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Ldap Limitation

Meenakshi Sharma
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i wanna to know the limitation of Ldap.


like i have multiple Ldap configured Xml file. in which i configured 2 LDAP (DataSourceid) of entierly different network. my main concern is that if one the data_source id(means Ldap with its failover Ldap) is not available then  portal will not be up. in that case  my portal availbity depends on the Ldap network and there availbity. is there any method that if one data source is not availble then also my portal will start. is there any parameter for it to set.


2nd- if i switch the xml file what wil be the impact on the users role assignment. As per my understanding i need to do re assign the roles to all 5000 users.


can any one have any idea on it.

it will be very helpful.

if there is any standard SAP document regarding this. please share.