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How to redirect to another jsp page on load of portal logon page based on URL parameter

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My requirement is I have to show different sap portal CE 7.3 logon page to different user depending on the portal URL parameter.


If the url parameter say department is "finance"  that is if the portal url is http://abc.def.com:50000/irj/portal?department=finance


I want to redirect the the user to new logonpage.jsp which i will create and if the user access the portal through http://abc.def.com:50000/irj/portal, orginal logon page of ce 7.3 should be shown.


for this I have modifies my logonpage.jsp and I am reading the URL parameter and redirecting to the newlogonpage.jsp


I am using this code:


<% if(uiFrameVisible){


            String aa= request.getParameter("department");




                      aa = "";









                     <jsp:forward page="newlogonpage.jsp">










But this code is not working, I am not able to forward to another jsp within same war file of ce 7.3 (ui.war file )



Please suggest how to make it working, so that different user see different logon page depending on the url parameter.


Please help.