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Assets were created in 2011 but user forgot to put dep. key.

sudha sybha
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Hi guys,


our FI users has created asset bu they forgot to put the depreciation key it is "00" currently.We need the deprection of all this assest since 07/2011 ..But 2011 is closed.

How to handle this situation...and we haev already run the deprection till May 2012 without these Assest getting depreciated.

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    Ruksana Khan
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    Hi Sudha,


    Since your problem is related to last FY i.e. 2011. You can update depreciation keys in all asste master data (as02). AFAB allows to repeat run in last period of previous FY. Please give all asset there asset option (you can run without giving assets). THis will run depreciation for prvios year.


    Make sure previous asset year is open.


    Best Regard


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    Brigitte Kuehni
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    Hi Sudha,


    You say that fiscal year 2011 is already closed: I assume this is particularely referring also to FI-GL. If FI has been certified already, then you should under no circumstances open FY 2011 in FI-AA only an assign depreciatino keys as this will trigger a recalculation and will request depreciation to be run - for this you must open FI again. So if FI is audited and certified, then this is not an option as you will otherwise create an inconsistency if now you open FI-AA and assign a calculating depreciation key...the system will automatically recalculate the asset values and look for a depreciation run.

    For further information also see SAP note:  619969 -  Closing FI-GL before FI-AA.


    However, you can now in FY 2012 assign the depreciation keys as per you like to the assets that incorrectly had a depreciation key "0000". What the system will do, it will recalculate the assets for all open fiscal years, which in your case is current fiscal year 2012, and accordingly assign and plan depreciation. If there is any depreciation correction you wish to make for past closed fiscal years you can do a write-up. A write-up is a correction for values in the past. Please check also SAP online documentation in the SAP Library for more information as well as check SAP note:

    50761 -  Unplanned and scheduled depreciation.


    If you want to run and post depreciation for these assets now, then you can do either an Repeat Run in AFAB in May 2012 which will then post all outstanding depreciation. Or you can just run the next planned depreciation in June 2012 which will then pick up all values in either the catch-up method or in smoothing method (depending on your settings in OAYR). Also see for more information Knowledge Base Article:

    1534331 - RAPOST2000 (AFAB) - How to post planned depreciation when subsequent posting in already posted period


    I hope this information helps to clarify.


    Kind regards,


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    Malhar Jain
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    You can add the depreciation key to all required assets by changing the master data of that assets.

    If you want that system should calculate values from july 2011, then you should keep capitalization date as 01.07.2011 as capitalisation date decides from which date depreciation should be started to get calculated. Now you can run AFAB in repeat run only for 12th period, as you have already posted depreciation till may 2012. So a cumulative depreciation will be recorded and posted in 12th period if yourAsset Fiscal Year and posting period is open. Else while posting for june 2012, the whole depreciation will be recorded.