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Change anybody's WIKI, still you can get the points? Strange...

Ravi Sankar Venna
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I am surprised, how new SCN is allowing me to change somebody else's WIKI (I just put "." only in the heading), but still it allowed me.



Is it a common in WIKI, anybody can change anybody's wikis.



I am confused :-(



Fortunately or unfortunately, it has given me 2 + 2 points also (4 points)



I believe I have only changed one but it has given me points for another change.



It seems this a good way of getting points for the people who are craved for points.


That means SCN will allow to change (though minor change) still get points. I wonder why SCN is allowing the change of somebody else's WIKI.


If somebody deletes the whole text then, what is the integrity you have provided here.


Great discoveries with wonderful new SCN