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CR Field Rounding Issue

Monte Tisland
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I created a VB.NET app in VS 2010 that uses the CR runtime version to display the reports locally on each machine. This is working well on every machine except one. This machine (Win XP 32bit) displays a value field set to 2 decimal digits as a single decimal digit. It is not tied to the report as every report on that machine that is displaying a value as a single decimal digit. The same reports work fine on every other machine except this one.


I have uninstalled the program, the reports, and the CR runtime, rebooted, and reinstalled them. Nothing changed. I installed all the MS updates as necesary, cleaned out the temp files, and removed as many extra programs as I could find.  I also downloaded the latest CR runtime version (as of 5/30/12) and that did not fix it. I even took the time to look through the registry looking for a setting that may be causing it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.