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Project Settlement to COPA

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Hi Friends,


We have a requirement, where if for a WBSE there are several Project Orders and multiple line items in each project order, during settlement of the WBSE/Project to COPA, we also want to transfer the Project Order No. and the Project Order Line Item details to COPA.


Generally when we settle a project to COPA a summary settlement posting is made in COPA for a WBSE, i.e. settlement is not posted for line items individually, so how can we acheive the above requirement to have settlement posted for each project order line item seperately with the Project Order line items details populated in characterstics.


Ankur Goel

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    Ajay Maheshwari SAP Trainer
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    Settlement by line items is only available in the case of capital investment projects i.e. where you can settle each line to a separate asset


    I dont think barring that SAP has given that option else where...


    What do you mean by project order?? Is it a prod order tagged to WBSE??


    If yes, then in the case of valuated stock you can settle Prod order to COPA directly...


    br, Ajay M

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    Sreekanth P S
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    I am assuming you mean the production orders that are tied to projects. If yes; then you would be settling the production order cost to WBS along with respective network activity costs. You can capture the production order costs in a separate RA / Settlement cost elements and pass those details to COPA.