 questions:

1. What am I missing here? Do I need custom code somewhere to get this to work?

2. How do I link or add a new "Functional group" to a report's dynamic selections?

3. How do I enable an existing node already defined within the logical database?

     E.g. Referring to logical database RECN

     Tran SE36 --> Extras --> Dynamic selections -->

     Only node CONTRACT is shown, yet if I go into the logical database via "Selection views" allot more nodes are shown.


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