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how to pick production order batches  in batch determination

Sree Ratakonda
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how to pick production order batches ,where production order is released and a batch is assigned ,But Prod order is not Yielded yet . I have this Batch avaliable in the the system . In higer level component when i do Batch determination for this component system doesn't pick this batch .If i assign the Batch and do batch determination i get this in batch determination screen as Avalible Qty '0.0' with A WARNING MESSAGE "

Shortfall below avail.qty for batch SR0002 in storage loc. amounting to 1,204.000 ML

"  .

Is there a way to assign prod. order batches which are not yielded yet ?



Eg :








Production order for COMP1   .Production order Released with Batch assigned 'SR0001' .


Process Order for H.comp ->in Material list --> assign batch 'SR0001' for COMP1 and do Batch Determination .System doesn't pick this stating the Above error message.